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Leadership is the ability of an
individual to influence, motivate, and

enable others to contribute toward the effectiveness and success of the

organizations of which they are members.

Traditional Issues in Leadership

Managing Conflict


Trouble Shooting


Traditional Issues in Leadership

Setting goals Coaching Dealing with external agencies Delayed decision making

Lone decision making

Contemporary Issues
Out of the box thinking Leading by example Globalisation

Setting Goals Changing group dynamics


Contemporary Issues
Quick decision making Mentoring

Dealing with change & uncertainty

Recruiting & retaining quality workers

Ethical Behaviour

Since we have questioned people

from diverse backgrounds their views vary on different issues.

We need to undertake a detailed

research for various industries.

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Secondary Data

According to a study undertaken by the Decision ROI Institute, only 26% of the organizations have a decision making policy in place.
The root causes of poor decision making are:
Poorly defined processes and practices Unclear corporate vision, mission and goals Unwillingness of leaders to take responsibility A lack of reliable, timely information

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Secondary Data
Employees who believe in senior management:

Source: Gantz Wiley Research. Reproduced in USA Today, February 12, 2003, p. 7B.

Secondary Data
Indian IT & ITeS industry would be

facing a shortage of around 5 lakh talented workforce by 2010. (NASSCOM) Conflict with seniors is one of the main reasons for attrition.

Secondary Data
According to a research undertaken

by European Privacy Directive, 70% of the people were not comfortable with the idea of sharing their personal information.

To conclude we would like to say that modern issues are not the only determinants for success in modern times. To be successful a leader has to cope up with handling not only modern issues but also be adept in handling traditional issues as well.

Organisational Behavior Stephen Robbins

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