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What students can do in an Elluminate room some basics.

What participants see in a v9.7 Elluminate room. By James Roy

List of session participants

These are the yes/no voting buttons sometimes, I call these the green tick and the red cross!
Use this to raise your hand, showing you have something to say


This is where you enter any text message. Click send once finished.

Emoticons for showing your feelings! Use this to step away from a session to answer the door, make a cup of coffee !! Here, you can choose whom to send your text to. The MODERATOR sees ALL, though!
Use this icon to turn your mic on and off

What the tools/icons do from top to bottom: -Select/de-select objects -draw a line - enter text on the board - draw an ellipse on the board - draw a rectangle - draw a STRAIGHT line - load an image/picture - load a screen capture - erase objects choose My objects - highlighting tool - edit text on the board - draw a filled ellipse - draw a filled rectangle - use the pointer tool - load a clip art

Using the tools for the whiteboard

Whats in an Elluminate room for participants .

The toolbar

The participants window

The clipart available for Elluminate

These clipart images can be placed on the whiteboard by selecting the image you want, and then clicking Place

Sending a text to more than one selected participant

In the Participants list (in the Participants window), hold down Shift or Control and click on the names of those to whom you wish to send your message. The Participants names are highlighted when selected. 2. From the Send To option menu, choose Selected Participants. 3. Place your cursor in the message text field by doing one of the following: - Click anywhere in the message text field. - Press Ctrl+M - From the Tools menu, select Chat > Enter Message. 4. Type your text in the message text field. 5. Click Send or press Enter to send your message. The message will appear to only yourself and those Participants whom you selected. Because this is a private message, it will appear as blue in the conversation area.

Using the microphone

To talk, click on the Talk button in the Audio window or use the Audio hot key (which is displayed on the Talk button). When you are done speaking, click the Talk button or use the Audio hot key again to release your microphone. Notice that, when your Talk button is on, the Talk button icon changes (the microphone is tipped up, sound waves are added and the background color changes to yellow).


Mic ON

Adjusting your mic levels

Mic level

Mic level slider

The microphone level indicator shows the volume levels when you are speaking and the speaker level indicator shows the volume levels when someone else is speaking.

The microphone level slider should be positioned so that the microphone level indicator shows green and some yellow when you are speaking. There are three ways to adjust your microphone level: - Audio window: Move the microphone level slider in the Audio window to the right to increase the volume and to the left to decrease the volume. If you see red in the indicator, move the slider to the left, as your voice will sound distorted when you are speaking - Tools menu: From the Tools menu, select Audio > Adjust Microphone Level and select either Up to increase the volume or Down to decrease the volume. - Accelerator Keys: Press Ctrl+Shift+Up Arrow ( on Macintosh) to increase the volume or Ctrl+Shift+Down Arrow ( on Macintosh) to decrease the volume.

Speaker level Speaker level slider

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And, finally
Microsoft Office

I hope you are finding this all to be of interest and that your knowledge of Elluminate is expanding slowly but surely! If you have any questions arising from anything here, please do get in touch at