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Customer Attitude Towards the Male Grooming Product in India

Mohd.Zafar Idrisi PGDM Marketing, Roll No. 48

Faculty Guide Prof.Veni Nair Asst.Professor,Marketing

ITM Business School,Navi Mumbai

Agenda for Discussion

About Male Grooming Industry Recent Development in India

Data Analysis and Interpretation Recommendation

Male Grooming Industry

Over the past couple of years male grooming

industry have been on a steady growth and and is full of opportunities. Recent reports on male grooming industry have revealed that global sales of male grooming products have reached to $19.5 billion in 2008 and are keeping on increasing year by year. It is predicted that this industry would reach $25 billion in 2011. A recent survey indicates that men like to look younger and remain attractive as their physical Source: euromonitor international appearance has always helped them in this

Male Grooming Industry(Contd.)

Many magazines and periodicals come up with

frequent articles on male grooming as there is a huge demand of such information in the market. This rapidly growing market has attracted the attention of large corporations including: Unilever, Procter & Gamble, and L'Oreal.

Source: euromonitor international

Recent Development in India

According to a Nielsen survey conducted amongst 1,000 SEC A

and B men in four cities of Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Hyderabad on Male Grooming, every second Indian man from Metros has a monthly date with the beauty salon. Its a face that makes companies such as Hindustan Unilever, Garnier, Nivea, Emami,, Paras Pharma and Godrej Sara Lee launch tens of skin care, hair care, bath and shower produtcs.
The mens grooming marketwhich includes face

cleansers, moisturisers, hair gels, body washes, deodorants and shaving productsis estimated at around Rs 1, 500 crore, largely in urban India. Industry players say that the market has been growing at around 20%, with face care products and deodorants growing at twice the pace.

Source: economic times(12th Nov,2010)

Industry executives say the major challenge in

the market is one of penetration. According to Ramesh Viswanathan, Executive Director of CavinKare. Pricing is very critical, especially in the context of rural markets.

Trends in Indian Cosmetic market

Heightened awareness and inclination to focus on

personal appearance is driving uptake of personal care products among Indian consumers. More Indian consumers are actively seeking out personal care products with natural ingredients based on health and wellness concerns. Male consumers in India are seeking personal care products and services apart from what was traditionally defined as 'male toiletries. Family and peer group influence is a decisive factor in Indians' personal care product choices and this is most noticeable among younger consumers.

Major Players in India

Hindustan Lever Garnier Nivea Emami Paras Pharma

Amway India
Dabur India Ltd Godrej consumers Products ltd

Emerging and niche companies

Avon Beauty Products,Cavinkare Pvt Ltd Lotus Herbals Ltd,Modicare Ltd Oriflame India Pvt Ltd

Research Objective Research Type: Descriptive Research Research Method: Survey for primary data, and


magazines, newspapers, journals for secondary data. Sampling method: Random Sampling. Procedure: Approach Spinach customers when they exit Spinach stores and request them to fill up the questionnaire. Collect secondary data through various sources like magazines, newspapers, journals etc.

A survey conducted to understand perception of

Customers of Spinach Sample size of 115 established based on results from the Pilot survey of size 30. To make the survey more comprehensive, sample size increased from 115 to 200


Data Analysis


Consumer Profiling


57% respondent lies between the age of 21 to 25

where as 22.5% respondent lies between age of 16 to 20 and 26-35 respectively. Majority of respondent which is around 72% having pocket money or income around 5001 to 15,000.


Internet uses

Around 83% respondent using the net 4-5 times a

week or more than that which means majority of population are net savvy which is taking under consideration.


Chi Square Hypothesis

Hypothesis: Ho: Likeliness to use grooming method does not depend upon the age of respondent. H1: Likeliness to use grooming method does depend upon the age of respondent
Value dF Assymp Sig(2-sided) .941 .841

Pearson Chi Square Likelihood Ratio

2.884 4.057

8 8


By comparing the calculated value 2.884 with the

critical value which is 4.057.The null hypothesis will be accepted 2.884 is less than 4.057. So we can say that likeliness to use grooming method does not depend upon the age of respondent.


Grooming Habits


Majority of respondent do the shave in every few

days on a regular basis. 31% people among all the respondent daily use the skin care products and 48% people use 1 to 4 times a week which means majority of population among respondent are using skin care product regularly.


Majority of respondent which is around 48%

spend 10 to 20 minutes in grooming per day which quite substantial time for men to spend for grooming even 21% respondent spend more than 20 minutes per minute for grooming.


