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Maintain Forecast Profile

Enter Planing Area Give Name to Master Profile

Enter Forecasting Key Figure Mention the Period Indicator Enter the Horizons

Click on the Appropriate check Box

1 Enter the name and description Enter the Historical data key figure and version Enter the Forecasting Strategy Enter all the parameters

Select the outlier correction if necessary

Select the Forecast Error measures


Interactive Demand Planning:

Steps in Forecasting

Click For Running Statistical Forecast

Select Planning Book, Dataview and Selection and Load the Data

Forecasting view Details - Profile

Attach Master Forecast Profile

Forecasting view Details - Model

Choose Appropriate Model if you are firm or Choose Automodel2 so that System Suggest Optimum Model

Forecasting view Details - Horizon

Enter Horizons

System will calculate this automatically

Forecasting view Details -Parameters

Except Automodel, Enter the Parameters appropriate for the Selected Model

Forecasting view Details - Forecast Errors

System will give Error measures

Forecasting view Details - Settings

System will calculate Outliers by calculating Limits depending upon value of Sigma

If outliers are to be checked manually use this function

Forecasting view Details - Messages

System will summarize results of forecast

Parameters for Fine Tuning the Forecast

In case we use Model other than Automodel Trial with Various models and strategies Alpha , Beta & Gamma Sigma Outlier Correction