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Fiction Genres

Learning Outcomes: 1. I can identify and discuss the different types of children's genre. 2. I can explain how I know which book belongs to which genre.

Fiction Genres

How are books sorted in a library?

They are sorted by genre and then they are put in alphabetical order by the author's surname.

What is a genre?

Genres are categories that books are put in depending on the theme.

Different types of Genre

What categories can books be put into?

What category will this text go into?

Steven jumped up onto the table because of the snakes slithering underneath him on the red hot ground. He grabbed his rope which he had on his belt, twirled it over the light bulb and swung his way out of the window.

What category will this text go into? It was a dark and gloomy room. Steven's 9 year old brother sheepishly crept in. He could not see a thing.

"BOOOO!!!!!!!" a voice shouted. He screamed, and ran out of the room.

What category will this text go into? This might be in a category that we haven't gone through The horse went over to the cow and said " I've just had a beefburger today" and smiled. "You liar!" the cow exclaimed, "You're a herbivore, fool" The horse now frowned at him and the cow licked him on the head. "Next time my dear, next time" the cow said. The horse lifted his head and trotted off, secretly ashamed.

What books do you know that fit into these categories: Stories from other cultures



Book Recommendations

Some books have a little section saying If you liked this book, you might like.....

Why do you think the author recommended that type of book?

It may be because they are in the same genre or they have the same or alike characters

What makes a good genre?

Features of Horror stories - The plot attempts to scare or terrify the reader
- They may contain ghosts, ghouls or skeletons. - There may be an unusual twist in the tale. - It takes the reader on a roller coaster journey The author keeps the reader in suspense. Famous examples were written by R L Stine and M D Spenser.

Horror Extract

I went down even into the vaults, where the dim light struggled, although to do so was a dread to my very soul. Into two of these I went but saw nothing except fragments of old coffins and piles of dust; in the third, however, I made a discovery. There, in one of the great boxes, of which there were fifty in all, on a pile of newly dug earth, lay the Count! He was either dead or asleep, could not say which for the eyes were open and stony, but without the glassiness of death and the cheeks had the warmth of life through all their pallor, and the lips were as red as ever. But there was no sign of movement, no pulse, no breath, no beating of the heart. I bent over him, and tried to find any sign of life, but in vain.

Dracula by Bram Stoker

What words and phrases make this a horror story?

Let's try this

Your job now is to create a horror chapter which has:

and a

Features of Science Fiction stories

- Imaginary elements are possible. - Features detail about gadgets, space and science in general. - May have creatures/beings from another world. - Famous examples were written by H G Wells.

Features of Action and Adventure stories

- There are a lot of verbs and adjectives to describe what's going on.

- It can involve horrible big monsters which aren't so easy to kill/destroy.

- Most times, adventure stories can involve obstacles which the main character has to find a way around it.

Action Extract

Denis Corrie came out of nowhere. He lunged up against him on his racer, causing him to lose his balance and topple with a crash. Denis too squealed to a stop. He hurled his bike to the road and leapt on to Peter. One knee was forced into his chest. Two hands gripped his head and forced it backwards. You little sneak. You little snobby sneak, the voice spattered out. Youve been following me, havent you?

The machine hushed, extraction and injection nozzles poised, scrutinizing its targets. The cat, though, was suddenly gripped by terrible alarm. The brute leapt into the air, flinging itself onto the machine. I watched in horror as the nozzles swung towards me; and, with a terrible, psychedelic whirl of colours, felt my mind wrenched from its sockets.
When I awoke, moments later, I noticed first that I was two feet shorter. Then, I realised the lack of my limbs, and finally it occurred to me that I was a toaster. I saw immediately the solution to the situation - the machine could easily reverse the transfer - but was then struck by my utter inability to carry this out.

Looking at a short story

Creating a short story There are 6 sections to creating a story:


Problem Suspence

Build up Action Resolution

Settings and characters

Where is the main place the story is going to take place?

Describe it, or draw a picture if it helps you.

What powerful adjectives/ words and phrases can you use to describe the setting?


How would you describe this place?

Can you create similes and metaphors to describe the place?

But First...

What adjectives can be used to describe a person?


Describing Characters. How would you describe this girl?

Don't forget to use figurative language!

Example of a description.

