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Singapore Expo Centre:
Reason of Selection:
I have selected Singapore expo centre as my case study
because it is one oI the best expo centre oI the world. It
is the largest one in South East Asia. It is proudly
chosen venue Ior large exhibitions, conventions and
meeting in Asia.
Project Detail:
The Singapore EXPO is the largest convention and
exhibition venue in Singapore with over 100,000
square meters oI column-Iree, indoor space spread over
10 halls. the government-owned building was designed
by Cox Richardson Rayners.
Major expansion plans have been submitted to the Singapore Tourism Board to Ior Singapore Expo to acquire up
to three Iurther plots oI land next to its current location. One oI the plots was originally slated Ior use by UNSW
Asia beIore they pulled out oI Singapore. The expansion plans include the building oI hotels, malls and restaurants
in order to grow its business in anticipation oI the completion oI the Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort in 2009.
1: Singapore expo centre is a complex with Ilexible exhibition and convention spaces to cater
diIIerent types oI Iunctions. All the halls can be converted into big single hall Ior large
exhibitions, meetings and other Iunctions.
2. its structural component give it a unique aesthetical appearance.
3. its landscape and regular louvers create a solar screen on public side oI hall.
4. there is an open air mezzanine walkway which caters Ior exhibition organizers separate Irom
the public ground level.
5. the exhibition halls are made pillar less ensuring Iree movement without hindrance.
The car park Iacilities is just in Iront oI the main expo building which creates a hindrance in the
striking view oI building.
There are no outdoor exhibition areas.
Singapore Expo is the largest Meetings, Incentives, ConIerencing and Exhibitions venue in
Singapore and is one oI the largest and most completely equipped centre in the whole oI Asia.
There are ten large multipurpose halls, each being 10,000 sqm in size, giving a total Iloor
space oI over 100,000 sqm. All available space is interconnected and on ground level and
column Iree.
Ten conIerence halls are also available, ranging in size Irom 89 to 844 sqm, suitable Ior
150 to 1,000 people. In addition, there are meeting rooms which can seat 15 to 125 members.
The original Singapore Expo building comprised six interconnected halls oI 10,000
square meterseach, with column Iree-spaces and ceiling heights oI up to 16 meters.
Each hall is selI-contained
and is linked to the other halls by air-conditioned walkways.
Acar park Ior 2,200 vehicles is also available, which can be converted into 25,000 sqm
oI outdoor exhibition space. It is accessible by MRT. You will need to transIer to another
train Irom the Tanah Me rah platIorm.
The SECC is made up oI two levels oI non-carpeted exhibition space and three levels
oI carpeted conIerence, meeting room and ballroom space.
Total exhibition space is 32,000 sqm accommodating up to 2,000 booths located
at Level 1 and Basement 2. Each level can be subdivided into three halls.
On Levels 3, 4 and 5 are 250 meeting rooms and Southeast Asia's largest ballroom,
which is capable oI seating 6,600 people banquet-style or 11,000 people theatre-style.
Convention and Exhibition Halls:
The original Singapore expobuilding comprised six interconnected halls
oI 10,000 square meters each, with column Iree-spaces and ceiling
heights oI up to 16 meters. And they are connected with air conditioned
walkways. An additional 40,000 sq-m (Iour new halls) were completed in
September and linked to the original building across Expo drive via a
sheltered walkway.