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Operational Oceanography

Products & Services

Products & Services, Jan. 2006

Current state

Products & Services, Jan. 2006


Web info products for the public http: //

Products: On-line data: Meteo T, S, Currents, Waves Chlorophyll-a, Dis.oxygen Forecasts: Meteo (wind, temp, precip, cloud.) Wave height-direction Surface currents, T, S
Operational since 1999

Web: 300.000 user sessions/month

Products & Services, Jan. 2006


Products for the public Mobile telephony products

iMode Service (COSMOTE)

SMS Service

MMS/SMS weather forecast ()

Operational since Aug.2002

Operational since Aug. 2004

4264-Available to all mobile telephony users

6000-8000 users/month

Operational since Feb. 2003 Free for TIM subscribers

~1500 reg. users:

1228 imode 173 imode+DoJava

Products & Services, Jan. 2006


Products provision through bilateral agreements

Buoy data provided in real time to: HNMS(direct line, operational since August 2003) HHS (direct line, operational since September 2005) Data provided as requested by the Ministerial decree of 2000 regarding the funding of POSEIDON operational cost (~300K/year). Ministry of Mercantile Marine : Data provided through

internet connection using security protocols for data transfer. Operational since January 2006.
Data provided in the framework of ESPEN project.

Products & Services, Jan. 2006


Products provision under request

Raw or processed data can be provided under request:

To Universities/Research Centers/Institutes/Private Companies/Individuals For scientific purposes: Free of charge For any other use : Data will be charged according to the decision taken in HCMRs board of directors in 2000.

Products & Services, Jan. 2006


Products provision to research community

Data available through the POSEIDON ftp site :

Buoy data (MEDATLAS format) Meteorological and wave forecasting fields Data provided to the MAMA community

Products & Services, Jan. 2006

Services The oil spill service

Metocean Observations

SAR receiving and processing module

Oil spill detection

Weather, wave and circulation models

GIS mapping tool

Oil spill forecasts

Product dissemination module

Products & Services, Jan. 2006

Oil spill service : Trial operational phase (ROSES project)

Run oil spill model and produces 3-day forecast HCMR


Telespazio Italy

Greek end user Ministry of Merchant Marine

Operational period: 27 April 30 September 2004 (August was excluded)

Average delay since detection: 4 hours

Products & Services, Jan. 2006

Oil spill service : Login: guest, password: trial

Products & Services, Jan. 2006

Oil spill dispersion model: Web application Developed through ROSES project / collaboration with NOA

The oil spill model can be run remotely through an easy to use web interface. The user receives the results (a series of sequential images) to his e-mail.

Products & Services, Jan. 2006

Object drift forecast service

Sep 2004 Helicopter crash: Initial Data

Drift backtrack experiments

NRT validation

During POSEIDON II a specific object drift model will be developed

Search & Recovery

Accident site best guess (delay 2-24h)

Products & Services, Jan. 2006

Forecasting products on demand

OA 2004: Sailing North Aegean (EPAN-Aegean)

Products & Services, Jan. 2006

A step forward

Products & Services, Jan. 2006

Data management and Quality Control (POSEIDON II)

Definition of QC standards, formats, NRT sequencing Definition of computing requirements Software development Integration of external data sources
C1 Instrument range Air temperature *GN36200550207 POSEIDON XXXX UNKNOWN 07/02/2005 07/02/2005 AEGEAN SEA Wind speed 36 HCMR, Hellenic Centre for Marine Research Wind gust Kostas Nittis Project= POSEIDON Wind direction Regional Archiving= GN Availability=P Data Type=M01 n= 1 QC=Y . Data Type=H72 n= 5 QC=Y COMMENT *GN36200550207XXXX0 Data Type=M01 *DATE=07022005 TIME=0000 LAT=N39 57.78 LON=E024 43.27 DEPTH= 218 QC=0000 *NB PARAMETERS=13 RECORD LINES=00008 *YEAR YEAR (yyyy ) def.= 9999 *DATE DATE (mmdd ) def.= 9999 *TIME TIME WITHIN DAY (hhmmss ) def.= 999999 *DRYT DRY BULB TEMPERATURE (Celsius degree ) def.=99.999 *WSPD WIND SPEED (m/s ) def.=99.999 *GSPD GUST WIND SPEED (m/s ) def.=99.999 *WDIR WIND DIRECTION (degree ) def.=999.999 *ATMS ATMOSPHERIC PRESSURE - SEA LEV(millibars ) def.=9999.999 *WAHE SIGNIFICANT WAVE HEIGHT (m ) def.=99.999 *WADI MAIN WAVE DIRECTION (degree ) def.=999.999 *WAPE MEAN WAVE PERIOD (s ) def.=99.999 *CUSP CURRENT SPEED (cm/s ) def.=99.999 *CUDI CURRENT DIRECTION (degree ) def.=999.999 *GLOBAL PROFILE QUALITY FLAG=0 GLOBAL PARAMETERS QC FLAGS=0001111111111 *DC HISTORY= * *DM HISTORY= * *COMMENT *ADDITIONAL INFORMATION - TIME SERIES *EDATE=07022005 ETIME=0000 ELAT=N39 57.78 ELON=E024 43.27 EDEPTH= 218 QC=0000 X X X X X X C2 Physical range X X X C3 Rate of change X X X X X X X X X X C4 Stationarity

Integration to the EuroGOOS operational data exchange system (2006-7)

Products & Services, Jan. 2006

Building a Data Bank (POSEIDON II)

A tool mainly for the modelling product management: Easy access and easy to use Extract of selected data and save in users computer Possible extension of data base to include QC buoy and R/S data

Products & Services, Jan. 2006

Redesign the web page (POSEIDON II)

Building a new POSEIDON web site: New layout New services Different levels of access: Public, restricted (dissemination of products to Institutes/Universities/European projects)

Products & Services, Jan. 2006

Hosting and support of the ESPEN Telecommunication Gate (2006-2007)

Products & Services, Jan. 2006

Oil spill service: Operational phase (2006-2008), MARCOAST project

Integrated to a Pan-European service infrastructure Detection & forecast should be available to the Ministry in 1 hour max. after the satellite data acquisition A number of official documents have (and will be singed) between : the members of the consortium (Service Partnership Protocol) the service providers and the end-users (Service Level Agreements) ensuring that the service will be provided as it is proposed.
Products & Services, Jan. 2006

Building a decision support system: Web triggered oil spill simulations using real-time forecasting data
Diavlos project (Submitted) The final service will be delivered to the Ministry of Mercantile Marine

Products & Services, Jan. 2006