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By, R Karthik 09AD17

Experiential Marketing
Types of Experiences:
(SENSE) Sensory experiences (FEEL) Affective experiences (THINK) Creative cognitive experiences (ACT) Physical experiences, behaviours and lifestyles (RELATE) Social-identity experiences that result from relating to a reference group or culture Visual and Verbal identity Electronic media

Experience Providers:
Communications Product

Traditional Marketing
Features and benefits

Methods are analytical, quantitative and verbal

Traditional Marketing

Narrow definition of product category and competition

Customers are rational decision-makers

Experiential Marketing
Customer Experience

Methods are wide-ranging

Experiential Marketing

Consumption is a holistic experience

Customers are rational and emotional animals

Components of EM..
Brand Experience Road Shows Field Marketing Sampling Exhibitions Sponsorship activation Motivational Events Network and Internal Communications Business Presentations

Product Launches
Hospitality Conferences and Seminars Awards Ceremonies and Parties Incentive/Reward/Loyalty Trips


Primary Objective: To determine the importance of Experiential Marketing in Marketing Communications. Secondary Objectives: To find the top three factors that influence purchase of shampoo. To determine the impact of celebrity endorsement and advertisement on purchase decision. To determine the preference of consumers based on the type of usage. To determine Activities, Interests and Opinions of the consumers.


The study determines the importance of experiential

marketing in marketing communication which will

facilitate the companies to communicate clearly. Understanding the customers tastes and preferences will improve product offerings by a company Companies can deliver values based on the customer expectation

Research Design

Descriptive Research
Target Population : Students, Employees and Housewives Sampling Method : Judgemental Sampling Sample Size : 100


Data collection

Primary data - Questionnaire

Tools Used

Percentage Analysis Independent Sample 't' Test

Cross Tabulation Anova


Experiential marketing plays a vital role in MarCom

Top three factors that influence purchase of shampoo:

1.Measurable Functional benefits, 2. Fragrance

3.Easy availability of sachets

Male - Measurable functional benefit Female - Fragrance


Female respondents believe in celebrity respondents more

compared to male respondents.

Male respondents dont like western style compared to female respondents There is no association between gender and type of usage of the shampoo. Female respondents prefer shampoo having good variety.


Listen to the customer

Create platform for customers to talk about your

brand Give importance to experiential benefit than aesthetic benefits. Promote your brand according to various customer

groups opinion and interest.

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