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Faculty of Education and Languages

January / 2011 OUM1103 Learning Skills for Open Distance Learners

Stating specific times when you need

personal time to get your work done.

During your exam time, you may want to hang a Do not disturb sign on

the door.

2. Dont forget play time.

Dont get so caught up in your studies that you forget to have family time. Youll get much needed relaxation and theyll
appreciate seeing you in a less stressful mood.

3. Be an example.
use your own studies to set an example for how they can succeed in their own classes. Try setting aside a study time each day

together with them.

Serve a nutritious snack such as fruits. Play relaxing music (refer to music clip)

4. Involve your family in your learning

Let your family know youre accomplishing something meaningful. If you discover something interesting,

discuss and sharing it with your family members.

Let your family tag along on field trips .Chances are theyll

enjoy being involved in this part of your life and youll

appreciate the chance to share it.

5 Study Secrets
1. Survey your textbook or workbook before you read.
Start off by taking a few minutes to review the glossary, index, and other important information Read any study questions before you read the chapter

5 Study Secrets

2. Attack your textbook with sticky notes.

Summarize the main points in each section of the

chapter on a post-it note.

Reading the post-it notes is an easy and fast way to

review information.

5 Study Secrets
3. Use a graphic organizer to take notes when you read
As you read, fill out the form with important

Use the Cornell notes worksheet

quiz yourself on that information by folding the

answers upside down.

5 Study Secrets 4. Make your own practice test.

After you finish reading, review the material you just read and make up your own practice test.
Highlighted words as well as any other information you think is important.

5 Study Secrets 5. Create visual flashcards.

Help you to remember important terms, people, places, and dates. Use one 3x5 index for each term.

Review these cards and quiz yourself before your

actual test.

5 Ways To Stay Motivated

Connect with your classmates

Reward yourself

Discuss what you learn

Take time for fun

Chart your progress

# Look for a group of

friends you can study together.
# Theyll appreciate having someone to keep them on track in their work and youll reap the benefits of being accountable as well.

2. Discuss what you learn

# We will understand better when we explain to others . # By discussing and communicate to each we remember better what we have said.

Design a check list to assure your goals are keep in progress. As a guide to motivate us to accomplish our coursework.
Always review your chart and see how you have progressed.

Always remember to reward yourself for doing well in your coursework. Setting up a reward system just may be the extra push you need to succeed.

Dont worry be happy Take a break to relax yourself You will be more productive in your work Always keep yourself motivated ( refer to video clip )

1. Wikipedia ~ source of knowledge for everything unknown ~ verified information before being adopted 2. Online Groups ~ be a part of ongoing discussions ~ helps you stay updated with latest information

3. Online Notes on your Reading

~ posting your notes on the web ~ make search engine optimizer

4. Flashcards Online ~ used as an effective mode of learning ~ easier way to memorize definitions and concepts

5. Podcast
~ superb way to express presentation ~ help you to revise better 6. Blogging ~ express opinions on any issues freely ~ offer better understanding of viewpoint by sharing and giving comment

7. Video Conferencing ~ latest technology in communicating on telecast

~ giving lectures, teaching topics using visual

cues or visual information 8. Online Interactive Platforms ~ enables students to learn and discuss ~ stay in the loop for any updates

9. Broadcasting

~ deliver presentation in a video format

~ more interesting ( post in youtube and share with others) 10. Email communication ~ one of the oldest online tool ~ to pass on or get important information ~ easy to contact you, even if you're offline

Reading Strategy

Question Read Recite Recall

Make studying and reading purposeful and effective

preview the material by scanning the text quickly formulate an overall picture and purpose of reading create context for remembering

create and answer questions emphasis on what, why, how, when, who and where remember more easily when you ask yourself as you read

read actively highlight main ideas with a maker be alert to bold or

italicized print

study time tables, graphs and illustrations which convey an idea more effectively than written word

4. Recite
recall what you have read
recall main heading, important ideas of concerts presented in bold or italicized type, graphs, charts or illustration indicate develop an overall concept on your own words recite to strengthen connections and improve memory

review your notes reread difficult parts look back and refresh your memory recalling and reviewing same material several times until fully absorb and remember it

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