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The major cause for decline of pantene hair care product is US economic downturn. personal care sector

Trading down Trading up



Value for money act as a primary determinant in consumers choice rather than brand name and packaging design. % change in sales of hair care products . shampoo -1.35 % conditioner -2.15% Value for money is more important in hair care products other than cosmetics and fragrance products .

The recession-induced trading down effect was evident in the hair care category. Threat of private label a major cause 10 % of US consumers switched to private label in order to save money . Brands such as Unilever-owned Suave Naturals and Alberto-Culvers TRESemm have enjoyed growth .

The Suave and TRESemm brands have found appeal among consumers for their premium quality positioning at lower price points than rivals. Understanding the emotional connection between women and their hair was key to marketing a product that truly resonated with consumers and encouraged them to switch to pantene

Market research done by pantene to overcome the downfall: Wants to know about the inner feelings about their hair. researchers administered the Positive Affect Negative Affect Schedulea questionnaire typically employed by psychology researchers to measure mood.


In keeping with the brands scientific approach to consumer analysis, P&G tested its television advertisements on consumers by tracking their brainwave activity as they viewed the commercials. Brainwaves test Electroencephalogram test Viewers were distracted by a model who looked frustrated by her unruly hair. Rather than focusing on the rest of the ad content, viewers were preoccupied with why the model was upset, drawing focus away from the actual product. P&G re-edited the spot to focus less on the models expression and more on her hair.

A renewed focus on the consumer has helped Pantene to focus on three aspects of its business: consumer insight , product line-up and communication strategy.

They had a doubt whether these steps will attract new users, or it is simply a brand update to win back core consumers.


is only one of many components comprising the value construct


paralysis can exist both between and within brands It helps in simplifying the decision making process Innovative approaches to research can draw out unique consumer insights.