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REDEMPTION The Ultimate Prize: Freedom

• 5 Hardened Convicts • 5 Bounty Hunters • 1 Dog

Who will be the last one standing?
Hosted by Dog the Bounty Hunter Written, Produced and Directed by DeEtte Atwood, Aaron Muncy and Laura DiFiore

he will get $1.000. the American public will vote one off the island – a bounty hunter or a convict • At the end of the season. . If the last bounty hunter wins.REDEMPTION What’s it all about? • Five hardened convicts and five of America’s best bounty hunters face off alone on a deserted island • Each convict must successfully accomplish daily moral.000. and physical challenges at the same time avoiding capture by bounty hunters • Every week. if America votes for the last convict. he will be granted a full pardon and his freedom. Source: http://www.albany.

and victim impact statements • All will be designed to create dramatic emotional and ethical dilemmas for the voting public .REDEMPTION What’s it all about? • Each episode will consist of four basic segments –The Focus: biography and interview of one convict –The Challenge: Moral. They must avoid capture to gain immunity –The Vote • Interspersed throughout the segments will be video clips of the convict. ethical. shortened sentences. reenactments of his crime. better cells and immunity) –The Hunt: Bounty hunters will hunt the convicts. pleas from his family. trial clips. and physical challenges to gain special privileges (extra rations.

” Dog is a well-established celebrity with a large viewer following • The appeal of Dog as host for the show will be greater because Dog himself was once a convict Source: http://www. often referred to as a modern-day “Billy the .REDEMPTION Casting: The Host • Hosted by the infamous Dog the Bounty Hunter.hauntedlives.

drug trafficker. for representational purposes only.400 senior citizens of their life savings *note: All names are fictional. we have selected five convicted criminals – Max*.com/pictures/friends .tripod. serving 25 to life for felony assault (fought & injured 3 female mud wrestlers) – 575-pound Axe “accidentally” killed his mother (he sat on her. serving 25 years for repeatedly selling bootleg Viagra to teens – Butch. smothering her to death) and is serving 20 years for manslaughter – John is serving 15 years for defrauding 2.REDEMPTION Casting: The Convicts • Working with the US Department of Justice.he stole the President’s limousine – Pitt. Source: http://cmcfear. serving 30 years for grand theft auto .

we cannot reveal anymore about. the real-life inspiration behind Marvel’s comic “The Incredible Hulk. 3% fat body holds the Guinness Record for strongest man alive –Bart “The Bear” Kellman.REDEMPTION Casting: The Bounty Hunters •Working with the US Justice Department.” S’Hulc’s 380-pound. and several foreign nations. now a bounty hunter with more than 4. former “expediter” for the CIA has led more than 500 “black” operations –S’hulc. we have selected five bounty hunters: –Rock. famous for capturing the Lindberg kidnapper –Big John. FBI. former alligator wrestler. who for national security reasons.000 captures –Silent Joe. former Green Beret. the CIA. *note: All names are fictional. for representational purposes only. .

to run 10-12 weeks. It is expected to be particularly popular with males 18-24 • Expect to appeal to viewers who already tune into shows like Criminal Minds. Possible mid-season replacement or summer season series • Target audience is 18+. Dog the Bounty Hunter. Law & Order. and Survivor .REDEMPTION The Numbers • Weekly 1 hour show shot on video. . revenue should range between $93. tie-ins.54 million per episode* • Additional revenue will be achieved through product placement. reach over 30 million weekly • Dog the Bounty Hunter reaches an average of 1.6 million viewers (on A&E)* • REDEMPTION should easily match ratings.2 million people • The various Law & Order shows.3 to $1. we estimate 13. Potential revenue of $1.3 million. *Source: • Based on our estimates. at 14 minutes available commercial time per episode. and other opportunities *Source: http://televisionadvertising.4 to 22.02 million viewers • Criminal Minds is watched by 16.REDEMPTION The Numbers: Revenue • Survivor currently reaches 15. but expect much higher per 1-minute interval. combined.000 $110.

000 per episode • Additional costs include travel. housing of support personnel. union fees.000 per episode • Salaries for the various support personnel. we estimated on the high side . food. casting costs for the host and bounty hunters will range between $25. To play it safe.000 per episode • All costs are very rough estimates.000 per episode • Liability and other insurance costs are expected to be somewhat high and are dependent upon contract negotiations. We are budgeting for at least $75.REDEMPTION The Numbers: Budget • Depending upon contract negotiations. including cameramen. health. also depend upon contract negotiations but we are aiming at less than $40. and other incidentals are expected to be around $20.000 and $100.

People love this guy.REDEMPTION Why It Will Be A Hit • Takes advantage of already-proven successful television formulas such as Survivor. Prison Break. Dog the Bounty Hunter and movie hits like Running Man and The Fugitive combined with the known appeal of viewer voting • Star Factor: Hosted by “Dog” the Bounty Hunter. • The “underdog” factor: Americans love rooting for the underdog. especially when the odds are against him .

along with the dilemmas of the weekly challenges .REDEMPTION Why it will be a hit Controversial Appeal: – Without a doubt. the show will receive significant critical review (not necessarily positive) resulting in large amounts of free publicity • The Ethics Factor: – Should a convicted criminal be granted freedom through a television show? – Are we usurping the American justice? – Is this opportunity fair to the victims? • Water-Cooler Factor: – The show will create a lot of “water cooler” talk after airing about the ethical issue of the show itself.

A.REDEMPTION One man’s freedom depends upon YOU. Who will win the chance of a lifetime? Will America pick freedom or money? Tune in and find out what the largest jury in history decides! REDEMPTION: Brought to you by M. Atwood. and DiFiore .D. Studios *M.A. = Muncy.D.