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hys|ca| Lv|dence
W LveryLhlng LhaL a company physlcally exhlblLs
Lo Lhe cusLomers llke physlcal envlronmenL
exLerlor lnLerlor furnlLure machlnery
communlcaLlon maLerlal sLaLlonary
slgnboards recelpLs personnel
erv|ce cape
W Servlce Scapephyslcal envlronmenL of Lhe
W lL lnfluences cusLomers cholce expecLaLlons
saLlsfacLlon eLc
W ClasslflcaLlon self servlce lnLerpersonal
servlce and remoLe servlce
pact on custoers]ep|oyees
W CognlLlve responses
W LmoLlonal responses
W physlologlcal responses
o|es of Lv|dence |n erv|ce
W Shaplng flrsL lmpresslon
W Managlng 1rusL
W CuallLy of Servlce
W Changlng Lhe lmage
W rovldlng sensory sLlmull
W Soclallslng employees
W eclde Lhe klnd of physlcal evldence requlred
W Clarlfy Lhe roles of employees cusLomers ln
Lhe servlce scape
W ldenLlfy assess physlcal evldence
W updaLe Modernlse evldence
W crlLlcal resourse for any servlce organlsaLlon
W SaLlsfled employees serve cusLomers beLLer
W Success of servlce organlsaLlon depends on lLs
W lnfacL a servlce company can be as good as lLs
people (ersuraman 8erry)
nterna| Market|ng the concept
W #Lhe lM concepL sLsLes LhaL Lhe lnLernal markeL of
employees ls besL moLlvaLed for servlcemlndedness
cusLomerorlenLed performance by an acLlve markeLlng
llke approach where a varleLy of acLlvlLles are used
lnLernally ln an acLlve markeLlng llke and coordlnaLed
way" ChrlsLlan Cronross
W Lmployees of Lhe organlzaLlon as flrsL markeL
W locuses on how Lo develop moLlvaLed cusLomer
consclous employees(Cronross)
W lnLernal MarkeLlng ALLracLlon evelopmenL
MoLlvaLlon and 8eLenLlon of Cuallfled Lmployee
Lp|oyee aught n 8etween
W CusLomers demand aLLenLlon and servlce
quallLy whlle Lhe organlzaLlon demands
efflclency roducLlvlLy
W lnLernal markeLlng ensures LhaL all employees
undersLand varlous buslness acLlvlLles and
campalgns and are also prepared and
moLlvaLed Lo acL ln a servlceorlenLed manner
Lp|oyee at|sfact|on
W Lmployee saLlsfacLlon enhances producLlvlLy
and ensures reLenLlon
W SaLlsfled employee saLlsfled cusLomer
W CusLomer loyalLy
W Loyal cusLomer base lncreased revenue and
W Lmployee saLlsfacLlon has a chaln of poslLlve
effecLs Lo Lhe servlce flrms
nf|uence of ep|oyee behav|our on
serv|ce qua||ty
W CuallLy percepLlon of cusLomers are greaLly
lnfluenced by employees' behavlour
W Servlce quallLy dlmenslons such as rellablllLy
responslveness Assurance empaLhy and
Appearance poslLlvely or negaLlvely affecL Lhe
cusLomer percepLlon
Lot|ona| Labour
W Jhlle parLlclpaLlng ln servlce encounLers
employees need Lo be cheerful make eye
conLacL show lnLeresL engage ln frlendly
conversaLlon wlLh cusLomers
W 1he performance of Lhe servlce funcLlons
requlres Lhe emoLlonal lnvolvemenL of Lhe
Cb[ect|ves of nterna|
W 1o ensure LhaL employees are moLlvaLed for
cusLomer orlenLed servlce mlnded
performance successfully fulflll Lhe duLles as
'parL Llme markeLers'
W 1o aLLracL and reLaln good employees
o|e of erv|ce Lp|oyees
W roducL deslgner
W 1echnlclan
W erformer
W AssoclaLe
W lrlend
W LmpaLhlser
W Assurer
W Salesman
W MarkeLlng lnLelllgence
W 8esearcher
nterna| arket|ng roduct
W #Lhe lnLernal markeLlng producL conslsLs of a
[ob and a work envlronmenL LhaL moLlvaLes
employees Lo respond favourably Lo Lhe
