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Shivakeerthi K
 Step 1: Copy the Macros in to
 SUBCB3TM for batch programs
 SUBC3OTM for Online programs.
 Compile the program using these
Select A.16
Select Option 0
end press enter
Create PDSs for ASR
Library test profiles and
macro library
PDS name should be

Select Option 1 for

running the job in
foreground mode
Select the JCL
and press enter
Select the step in
the JCL
To Select Symbol Library
Select option 5 and press enter
Select option 2 to enter
symbol Library
Select option 10
and hit enter

Debugging starts from procedure

division. Click F10 for to execute the
current step
Debugging CICS

 Compile the program using SUBC30TM

 Load the programs and symbol files through

CICS Trace master menu

 Set the breakpoints

 Run the transaction and Debug

 Log off

 Type transaction XXT0 on CICS Screen

 Go to profile option and set the symbol library


 Go to set up
 Enter cobol in command prompt
 Load the program.
 Load program name
 Run xsymbols command
 Xsymbols program name
Select option 0
Symbol library
Select option 1 to
go to set up
Enter COBOL in the
command prompt
Load the program
Function Keys
 PF1 - Display Help Information
 PF2 - Enlarge Window
 PF3 - Remove Window / END
 PF4 - Dump Contents of Memory
 PF5 - Repeat Previous Command
 PF6 - Display Data Items
 PF7 - Scroll Up
 PF8 - Scroll Down
Function Keys

 PF9 - SWAP to ISPF

 PF10 - Run / Conditional Run
 PF11 - Step Instructions
 PF12 - Execute Next Statement
 PF13 - Program GOTO or Branch
 PF14 - Set a Breakpoint
 PF15 - Cancel a Breakpoint
 PF16 - Stop at Brkpt Conditionally
Function Keys
 PF17 - Change Window Size
 PF18 - Move Window
 PF19 - Track Backwards
 PF20 - Track Forwards
 PF21 - Change Window Layout
 PF22 - Select Current Window
 PF23 - Disassemble Object Code
 PF24 - Retrieve Last Command
Useful Commands
ABEND Terminate TraceMaster Session with
BOT(B) Scroll to Bottom of Data
BP Set Breakpoint at COBOL Statement
BRANCH(BR) Transfer Program Control
CALL Pass Control to a User Program
CHECK (C H) Check a Condition Expression
Data (DA) To see the value of the variable
Useful Commands
DISPLAY (DI) Store Information in DISPLAY Window
GOTO Transfer COBOL Program Control
NEXT Execute One COBOL Statement
RUNTO Run to Specified Address
REMOVE Remove a COBOL Breakpoint
RUNUNTIL Run Until Condition is True
SET Assign a Value to a String Variable