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Submitted By

Mr. Ajit B. Umare

B. B. A. (Final Year) 2010- 11 Under the Guidance of

Prof. Miss. Kavita Hingane


DISTRIBUTION CHANNELS : Distribution channels are systems of economic institution through which a producer of goods; delivers them into the hands of users. Distribution channels perform functions of follows. a) Information :- It provides information for market research about potential and current customers, competitors and other forces and actors in marketing environment. b) Promotion : By persuasive communications with customers personal selling and displaying the product in windows. c) Nigotitation : Distribution channels negotiate for final price. d) Financing, acquisition and allocation of funds required to finance at different levels of marketing channels. e) Risk taking and physical possession. f) Title : Actual transfer of ownership from producer to another party. UTCL has more levels of marketing channels compared to another cement manufacturers. In the case of Chandrapur district, Manikghar cement has 46 dealers, Orient cement has 16 dealers, ACC cement has three dealers who directly deal with customer. It is a single level distribution channel. Where as UTCL has three level marketing channels

About competitors: Now a days there are various cement companies are available in the market like ACC, Ambuja, Manikgarh, Murli Agro, Binani, Orient etc. Hence Ultratech cement have many competitors in this sector. Therefore it is necessary to maintain the quality and price of the cement to compet with other companies. Company have to improve quality, marketing strategy and Channel of distribution to satisfy the consumers and to increase the sale of the company in Chandrapur city.


1. To study cement sector. 2. Study the recent trends in the cement plant. 3. To analys the objectives target and existence of advisor in Ultra Tech Cement Co., Awarpur. 4. To know about the distribution channels of the company. 5. Various products of the company and competitors. 6. To know about market of the cement sector. 7. For self development. 8. And demand for the product of the company. 9. To know that company has been achieved its sales target or not.


1. The channel of distribution is very important to the producer and the consumer. 2. Collects the output of various products. 3. Disperses this assortment to consumers on industrial buyers the middle man are specialists in concentration, equalization and dispersions. They create time, place, form and possession utilies the channel of distribution helps in making products available at the right time in the right place and in the right quantity.

I have chosen the Ultra Tech Cement Ltd. because Ultra Tech Cement Ltd. is Indias largest Company. Ultratech Cement Ltd. manufactures the cement in large scale and every year increase the cement production. Ultra Tech Cement Ltd. manufactured 2 types of cement : 1) 43 Grade 2) 53 Grade Cement is the most important part of construction sector. The sales value of the company is also high in the market. The demand for the cement of Ultra Tech Cement Ltd. is very high in the Chandrapur city. Ultra Tech Cement is more popular than any other industry they provide very good quality of cement. Ultra Tech Cement Ltd. is one of leading cement industry in Indian market having the maximum market shares. The sales are also very good in the Chandrapur city.

1) About monthly average sale of Haldiram snacks: To know the market position of sales of Haldiram snack it is neceesary to know the monthly average sale of Haldiram snacks. Hence this question is introduced in the questionnaire. Sr. No. Options Percentage 1 25% 05% 2 50% 30% 3 75% 40% 4 100% 25% From the above table it is found that, 5% dealers having the monthly sale of 25%, 30% dealers having monthly sale of 50%, 40% dealers have the monthly sale of 75% and 25% dealers doing the sale of 100% Thus it is concluded that monthly sale of Haldiram snacks in very good in Chandrapur city.
About the Monthly Sale


5% 30%






Ultra Tech Cement Limited. The Groups principal activities are to manufacture and market clinker and cement in India. The Group has intstalled capacity of 18.2 million tonnes per annum comprising 5 integrated Cement Plants, supported by 6 Grinding Units and 3 Terminals, two of which is located in Sri Lanka. The Group exports to Indian Ocean, Africa, Europe and the Middle East. It also exports in small quantities to Bangladesh and some European nations. With due respect to the great dramatist, todays brand builders would put high stakes on a name. So when the Aditya Birla Group acquired the cement division of L&T, a key task was to re-launch the products under a new brand name and yet assure the customer that product values such as quality and technological superiority remained unchanged. Towards this end, the new brand UltraTech Cement was launched across the major cities of India. UltraTech Cement replaces the brand name L&T Cement. Announcing the launch of the new brand at a press conference, Mr. Kumar Mangalam Birla, Chairman, UltraTech Cement Ltd, said, Nothing has changed except the name. So, essentially, what was earlier L&T cement, now transforms into UltraTech Cement.


Methodology is very important work in the research but before important to formulate the nature of the study. The following things must be clear before the research proceeds on:

Nature of Study:
l What is the study about? l Why is the study being earned out? l Where will the study be carried out? l What type of data is required? l What period of time will the study include? l What will be the sample design? After the nature of the study is formulated one has to think of the methods by which the data is to be collected, there are various methods of collecting of data but it is not advisable and even not possible to use all the methods, because different problems, cause difficulties in choosing the methods to deal with the problems and thus sets the limitation on the use of any method.

About brand of cement: Sr. No. 1 2 3 4

Options Ultratech Ambuja ACC Not applicable

Percentage 65% 15% 10% 10%

Awareness About Brand of Cement

10% 10%

15% 65%




Not Applicable


Sr. No. 1. 2. 3. Options Overall quality Price Credit Percentage 80% 15% 05%

About Customers Expectation




Overall quality



1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) Maximum customers are aware about the grades of the cement. Maximum customers have knowledge about Ultratech Cement. Maximum customers pruchases Ultratech cement . Maximum customers said that their dealer/stockiest/retailer provide special facility. Maximum customers said that their stockiest/retialer/dealer gives them facility of easy installment. Maximum customers get transport facility from retailers. Most of the customers are satisfied with services provided by the stockiest. Maximum customers have seen advertisement of cement products. Maximum consumer said that advertisement increases the sale o product. Maximum retialers said that overall quality of cement should be improved.

Under the present study survey of the Chandrapur market is made. It was presumed that the cement sales are promoted basically through advertising. Investigation was made throught the chapter and following conclsion are emerged from the survey. 1) 2) 3) 4) Advertising particularly on cement is now one of the most important tool for the sales promotion. Company has to improve their marketing structure so that cement of the company can reach to the ultimate consumer. Customers in the Chandrapur are satisfied with the quality and various services provided by Ultratech Cement. Ultratech cement company has very good chanel of distribution which has increases the sale of cement in Chandrapur region. Company has most effective retailers chain in the city hence Ultratech cement is easily available in market.


1) Local dealers must maintain fair relations with the old customers in respect of service after sales terms and condition, promptness in attending the problems. Company has to conduct some awareness programme for peoples. Company has to show peoples that they are the manufacturers of best quality of cement. Company has to provide some new variety in cement so that the sale of the company can be increased. Company should give more concession in rates to retailers and dealers which will increase the profit margin and which will motivate the retailers to sale Ultratech Cement.

2) 3) 4) 5)

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