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English Practice over the Internet

Skypecast #11 -- Saturday, November 4, 2006 @ 8 pm GMT

Before introducing ourselves and starting with the Skypecast itself, we kindly ask you to:

Follow our "Skype etiquette" (see our website)

Ask anything you don't understand

Take your time to answer to questions

Set your name or nickname in the chat window now

Please, let us know if you just want to listen or if you don't have a mic

Lean back and enjoy! :-)

The organizers of this Skypecast wish you a pleasant experience!

This Skypecast will not be recorded

For more information about this project, please check:
7 minutes

So, who are we anyway?

Let's begin with a round of introductions. You may use the following pattern and add any

Hi! My name is _______ and I come from _______. The

activity that takes up most of my time is _______, but I
also enjoy _______ in my free time. I want to practice
English because _______. My favorite song (at the
moment at least) is _______ by _______.

Today's hosts are:

Marian, from Germany
Jola, from Poland
Ignacio, from Argentina

And our new team members are:

Greg, from Poland
David, from the USA
Paulino, from Argentina but currently living in the USA 2
5 minutes

Hmm... What might today's topic be?

2 4

6 9



10 3
20 minutes

And today's topic is...

Traffic in your city

These are a few questions that might be interesting to discuss together:
Do you own or drive a car?
Is there heavy traffic in your city?
What are the rush hours?
What are the requirements to get a driver's license?
What is the minumum age required to be a motorist?
Are there many car accidents?
What about people riding a bicycle or driving a motorcycle?
What about the public transport?

traffic lights (or: spotlights); license plate; (steering) wheel; (honk) the horn; pedestrian
crossing (or: crosswalk); gear stick; car crash (or: car accident, traffic collision); dent;
rotary; seat belt (or: safety belt); fasten your seat belts; traffic jam; DWI & DUI; highway;
speed limit; traffic sign; U turn; one-way street; intersection; dead end; cul-de-sac; side
mirror; bumper; headlight; tail lights; fog light; turn signals; bumper; tailpipe (or: exhaust
pipe); to bribe a police officer; get a ticket (or: get fined)

5 minutes

Describing a picture

4 minutes

Related expressions
What do these expressions really mean?

1. So much noise is driving me nuts!

(To drive somebody nuts or crazy or insane)

2. I can't understand you. What are you really driving at?

(What somebody is driving at)

5 minutes
And this is the end of today's Skypecast

Thank your for participating!

We want to make this Skypecast better and better, so we really appreciate your
feedback. You may leave your comments on our website or send us an email.

Contact information:
Ignacio <ignafiuba{-AT-}> (Author of this presentation)
Jola <jolik12{-AT-}>
Marian <marian{-AT-}>

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