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Herbs and Spices



Gain some familiarity with the cultivation, preservation, and use of various herbs and spices with emphasis on herbs


HERBS is any plant that is valued for flavor, scent, medicinal, or other qualities. (Botanists use the same term differently, for any non-woody flowering plant, regardless of its flavour, scent or other properties, and thus include only grass-like plants and forbs.) Herbs have a variety of uses including culinary, medicinal, and in some cases spiritual usage. General usage differs between culinary herbs and medicinal herbs


The medicinal herbs are making bridge to the light vibrations, which of course, heal. Because there is plenty of illnesses, there is also plenty of herbs, given to the mankind as a help in their lives. To use medicinal herbs is more natural way to heal your body and mind, than eating pills...

Harvesting Herbs

When to harvest is really dependent on the herb you are growing and the plant part you intend to use. For example, when harvesting mint, you'll just be picking the leaves. In other cases, you may be picking the flowers, seeds or roots. As a general rule, herbs grown for their leaves should be harvested before they flower

Cooking with Herbs

Place herbs/spices in oil and allow flavor to infuse into the oil and use for cooking Make marinades and sauces for meat, poultry, or fish

Rosemary with lamb

Make herb butter, cheese, or stuffing

Cooking with herbs

Wide variety of herbal teas

Some contain cancerfighting antioxidants Basil over fresh mozzarella and tomato in bruschetta

Eat fresh

Storing Herbs

_____________________________________ herbs only if necessary; may remove some flavor Exposure to air and light will cause loss of flavor and aroma Can last 1-2 years under ideal conditions Store _________________________; pulverize just before use Drying herbs: Dry rapidly in a warm, dark room at temps below 100F Can place in bags with 1-2 inches of stem showing and tie loosely Can place leaves on a tray and turn daily Can even dry in microwave, but may cause damage Freezing herbs: Place herbs in labeled plastic bags; individually or in mixtures Chop finely and freeze in ice cube trays,______________________ herbs and ____________________ water

Origins of Herbs & Spices

New World
Allspice Annatto Chilies Paprika Echinacea Juniper Horseradish Tamarind Vanilla

Bay Chives Dill Oregano Parsley Rosemary Sage Tarragon Thyme Caraway Fennel Lavender Marjoram Mint Savory Chamomile Lemon balm

Near East
Anise seed Borage Cumin Cilantro Fenugreek Poppy Sesame Marigold Pyrethrum Coriander Cilantro Saffron

Basil Cardamom Peppercorn Turmeric Cinnamon Mace Nutmeg

Far East
Garlic Juniper Lemongrass Star Anise Cilantro Cloves Ginger Galangal Chives