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Batch:- 3rd

Phase- I
Roll No.-35
Subject: - General English
Topic: - Write a letter to your friend describing her
the Various Aspects of Teaching.
Prepared by:- Mandeep Kaur
School Name:- Govt. High School,Wadala Johal.
Distt. :- Amritsar
My dear Rajneet,
How are u ?Hope
for the best? How’s everyone at
home? I am fine. Dear I want to
share my view with you regarding the
various aspects of teaching.
Teaching is a profession but a
teacher is believed to be given the
place before the God. Because a
teacher is one who shows us the
path which leads to the God.
As it is said that once a student was
asked that if any time in life he
comes across with God and his
teacher, whom would he greet first,
the God or his teacher. The answer
of student was, the teacher. And the
reason as given in the above lines
that the teacher is the one who has
shown me the path to the God.
Teaching is one of the most respectful
profession but hardly known as the
profession because it is actually a
service to the humanity.
A teacher has to teach thousands of
students. He is the one who can make
their future by helping them to choose
the right path. In actual the teacher in
himself is a student thus can become a
better teacher.
Said by RabindraNath Tegore
A teacher can never truly teach unless he is
still learning himself. A lamp can never light
another lamp unless it continues burn its
own flame. The teacher who has come to
the end of his subject, who has no living
traffic with knowledge but merely repeats his
lesson to his students can only light their
minds, cannot quicken them.
 Aptitude towards teaching Profession, Teachers Personal
Characteristics and their adjustment.
 Classroom problems to learner and their solution.
 Adjustment problems of Human Relations with students,
colleagues and Administrators.
 Values as enshrined in the Constitution of India.
 Knowledge of teaching learning process including Non
Formal and Distance Education.
 General Awareness of National Level Educational Agencies
and organization of Social, Political, Economic and Cultural
and Assessment.
•Library Usage.
•Audio-Visual Aids, Mass Media etc.
Now lets have answer to a question of teachers’
quality. The most important quality of a teacher
can be:
A.Having art of striking instant friendship with
other people.
B. Being able to keep
students in good humor by
telling trivial jokes and stories.
C.Having a literary
style in

D.Being an embodiment of profound

knowledge with fine expression and
behavior worth emulating.
It is obvious that knowledge,
eloquence and worthwhile conduct
and character, so eagerly sought
after amongst teachers, demand
only (D) as the desired choice (C)
is too poetic a demand, and (A)
and (B) are to be rejected for their
A teacher in actual words should be role model,
for the pupils put under his care. Therefore
more theoretical teaching of ideals and morals
can’t be efficacious at all if the teacher himself
is devoid of moral quality that he teaches. It is
just like the burning up the lamp with another.
Example is better than the percept. It is worth
remembering that if the teacher, who suggests,
gives advice or exhorts to follows certain ideals
without having the same ideals in his own
behavior must fail. Conduct is more efficacious
than mere sermons. One should remember that
what one gives in words dies, what one gives in
action lives.
So these are my views I
wants that you should also
share your thought with me
,rest everything is fine. Hope
to see you soon.
Yours lovingly,