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Interactive Language Lab


 Lab supports Teacher and Students to interact with each other to learn
speak a language and improve the following
 Pronunciation
 Communication Skills.
 Fluency
 Learn the accent of the language
 Facial Expressions
 It is not language specific.

 Actual Language translation with the details of vocabulary, grammar, syntax etc are
Types of Interactive Language Labs

Tape Based Interactive Language Lab

LAN Based Interactive Language Lab

Activities Performed on ILL

 Preparation of a lesson by the teacher from the course material.

 Recording of a lesson in teacher’s voice

 Transfer of the recorded lesson to the students console.

 Students listen to the lesson in the teacher’s voice.

 Records the same lesson in his voice and compare it with

teacher’s pronunciation.

 Practice this among groups or pairs.

 Teacher can monitor the students thru audio and video.

 Student’s can clear their doubts online with the teacher.

Language Lab in session
Student’s Booths in Session
Teacher’s Console
BOM of Interactive Language Lab

 Lab Capacity : Max 30 students and one teacher.

 It is a combination of software and hardware.
 Software is loaded on the Teacher’s PC and on each Student PC
 The following hardware is used.
 Audio Hub Power Supply
 Student Terminal Head Sets with microphones.
 Audio Cables VGA network
 Monitor Switch Booths
 Teacher’s Console Table
 PCs for each student and teacher in a LAN environment.
Layout of Acenet 5.1
Teacher’s PC’s Display Screen
Audio functions
 Most conveniently placed menu items for teacher

Student icons
On the spot Preparation of Lessons

Teacher can quickly prepare a new lesson and record in his/her own voice
Class Grouping for Discussion
 Teacher can form multiple Groups of students for group discussion.
 Teacher can participate or record discussion in any group.
Pairing for One to One Discussion
 Teacher can form multiple PAIRS of students.
 Students can discuss within this and teacher can participate or record conversation of
any pair.
Intercom / Broadcasting to Individual student
 The teacher can have intercom with any desired student.
 The teacher can broadcast any message or audio program to be recorded on the student
Audio Files for Different Groups
 Teacher can transfer different audio programs to different groups for
recording on the student terminal.
Student’s Response / Monitoring
 Teacher can silently monitor any desired student with an option to speak to the
Presentation and Video Broadcast
 Teacher can play any video/ PPT presentation/ internet sites/ multimedia files on his monitor and can
transfer the same on Student Monitor.
 Visual is Jerk free.
 Can be transferred with original audio or teacher’s voice
Monitoring Student’s Screen Group / Individual
 Teacher can silently monitor students screen / Students’ activity.
 Monitoring if the students have understood the technology/procedure of using self
study/interactive learning material.
 Zooming onto one student’s screen and providing him explanation
Video and Text Message on Single Screen
 Text file and camera working at the same time.
 Expressions recording.
 Compare with model.
model camera
Text support
Sending Messages at Teacher’s Console

 Teacher can send a message to any student or vice- versa.

Benefits of multiple cables – Audio
 Carries the audio signals from –
 Teacher to student
 Student to teacher
 Student to student

 Carries ‘Call’ command from student terminal to teacher.

 Power to the student terminals
Advantages :
 Performance independent of LAN and CPU quality.
 No distortion.
 No delay.
 No burden on the LAN.
 Can work in the background along with other programs
Benefits of multiple cables – Video

 Carries the audio signals from –

 Teacher to student
 Student to teacher
 Student to student

 Student’s VGA monitor switching

 Blocks students’ mouse and keyboard inputs to their PCs.
Advantages :
 Provides direct path for VGA signals .
 Performance independent of LAN and CPU quality.
 No distortion.
 No delay / jerks -smooth video.
 No burden on the LAN.
 Can work in the background along with other programs.
Recording of “audiotext” – a virtual recorder

Model voice

Student recording

Text 1
Text 2

Time scale and


Loop play
Type of Customers

 Schools , Colleges and Universities

 Language Training Institutes
 Airline Staff , Call Centres , BPO .
 Defence , Police
List of Customers

 Shri K.K. Shashtri Commerce College - Ahmedabad

 Gujarat Arts & Science College - Ahmedabad
 Govt. Arts College - Gandhi Nagar
 Govt. Commerce College - Gandhi Nagar
 Bhawans College - Ahmedabad
List of Customers….

Govt. Institutes & Colleges

Name & Address

•Regional Institute of English, Allenganj, Allahabad.

•Regional Institute of English, Bangalore.
•Regional Institue of Languages, Deccan College, Pune.
•Dept. of Official Languages, Colombo, Sri Lanka.
•Govt. T. R. S. College Rewa (MP)
•Vasantrao Naik Govt. Institute of Arts & Science, Nagpur.
•State Project Implementation Unit (World Bank) Tamil nadu – 58 installations in Polytechnic Colleges
•Dept. of English University of Pune, Pune – 411 007
•Dept. of Foreign Languages University of Pune, Pune – 411 007
•Dept. of Humanities and Social Sciences, Anna University, Chennai – 600 025.
•Dept. of English Kuvempu University, Shankarghatta _ 577 451 Shimoga Dist., Karnataka
•School of Distance Learning and Continuing Education Kakatitya University, Warangal – 506 009
•Dept. of English Saurashtra University, Rajkot – 360 005.
•Dept. of English Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University,
•‘Vidyavihar’ Lonere, Tal. Mangaon, Dist. Raigarh.
•Dept. of English, Shivaji University, Kolhapur – 416 004.
•Post-Graduate & Research Institute, Deccan College (Deemed University), Pune – 411 006
List of Customers…

Name & Address

•Assam Regimental Centre Happy Valley, Shillong – 793 007.

•Gorkha Regiment Centre, Shillong.
•Madras Regimental Centre Wellington, Nilgiris - 643 231.
•Mukhyalaya Sena Ayudh Corps Kendra, HQS AOC Centre Secunderabad - 15.
•The Mechanised Infantry Regimental Centre Ahmadnagar – 414 110.
•Sainik School Bijapur – 586 102.
•Sainik School Bhubaneshwar.
•A.E.C. Training College & Centre Pachmarhi, M.P. – 461 881
•INS Chilka, Chilka, Khurda : 752 037
•Mahar Regimental Centre, Saugor – 470 001 (M.P.)
•National Defence Academy Khadakwasla, Pune-23
•Headquarters 4 Corps, GS(Edn) Branch, Tezpur Pin – 908 504 c/o 99 APO
Thank you.

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Interactive Language Lab
HCL Infosystem Ltd
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