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Name of the faculty : T.Madhavi Kumari.

Designation : Lecturer.
Branch : Electronics & Communication Engg.
Institute : Govt.Polytechnic ,Vijayawada.
Semester : III Semester.
Subject : Electronics –I.
Subject Code : EE-305.
Topic : Small Signal Amplifiers
Duration : 50 Minutes.
Sub Topic : Necessity of cascading of amplifiers.
Teaching aids : PPT, Animations, Waveforms.

EE-305.74 1

• Already we discussed about the two stage

• R-C coupled amplifier and

• T-C coupled amplifier.

EE-305.74 2

After the completion of the period student will be

able to know the

• Multi stage amplifier.

• Necessity of multi stage amplifier.

• Types of coupling.

EE-305.74 3
Need for multi stage amplifier

• An amplifier is the basic building block of most electronic

• The output from a single stage amplifier is usually
insufficient to drive an output device.
• Additional amplification over 2 or 3 stages is necessary.
• To achieve this, the output of one stage is connected to
the input of the next stage.
• The resulting system is referred to as the multi stage
amplifier or cascaded amplifier.
• High gains can be obtained from a multi stage amplifier.

EE-305.74 4
Multi stage amplifier

• A transistor circuit containing more than one stage of

amplification is known as multi stage amplifier.
• A number of single stage amplifiers are connected in
cascade arrangement.
• Also called as cascaded amplifier.
• The output of first stage is connected to the input of the next
stage through a suitable coupling device and so on.

1st 2nd 3rd

Coupling Coupling Stage
Stage Stage

EE-305.74 5
How to couple the stages

• We use a suitable coupling network between two


• The purpose of coupling device is.

• To transfer a.c output of one stage to the input of

next stage.

• To isolate the d.c conditions of one from next


EE-305.74 6
Types of coupling network
1. Resistance- Capacitance coupling


Rc1 c Vout

V in

EE-305.74 7
2. Impedance coupling


L1 C Rb
V out

V in

EE-305.74 8
3. Transformer coupling
V out

V in

EE-305.74 9
4. Direct coupling

V out

V in

EE-305.74 10

We have discussed about

• The Need for multi stage amplifier

• What is a multistage amplifier

• Types of coupling networks

• Function of the coupling network

EE-305.74 11
1. Multi stage amplifiers are used in order to
achieve greater

(a) Voltage amplification

(b) Power gain

(c) Frequency response

(d) All of the above

EE-305.74 12
2. Multi stage amplifier is also known as

(a) Cascaded Amplifier

(b) Voltage amplifier

(c) Power amplifier

(d) None of the above

EE-305.74 13
Frequently Asked Questions

• What is a multi stage amplifier? Explain its need.

• List the types of coupling networks?

• Explain the function of coupling networks?

EE-305.74 14