managemenL's demand for cusLomer
orlenLaLlon and good lnLeracLlve markeLlng
performance as parL Llme markeLer and whlch
moreover aLLracLs and reLalns good
employees Cronross
trateg|es for nterna| arket|ng
W lnLernal markeLlng ls a phllosophy of
managlng personnel and developlng
enhanclng a servlce culLure sysLemaLlcally
W Lmployees musL have cusLomer orlenLaLlon
servlce mlndedness capaclLy Lo sLay
moLlvaLed Lo perform servlces
W MosL of Lhe lnLernal markeLlng acLlvlLles are a
parL of human resource managemenL
trateg|es for nterna| arket|ng
W taff|ng
W Manpower lannlng/P8 lannlng ls Lhe assesslng of manpower needs
of an organlzaLlon
W 8ecrulLmenL lnvolves searchlng for Lhe besL avallable prospecLlve
employees and encouraglng Lhem Lo apply for [obs
W SelecLlon ls done on Lhe basls of kSAs
W @ra|n|ng
W 1echnlcal skllls relaLed Lo [ob speclflcaLlon LxpecLed role
W lnLeracLlve Skllls lncludes communlcaLlon LlsLenlng roblemsolvlng
lnLerpersonal Skllls
W Soclal Skllls lncludes bulldlng personal relaLlonshlps and recognlslng
1reaLlng 8egular cusLomers lfferenLly
trateg|es for nterna| arket|ng
W Crgan|s|ng
W Jork asslgnmenL ls Lhe classlflcaLlon of servlce [obs Asslgnlng
Lhem Lo Lhe rlghL personnel
W LmpowermenL means glvlng employees Lhe deslred skllls Lools
AuLhorlLy Lo serve Lhe cusLomer
W Servlce culLure geLs easlly plcked up by new employees
W 1eam work should be developed promoLed
W upport|ng
W 1echnlcal supporL such as Lools machlnes oLher Langlbles
W rocess SupporL such as schedullng rouLlng secreLarlal
asslsLance communlcaLlon sysLem lnformaLlon neLworklng
trateg|es for nterna| arket|ng
W Mot|vat|ng
W romoLlons lf glven purely on merlL Lhe managemenL can
creaLe a healLhy compeLlLlon moLlvaLe employees Lo
perform beLLer
W 1reaLlng employees as cusLomers ensures LhaL Lhey feel
lmporLanL wanLed ln Lhe organlsaLlon
W Lva|uat|ng
W leedback Lo managemenL helps Lhe managemenL Lo
ldenLlfy areas for lmprovemenL
W leedback Lo employees ln Lhe form of cusLomer feedback
survey by lnLernal employees
trateg|es for nterna| arket|ng
W eward|ng
W CompeLlLlve compensaLlon means paylng aL par wlLh Lhe besL ln Lhe
W LxLended beneflLs such as employee welfare chlldren educaLlon
lnsurance eLc
W aymenL for excellence means rewardlng besL performers
W eta|n|ng
W lncluslon ln Lhe company vlslon
W SuggesLs LhaL an employee should be able Lo relaLe hls/her personal
goals wlLh organlzaLlonal goals
W 8eLalnlng Lhe besL employees by whaLever means posslble wlLhln Lhe
organlzaLlonal P8 ollcy
rocess anageent the |portance
W Assures servlce avallablllLy conslsLenL quallLy
W 8alances servlce demand wlLh servlce supply
Pandles peak load Lo opLlmlse cusLomer
W rocess/ operaLlons managemenL decldes how
Lhe process of servlce dellvery would funcLlon
W 1hus lL deLermlnes Lhe lnLeracLlve experlence
LhaL would dellver Lhe servlce beneflLs Lo Lhe
CL @L C-L@
W Servlce producLlon ellvery lnvolves
performlng a process of operaLlons besldes
uLlllslng maLerlals equlpmenL personnel
W Servlce dellvery ls Lhe ouLcome of Lhe servlce
process 1he process consLlLuLes Lhe servlce
W ue Lo lnseparablllLy cusLomer parLlclpanLes
ln Lhe servlce process
ssues |n rocess
W rocess |ann|ng contro|
W CperaLlon speclflcaLlon Lo achleve servlce ouLpuL ln Lerms of quanLlLy quallLy dellvery CosLs
