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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Universe

Pharmaceutical Environment
Newly diagnosed patients chat and bond over shared experiences; advanced and new patients alike exchange opinions on everything from their disease to their drugs within an open, diverse and highly motivated community.

Social media whether Facebook, Twitter, viral messages or blogs has gripped the public imagination, created its own language, and given rise to a new form of communication.

Key roles
orchestrator Marketplace & SCM

Marketplace leader

Three Roles for Social marketing

Pharma and Social Media

Physicians are getting social for professional purposes and discussing treatments and products with each other online. It is a cost-effective way to know what patients and physicians think. In a matter of clicks you can invite physicians into a panel discussion and very effectively have that discussion at marginal costs.

Is it time for the pharmaceutical industry to take the advice of some of its critics and use the new "social media" tools available to it and extricate itself from its situation of declining ROI?

Get Inspired By Others

Bayer launched the Women Heart Strong @Heart online community on Facebook.

Unique regulatory environment. Corporate culture.


4 Steps
Monitor & Learn Educate Stakeholders and Related Teams. Make Content Valuable, Relevant, and Consistent

Create Branded Content Community

Monitor & Learn

Monitor the online conversations about your product. Learn about patients product experiences.
Take the learnings from these monitoring efforts, and map out specific objectives for your social media marketing initiatives.

Step 2: Join & Educate Existing Communities

Designate a company representative. Join the conversation

Provide accurate information.

Make Content Valuable, Relevant, and Consistent

Focus on a disease state, not a specific product, which minimizes regulatory restrictions. Create disease education content (e.g., video) to establish greater corporate credibility and provide real value for patients. The best approach is to create a channel or community on an existing social site that already has a very large audience, like YouTube. Do not block comments from visitors, as YouTube allows, because you lose the honest community feedback.

Step 4: Create Branded Content Community

Existing social sites must comply with all regulatory requirements.

Be honest about their identity and intentions.

Evolve to a more open community dialogue quickly if the regulatory review workload proves easily manageable.

Barriers Of Social Media Marketing

One of the perceived barriers to the involvement of pharmaceutical companies, as a highly regulated industry, has been the thought that there is too much regulatory burden associated with new and social media. Mark Senak



Ensuring that the branded blog is compliant with fair balance regulations by developing a brief statement of common drug side effects that appears in the blog.
Regularly reviewing reports of adverse events, and incorporating those that are identifiable and credible into existing reporting protocols. Carefully vetting blog material written by company employees, marketing services firms, etc. to ensure it complies with the product label. Establish a policy on editorial control of blog comments with disclaimers, site use policies, and internal policies and procedures to avoid inadvertently endorsing off-label uses discussed in comments.

Best Practices Of Social Media:

Customers must be listened to carefully. Start to carefully curate conversations with consumers. Integrate your offline strategy with online social media strategy. Transparent and authentic conversations have to be ensured. Others.

By opening up research data and providing customer interactive and social applications it is possible to reach horizons never thought of by utilising social media marketing to its fullest. I believe the right dose of Pharma engagement plays an important part in this revolution.

The firm must define key performance indicators based on what they want to get out of a social media strategy, whether its creating awareness of product, building relationships with key opinion leaders to foster brand advocacy, gaining market insights from physician and consumer conversations, or other objectives. And the job isnt over once these metrics are established there should be a cycle of measurement and optimization in place to make sure that initiatives adjust accordingly and are ultimately worthwhile.

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