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Presented By

 Rajinder Singh(14)
 Computer Faculty
 Govt. Sec. School.(B) Tarn Taran
 Tarn Taran
 Introduction
 Active voice
 Passive voice
 Changing verb
 Rules
 Personal pronoun
 Exercises using tense
 Solved exercise
 Unsolved exercise
 Solved exercise from text book
 Unsolved exercise from text book
 Bibliography.
There are two
special forms for
verbs called
2. Active voice
3. Passive voice
 The verb is said to be
in the active voice
when the subject acts;
 1.He sings a song.
 2.She wrote a letter.
 3.We are telling a
 The verb is said to be
in the passive voice
when the object
 A song is sung by him.
 A story was written by
 A story is being told by
For changing a verb from the
 active
 passive
 subject
 subject
 verb
 verb
 object
 object
 >
 <
 duck
 Fish
 catchs
 is caught
 fish.
 by duck.
Tense–Changed into
 Is/am/are+v3
 Present indefinite  Was/were+v3
 Past indefinite  Shall be/will be+v3
 Future indefinite  Is/am/are+being+v3
 Present continuous  Was/were+being+v3
 Past continuous  Has been/have been+v3
 Present perfect  Had been+v3
 Past perfect  Shall have been/will
have been+v3
 Future perfect
I me
We us
You you
They them
He him
She her
It it
Present Indefinite Tense
 She helps the poor.  The poor are helped by
 Good news is expected
 We expect good news.
by us.

 I know him  He is known to me.

 Rita does not sing a  A song is not sung by

song. rita.
 Children like sweets.
 Sweets are liked by
Past Indefinite Tense
 I wrote a letter.  A letter was written by
 We were kept waiting by
 She kept us waiting.
 We missed the bus.  The bus was missed by
 She did not like him. us.
 We sang a song.  He was not liked by her.
 A song was sung by us.
Future Indefinite Tense
 I shall buy this pen.  This pen will be bought
by me.
 I will not take the test  This test shall not be
He will do his duty. taken by me.
 His duty will be done by
 She will not tell a lie.
 A lie will not be told by
 They will do nothing.
 Nothing will be done by
Present Continuous Tense
 The gardener is plucking  Flowers are being plucked
flowers. by the gardener.
 A moter car is being driven
 He is driving a moter car. by him.
 Boys are flying kites.  Kites are being flown by
 We are helping them.
 They are being helped by
Past ContinuousTense
 The gardener wasplucking  Flowers were being
flowers. plucked by the gardener.
 A moter car was being
 He was driving a moter driven by him.
car.  Kites were being flown by
 Boys were flying kites. boys.

 We were helping them.  They were being helped by

Present Perfect Continuous
 I have done my duty.  My duty has been
 She has sold her cow. done by me.
 We have won the  Her cow has been
match. done by me.
 You have not told a  The match has been
lies. won by us.
 Lies have not been
told by you.
Past Perfect Continuous
 I had done my duty.  My duty had been
 She had sold her cow. done by me.
 We had won the  Her cow had been
match. done by me.
 You had not told a lies.  The match had been
won by us.
 Lies had not been told
by you.
Future Perfect Tense
(will/shall+have been+v3)
 I shall have been  A tree will have been
planted a tree. planted by me.
 This book will have
 He will have read this been read by me.
book.  A song will have been
 We shall have sing a sung by us.
song.  By whom will this have
 Who will have done been done.
Imperative Sentences
(Object+should be+v3)or(let+object+be+v3)

 Shut the door.  The door should be

 Obey your parents.  Let your parents be
 Carry it home. obeyed.
 Let it be carried
 Never tell a lie.
 A lie should never be
Unsolved Exercises
 I wear clothes.
 Did you play hockey.
 He will not help me.
 She is making dolls.
 I was closing the shop.
 Help me,please.
 Do not make a noise.
 I had told him a story.
 I have not abused him.
 Have you seen a zoo.
 He is speaking the truth.
 The boys were making noise.
Solved Exercise

1.She sings a song. 1.A song is sung by her.

2.The peon is ringing the bell. 2.The bell is being ringing by the
3.Have you stolen the book. 3.Has the book been stolen by
4.She will have caught the bird. 4.The bird will have been caught
by her. must take the dog out. 5.the dog must be taken out by
Unsolved Exercise
Active to Passive
 1.He is painting a picture.  4.I like flowers.

 2.Ram reads the newspaper.

 5.This milk tastes sweet

 3.He played football.
Solved exercise from text book
EX-9(Uncle Podger Hangs A Picture)

 It can be given up by you.

1.You can give it up.
 2.This is being expected by me.
2.I am expecting this
 3.All that will be done by me.
 4.We all would be called fools by
3.I will do all that. him.
4.He would call us all fools.  5.His handkerchief could not be
5.He could not find his handkerchief. found by him.
6.A fourth would hand his nail.  6.he would be handed a nail by a
Unsolved Exercise from text book
Ex-1(The Diamond Necklace)
 1.She thought of lovely houses.  5.She had not thought of that.
 2.Will you lend me this necklace.  6.I will give you four hundred
 3.Did you take his number. francs.
 4.You might wear natural flowers.  7.She was distressed at the
poverty of her dwelling.
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