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Designation : Lecturer
Branch : Electronics & communication Engg
Institute : Govt. Polytechnic, Visakhapatnam
Year/Semester : III Semester
Subject : Electronics -I
Subject Code : EE-305
Topic : Special devices(4/6)
Duration : 50Mts.
Sub Topic : Advantages and applications of
Teaching Aids : Diagrams
EE-305.49 1

• Already we discussed about working of FET.

• Drain characteristics of FET.

• Transfer characteristics of FET.

EE-305.49 2

•Upon completion of this period the student will be

able to know

• Differences between FET & BJT.

• Advantages & Disadvantages of FET over BJT.

• Applications of JFET.

EE-305.49 3
Do you know

• The limitations of BJT.

• The conditions required for impedance


EE-305.49 4
Advantages of FET

• The FET is a unipolar device.

• The current conduction in N-channel is only due

to electrons.

• The current conduction in P-channel is only due

to holes.

EE-305.49 5
Advantages of FET

• The FET has high input impedance.

• The FET has low output impedance.

• The FET is voltage controlled device

EE-305.49 6
Advantages of FET

• Gain band width product is low.

• Gain is characterized as transconductance.

• Less noise device.

• FET is less expensive device.

EE-305.49 7
Advantages of FET

• No offset voltage.

• Negative temperature coefficient .

• Less effected by radiation

• High power gain.

EE-305.49 8
Advantages of FET

• In integrated circuit form it is simpler to fabricate.

• It occupies less space.

• Long life.

EE-305.49 9
N channel PNP
n channel

P channel

EE-305.49 10
Advantages of FET over BJT

• FET has high input impedance of several mega ohms.

• The noise produced by a FET is less than that produced

by a BJT.

EE-305.49 11
Advantages of FET over BJT

• FETs are less effected by radiation compared to BJT.

• FET has no offset voltage at zero drain current and

hence it forms an excellent signal chopper.

EE-305.49 12
Advantages of FET over BJT

• FETs are voltage controlled devices.

• FETs have better thermal stability.

• In the integrated circuit form FET is simpler to

fabricate and it occupies less space.

EE-305.49 13
Disadvantages of FET over BJT

• FETs have a drawback of smaller gain

bandwidth product compared to BJT.

EE-305.49 14

• The FET has.

• High input impedance

• low output impedance and

• low noise level .

• The above features of FET makes superior than bipolar

junction transistor.

EE-305.49 15

• As a buffer amplifier : A buffer amplifier is a stage of

amplification that isolates the preceding stage from the
following stage. Because of high input impedance and
low output impedance, a FET can act as an excellent
buffer amplifier.

• Phase shift oscillators : The high input impedance of

FET is especially valuable in phase shift oscillator to
minimize the loading effect

EE-305.49 16

• In voltmeters : The high input impedance of FET is

useful in voltmeters to act as an
input stage.

• Impedance matching device.

EE-305.49 17

• Compared to BJT,FET has

• high input impedance

• low output impedance

• less noise device

EE-305.49 18

• FET can be used as a

a) voltage controlled device

b) current controlled device

c) both (a)& (b)

d) none
EE-305.49 19
Frequently asked questions

1. Compare JFET with BJT ?

3. List the advantages of JFET over BJT?

3. List the applications of JFET?

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