From the data we can find out that majority of population has

bought any grooming product either facial scrub etc, shampoo, soap and all in last one month. Around 73% respondent purchased shampoo/hair conditioner whereas around 65% and 60% people purchased shaving gel and soap in last one month.


91% respondent feels that they would like to use


those product which is specially designed for them. 52% respondent feels it is important or very important for them to shopping grooming product for them. More than 70% respondent feels that now days important should be given to appearance. Majority of respondents dont agree with the point that real men dont required grooming which means they think that grooming is part of lifestyle.


Important Factor for choosing a grooming product


90% responded ' agree & strongly agree that promotion is

important factor before buying any grooming product. 85% responded 'neutral, agree & strongly agree that recognized brand name is important factor before buying any grooming product. 85% responded 'neutral, agree & strongly agree that best performance is important factor before buying any grooming product.


One Sample Z test (Likeliness to Buy grooming product)

Here customers were asked to indicate there preference that

man should become equally obsessed the way they look by using different grooming product on a five point scale where 1 indicated very unlikely and 5 indicated very likely . Suppose that the customer feel the neutral about the question. Let formulate the null Hypothesis the mean is equal to 3.0. Null Hypothesis: Ho- mean=3.0 Alternative Hypothesis: H1- mean is not equal to 3.0. Use "z-distribution" table to estimate critical value and Alpha=.05, Zcv = 1.96
The mean score for 200 respondents is 3.71. In this case Test Statistic: Critical value Lower limit=2.84

Upper Limit=3.156

Based on the survey mean is 3.71.In this case

the sample mean is contained in the region of rejection. The results indicate that customers believe that likeliness to give importance to use of grooming product is greater than neutral point of view or say is likely.


Factors influencing the respondents to likeliness to use a grooming product

Linear Multiple Regression is used to find the relationship

between likeliness to use of grooming product of the respondents and the factors which respondent give importance before buying a grooming product. Dependent variable likeliness to use of grooming product Independent variables Value for money, Performance, Brand Recognition, High Quality, Shopping Convenience, and Discount.
Regression Statistics Multiple R R square Adjusted R square 0.8372 0.701 0.691



But as seen from the table, after running multiple

regression, it is clear that 70% change in the likeliness to use of grooming product is explained by the above mentioned independent variables. Hence, these variables mostly affecting the likeliness to use of grooming product of the respondents.


Influencing Promotional Factors


55% respondents believe that family and friends influence a lot

for the decision making in purchase of grooming products. 54% respondents believe that TV advertisement influence a lot for the decision making in purchase of grooming products. 63% respondents believe that Magazines influence a lot for the decision making in purchase of grooming products.


Factor Analysis
To find out which of these promotional variables should be focused

more, which can highly influence the people. For that Factor Analysis was carried out.
Methodology Different kind of variables such as Family and friends, TV

Advertisements, Magazines and Celebrities as attributes on basis of which factoring is to be done.

Using Principle component method for data extraction and saving factor

scores as variables to be formed basis for cluster analysis.

The Output and Analysis


From the table of Total Variance Explained, only two factors were found

which explain about around 60% cumulative variance of the variables given. This is mainly due to the fact that all the variables are not having much difference.

Hence it can be said that the entire influencing variables to use a grooming method can be grouped in to two factors namely credible source of information and TV advertisement.

Credible source: - As seen from the Rotated Component Matrix, Celebrities, Family Friends and Magazines are the variables which are related to the above factor.
Advertisement are the variables which are related to the above factor.

TV Ad: - As seen from the Rotated Component Matrix, T.V.


Recommendations and Conclusion

Hence from the above research we can conclude that there is

huge potential for male grooming product in Indian market and it is evidence from the secondary studies also that new companies are entering in the industry and people are happily agree to embrace their products for the use.
Consumer which are taking under consideration are mainly

people who are aware about the current trends in the market, highly technology savvy, using internet on daily basis and ready to shell out money for the grooming product. They also think that men should also give importance to their appearances and its clich now that real men dont required grooming.


Cont..(Recommendations and Conclusion)

Majority of respondent believe that men should also become

equally obsessed as women that the way they look by using different grooming method and also spending lots of money and time for the same.
By research we can conclude that the best suited medium for

communication is magazines and celebrities following by family and friends and TV advertisements because they believe that it is important for them what they are using due to sensitive nature of skin so they would like to rely most on the credible source of information rather than just watching a TV ad.
Majority of respondent believe that best performance of product

is main criteria when they go for shopping of grooming product followed by recognized brand name and promotion.

Thank You.