Goldilocks is a young girl who has blonde hair and blue eyes. She has a blue shirt with an apron and red shoes.

But this is really a Year 3 description!

How can we improve this paragraph to be more of a Year 6 description?

Describing Characters

How would you describe this person? Don't just think about her physical appearance, but think about her personality.

(It's Beyonce by the way)


Your story shouldn't really have more than 3 characters in it.

But it's important to describe them, not only by description, but by action and dialogue as well.

Description through Dialogue

Description through dialogue is just describing someone through speech.

You can also do this with scenes as well.

"It's quite a small room" Boy 1 said. "Yeah, it's quite dark as well" Boy 2 replied

Description through dialogue

The red haired girl went up to the boy and said "What do you want!" The boy said "You're so beautiful; with your makeup on your pretty face, your blue shirt and Air Maxs. I think I like you" "I don't like you, you're ugly" Madonna said.

What impression do you get from this girl? Where do you see it in the text?

Describing a character through dialogue.

Phineas talks a lot, a lotttttt, whilst Ferb stays as quiet as a cucumber. What can Ferb say to Phineas that will describe him (Phineas that is)

Description through Action You might think that Description through Action is movie genre action. Well, you're wrong. It's when you describe someone through what they are doing.

Jasmine seemed to be a nervous young woman who tended to fidget when she was under pressure. Even her clothes seemed to be on edge: they shifted and slid and drooped and were never still. Tony, on the other hand, was too sure of himself. But the more adamant he was about anything, the more Jasmine fluttered. The more she fluttered, the more irritated Tony got, until he was barking orders and she was near tears.

Now what do you get from this?

Describing a character through Action

How would you describe Perry the Platypus?

Beginning a story.

Your story opening

- should grab your readers attention.

You can start by describing something: - The characters - The setting

Beginning a story

Dont move! Its right behind you. The boy slowly turned and gasped in horror!

Your story can begin in different ways.

This opening puts us right into the action. This is a good strategy for adventure stories.

Beginning a story through description.

The first place that I can well remember was a large pleasant meadow with a pond of clear water in it. Some shady trees leaned over it and rushes and water lilies grew at the deep end.

This opening begins by describing the scene. Your descriptions have to paint a vivid picture for your readers.


Can you write a paragraph describing this place?

Try to add figurative language in it.

The Problem

Your story needs something to go wrong, so it will be interesting to the reader.

Take a look at this story:

Mary woke up one morning, and got dressed. She went to school, had lunch, went home and ate again. She watched television and went to bed.
Boring!!! Why?


The Problem

What can be the problem in this story?

Mary woke up one morning, and got dressed. She went to school, had lunch and went home. As she was going home......

The Problem

What problems/ conflicts can happen in horror stories?

Write down the problems your story will have.


You need to keep your reader in suspense

In other words,

Don't let the main character solve the problem easily and quickly.

Make the readers suffer

and most of all:

Make the character suffer


How can we prevent the characters from winning. For example, if there was a big monster, what other obstacles or situations can the character go through before going face to face with the monster?

What ways can you keep the character in suspense in your story?

Build up

Your story's tension should build up.

In other words, all the situations you've created for the character should be either bigger or harder than the last one,


The BIGGG conflict (or monster) should feel like it's coming closer and closer throughout the story.

Build ups We can increase tension by:

- Shortening paragraph length throughout the story.

- Not writing as many complex sentences when you get to the climax, but sticking to simple sentences.

Get this down in your books

Action Action should be the Most Important part to your story.

You see how this picture has so many things to it? You should do the same by describing every single bit of detail so the reader can feel like they're actually there.


I want you to write a paragraph full of action inspired by this picture:

Describe every single bit of detail in this picture. Exaggerate, do anything that will make the reader want to read more.


What's going to happen in the climax of your story?


Phew. Now with the monster killed, or the mystery solved, we need to clear up any questions the reader is going to ask, like

"So what happened to him?" "What happened after?" etc...

This also is the ending of your story so you need to make something which is worthy of saying:

Resolution The most common ending is:

And so they lived Happily Ever After.

But YAWN, How many times have we heard that?


How are you going to end your story off?

Creating the story

You've done your planning, so now it's time for you to create your story. You have 45 minutes (The same time as a Longer Writing Task)