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Nokias Supply Chain

-Ketaki Rastogi(121)

-Rashi Mor(115)
-Namrata Panwar(117)

Nokias Approach
Integrating sustainable practices into their business


Continuous improvement

Sourcing Sustainably
Nokia sources components, materials and services from suppliers all over the world.
Two Types of sourcing:

Direct Sourcing

Indirect Sourcing

Supplier Diversity
Supplier locations are:

Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Slovakia, S Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Ukraine, UK, USA and Vietnam.
Encourages small, minority, and women-owned businesses

Nokia Supplier Requirements

Comprehensive set of requirements Include environmental and social requirements based on international standards
ISO 14001 PCMM and ILO and UN conventions

Some Specifications

Human Resources


Nokias SCM strategies

Integrated supply chain
Improved processes

Longer supplier relationships Wide distribution- use of RFID for distribution

Rashi Mor
115 Supplier Performance and System assessment

Supplier performance
Supplier performance is measured by: Assessments Environmental performance data


Self assessment questionnaire E - TASC

System In depth

System assessment
All suppliers undergo assessment in two years

Non compliant suppliers are forced to take corrective actions Within 30 days implementation must be confirmed by suppliers

In depth assessment
Factory site tour

Corrective measures

Interviews with management

Review of relevant documentation

Interviews with workers

Environmental performance data

Supplier network management

Design for environment

Environmental management system

End of life practices tool

Training and building capability

Internal training
Personnel must understand the requirements Information sessions on requirements

Supplier training

Suppliers understand requirements Build competencies to meet expectations

Supplier cooperation and development programs

Develop social and environmental responsibility capabilities in suppliers Embed corporate responsibility in suppliers

Namrata Panwar
117 Raw materials, Suppliers and industry collaboration

Sources of supplies
Not only suppliers but source of materials also important

Primary focus - suppliers with whom they work with directly

2nd/3rd tier suppliers- investigate down the supply chain

Nokia manufactures its phones in its own factories: applying the highest standards ensure safe and supportive labor conditions expect the companies in their supplier network to take a similar ethical business approach

Example of illegal mining at Coltan

Industry collaboration

Global eSustainability Initiative

Shared audits

Supplier cooperation development via RosettaNet

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