W Cperat|ons |ann|ng
W laclllLles deslgn deLalled speclflcaLlon of each sub sysLem
W Iac|||t|es Des|gn
W eslgn layouL locaLlons maLerlals handllng malnLenance
W chedu||ng
W eLalllng Lhe Llmlngs aL whlch servlce operaLlons should be compleLed by agreed dellvery promlses wlLhln avallable
resources and wlLh Lhelr economlc uLlllsaLlon
W nventory |ann|ng ontro|
W lannlng conLrolllng Lhe lnvenLory of people capaclLy
W ;ua||ty ontro|
W CuallLy sLandards are aLLalned ln each servlce sysLem
W Cperat|ons ontro|
W lnformaLlon flows lnLo ouL of servlce sysLems and ensures LhaL operaLlons are underLaken aL speclflc Llmes as per
W lorecasLlng Long 1erm lannlng
W AnLlclpaLlng emands and forecasLlng capablllLles LhaL need Lo be lnducLed ln Lhe sysLem
W Any servlce process ls a comblnaLlon of complexlLy
W ComplexlLy refers Lo Lhe sLeps sequences LhaL
consLlLuLe Lhe process
W lvergence ls Lhe laLlLude or varlablllLy of Lhose sLeps
and sequences
W tandard|sed serv|ces are Lhose where processes are
of hlgh complexlLy low dlvergence lor example
houslng loan from any flnanclal lnsLlLuLlons
W usto|zed erv|ces are Lhe ones wlLh low
complexlLy Plgh lvergence lor example Palr
trateg|c Cpt|on educed D|vergence
W dvantages
W unlformlLy reduces cosLslmprove roducLlvlLy
make dlsLrlbuLlon easler
W lncreased percelved rellablllLy unlform servlce
W D|sadvantages
W lnflexlblllLy ln operaLlng procedures
W Lower cusLomlzaLlon Lhus cusLomer re[ecLlon ln
splLe of low cosL
trateg|c Cpt|on educed op|ex|ty
W dvantages
W lndlcaLes a speclallsaLlon sLraLegy
W Makes dlsLrlbuLlon conLrol easler
W ercelved poslLlvely provlded lL sLands ouL
W D|sadvantages
W Can also be percelved as sLrlpped down servlce
W Can be compeLlLlvely rlsky lf oLher provlders
conLlnue Lo offer a broader more exLenslve full
servlce alLernaLlve
W SLraLeglc opLlon lncreased ComplexlLy
trateg|c Cpt|on ncreased
W dvantages
W CreaLer cusLomlzaLlon Lhus nlche poslLlonlng
W Less dependence on volumes
W More margln as markeL may respond poslLlvely Lo
W D|sadvantages
W lfflculL Lo manage conLrol lsLrlbuLe
W LlmlLed number of cusLomers may be avallable who are
wllllng Lo pay Lhe prlce LhaL cusLomlzaLlon demands
trateg|c Cpt|on ncreased
W dvantages
W usually lndlcaLes a sLraLegy Lo galn greaLer peneLraLlon
ln Lhe markeL by addlng more servlces
W Can lncrease efflclency Lhereby maxlmlslng revenue
generaLed from each cusLomer
W D|sadvantages
W 1oo much complexlLy can be confuslng as a resulL
overall quallLy may fall
W Plghly complex servlce sysLem may be vulnerable Lo ln
roads by compeLlLors who speclallse
o|e of techno|ogy |n serv|ce
W oLenLlal for new servlce offerlngs
W new ways Lo dellver servlce
W Lnabllng boLh cusLomers and employees
W LxLendlng Lhe global reach of servlce
easons for dopt|on of @echno|ogy
by serv|ce |ndustry
expandlng or preservlng MarkeL Share MarkeL
resence and markeL Slze
2 lowerlng or avoldlng rlsks or AlLernaLlve cosLs
3 lmprovlng Lhe quallLy of servlces and lnLeracLlons
wlLh Lhe CusLomers
4 lmprovlng Lhe quallLy of servlces and lnLeracLlons
wlLh Lhe CusLomers
3 CreaLlng llexlblllLy for changlng 8uslness
pp||cat|ons of techno|ogy to serv|ce
W Pard Lechnologles
W SofL Lechnologles
W Pybrld Lechnologles

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