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Professional Services

Microsoft Dynamics AX

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Professional services organizations (PSO) overview Industry challenges Professional Services for Microsoft Dynamics AX Solution benefits

PSO Overview
One of the fastest-growing global industry segments
Currently growing at a rate of 20 percent per year

Primary assets: knowledge, experience, people

Key to success: maximize use of primary assets Value is measured by the organizations processes and its employees knowledge, experience, and talent

PSO Overview


Professional services organizations require tools that match their organizational challenges
PSO systems must : Adapt to their clients organizational, project, and financial infrastructure Create and manage complex budgets based on time and materials Reconcile budgets and change control mechanisms in real time Measure profitability at multiple levelsenterprise, office, client, brand, product, project, and even task

Industry Challenges
Increased demand for more services faster with better quality that cost less Strong competition in a fast-paced, global market Growing business costs
Increasing salaries and expenses Decreasing margins Increased dependence on technology Greater need for marketing investment

Addressing Challenges
Gain a real-time understanding of all aspects of your business Automate business processes across your organization to streamline efficiencies Deliver projects on time and on budget Integrate critical legacy systems with your ERP Share knowledge across your organization Implement proactive project management to help ensure customer satisfaction

Managing the Client/Project Life Cycle


Identify Opportunity

Proposal/ Pitch

Contracting/ Client Setup/ Project Setup

Project/ Client Management

Project/ Contract Closing

Communications Documents/Project Assets/Work Product Project Transactions

Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX is a comprehensive business management solution that helps your people find, use, and share information; build profitable relationships; meet shifting demands; and capitalize on new opportunities

An Overview of Microsoft Dynamics AX

Comprehensive business management solution: one database, one toolbox, one business logic, one source code Technology: scalable, three-tier, highly customizable Connectivity: multi-site, multi-company, Web access via Enterprise Portal Global: local functionality, multicurrency, multilanguage Three typical scenarios:
Out of the box Customized to fit customer needs Industry solutions

Professional Services for Microsoft Dynamics AX

Integrate client information, project activities, and financial data across your organization to save time, increase profitability, and offer unmatched service

An Overview of Professional Services for Microsoft Dynamics AX

Integrates project, financial, and resource management to help PSOs improve profitability, efficiency, and customer service, and adapt quickly to changing business conditions Automates the capture, management, analysis, and reporting of client and project-related information

Connect Financial, Task, and Resource Data

Improve accuracy by connecting disparate systems and information Streamline business processes across the enterprise Accelerate billing and control costs with integrated client, project, and finance information

Gain Insight into Critical Business Data

Quickly gather and analyze client and project data Improve decision-making, identify business trends, and improve revenue forecasting Keep management and team members informed with powerful reporting, e-mail alerts, and easy-to-read dashboard views Respond quickly to changes in customer demand

Simplify Project Management

Configure work breakdown structures (WBSs) at the company, client, product, and project levels View project progress in detail for financial and task viewpoints Share project data easily with financial status and reports in spreadsheet format Staff projects quickly to stay competitive

Improve Profitability and Cost Management

Monitor client, contract, budget, hours, and other project details in real time Respond quickly and flexibly to changes in process or business strategy Use robust tools to create and manage original, revised, and current budgets Avoid cost overruns and allocation issues Reduce IT costs

Enhance Team Productivity

Use a simple Web interface for timesheets, expense reports, and approval routing Reduce data entry with a step-by-step process for projects and budgets Improve the speed and accuracy of time reporting Monitor projects with a consolidated project view or drill down into specific details

Help Simplify Compliance

Simplify compliance with corporate governance, government regulations, client standards, and best practices Centralize operational processes, accounting structures, and shared data in the Compliance Center Meet requirements for AIA-style contracts and G702/G703 invoice formats

Streamline Billing and Retainage

Manage effective labor rates and service pricing Create flexible expense rules to limit expense entry or payout by project, client, or employee Track A/P and A/R retainage amounts by client, vendor, contract, and project Customize project billing rules for an accurate picture of project costs Accurately calculate overhead and indirect project costs components

Solution Map

Integrated Functionality
Flexible planning, hierarchy, and analysiswith configurable work breakdown structures (WBSs) Ability to create template matrix rules for WBS, roles, rates, billing rules, expenses Web-based, workflow-enabled time and expense entry Powerful revenue recognition, retainage, and project billing rules Configurable alerts and notifications Microsoft Office Project 2007 bi-directional integration to project accounting Single sign-on portal provides access to all critical systems and data through a central interface Vertically focused solutions targeted at media companies, architects, and engineering firms

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