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Presented By : Leena Manglia

• Introduction • Issues and Challenges • Benefits of Cause marketing • Examples • Tata Tea campaign • Research methodology • Facts & Findings • Conclusion • References

• Objectives :  improve corporate performance  help worthy causes .• Cause marketing or cause-related marketing refers to a type of marketing involving the cooperative efforts of a "for profit" business and a non-profit organization for mutual benefit.

Idea Cellular – “Save paper. Eg.• Developing a Cause Marketing Initiative : Key areas are –  Which and How many causes to choose ? Companies choose to focus on one or a few main causes. Save trees” Aircel .“ Save Tigers” .

 Jointly branded: Link to existing cause program eg. . How to brand the cause program ?  Self branded: Create own cause program. or natural calamity. conducting football match and cricket match by big business groups for funding poor children. Ronald McDonald House Charity  Co branded: Link to Existing cause program eg: Reliance’s sponsorship with Help age India. eg.

Issues and Challenges in Cause Marketing  At what stage of the brand life cycle would it be meaningful for a brand to start embracing social causes ?  Why should companies spend their shareholder’s money for social issues?  Are cause marketing initiatives sustainable in the long run ? Answer : Companies are dependent on the society for their business. and hence they need to be socially responsible .

Benefits of Cause Marketing :       Gives business an extra edge Increases credibility Charity work is inexpensive It helps to convince people who can’t be reach It lifts the morale of staff and clients It builds firm’s legacy to society .

launched a wonderful campaign “ShareYourBreakfast” to feed the hungry.  Kellogg’s . .  Tom’s – launched a campaign to donate a pair of shoes to needy children.EXAMPLES OF CAUSE MARKETING :  ConAgra Foods- launched a campaign to feed hungry children.

BADHEGA INDIA”  Tata Group – Run Endowment schemes to provide higher education for deserving indians. Procter & Gamble – Project “SHIKSHA” : “PADHEGA INDIA. Other examples are : .

wake up’ (Har subah sirf utho math – Jaago Re!). irresponsible political leaders. etc. Lets have a look at the different steps of this campaign : . ‘Every morning don’t just get up.Tata Tea Campaign – “Jaago Re!” campaign is one of the biggest innovations in Indian history. inactive role of the police. non-exercise of voting rights. The idea of ‘Jaago Re’ came in October 2007. Campaign conveyed the ideas like – rampant corruption.

to aap so rahe ho). • In the second add it was shown that. . you are sleeping.Step 1 : -a young man featured was shown questioning the eligibility of a political leader campaigning for election.” (election ke din agar aap vote nahin kar rahe ho.“if you are not casting your vote on election day.

pilana shuru”. In another add message was ‘Bribes will be taken till they are given.Anti-Corruption movement in August 2009. Message given was “Aaj se khilana band. .Step 2 :. Hence stop giving bribes’.

Move against domestic violence  Message given was ‘Domestic Violence’ . Bell Bajao! (Ring the Bell!) .Step 3 :.

 Sample of 50 college students Age group of 20-25 years.RESEARCH METHODOLOGY  This survey was conducted to capture response of young consumers to the concept of “ Cause Related Marketing” . . By method of Random Sampling.  Collection of primary data through questionnaire.  The respondents include students from different colleges of Jaipur.

The findings of this survey were as follows: .

Finding 1 : Will you trust a company more if it is socially / environmentally responsible ? 20% Yes No 80% .

if the second brand is associated with a good cause? 82 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 18 Yes No .Finding 2 : Would you like to switch from one brand to another ( price and quality being equal ).

Finding 3 : Should companies involve a cause or issue in their marketing? 16% Yes 84% No .

Tata Tea (Jaago Re!) Itc’s Classmate registers Idea (Save trees) Aircel (Save tigers) .The most recalled Cause Related Advertisements by people in the Survey.

 People believe that companies should involve a cause in their marketing and they should concentrate on innovative ideas to connect with the good causes through their product and services.Conclusion of this study:  We can conclude that people gets influenced by the organisations which are associated with good cause. .  Consumers also prefer brands associated with good causes and charity and have a better perception towards the organization.

org/Tools/Knowledge-Base/Funding Resources/Corporations/Cause-related-marketing .Reference:  Journal.html  http://grantspace. edited at Icfai University Press.wikipedia.psaresearch.Marketing India. Andhra Pradesh. Webliography:   http://www. March 2011 edition.

No Ques 4) Do you consider a company’s social / environmental commitment when deciding where to shop ? 1. Yes 2. No Ques 3) Will you trust a company more if it is socially / environmentally responsible ? 1. if the company has a deep commitment to a cause ? 1. No Ques 2) Will you recommend products / services if the company is socially responsible ? 1. Yes 2.Ques 1 ) Do you pay attention to a company’s message . No . Yes 2.Yes 2.

Yes 2. No Ques 8) Do you want that companies should tell the ways they are supporting causes ? 1. No . Yes 2. if the second brand is associated with a good cause ? 1. Yes 2.Yes 2. No Ques 9) Should companies involve a cause or issue in their marketing? 1. No Ques 6) Quote any 2 example of Cause Marketing which you were aware of . 1. then name that.Ques 5) Have you ever purchased products that support social / environmental cause ? If Yes . Ques 7) Would you like to switch from one brand to another ( price and quality being equal ).

$5.Ques 10) Have you ever used internet to support social / environmental cause ? 1.) Amount per product. 5000 meals donated for children ) b. your purchase is influenced by : a. Yes 2. & the company will donate a can to hungry children ) d. Buy a can.000 over 2 yrs ) e.) Non-profit partner associated with cause. the whole program will have on cause ( eg. c. No Ques 12) When many products in the same category support causes.) Social / environmental impact.00. No Ques 11) Have you ever participated in a fund raising event for a social / environmental cause ? 1.) Total amount to cause ( eg. .) Individual purchase ( eg. Yes 2.

by ranking them with 1 as most preferred ) Economic development (Job creation. ( eg.) Supports a cause where it can have greatest positive impact based on the nature of its business.) Gives a lump finance donation to the cause out of its own pocket ( eg. Every time a product is purchased. . ABC company is a proud supporter of XYZ charity and has given $1 million to the cause ) Ques 15) According to you which issues the companies should address. Crime/violence prevention . income generation. Health & disease . wealth accumulation) . Hunger . Disaster relief . Ques 14) 1. would you support a company that : Ques 13) 1.) Supports a cause that is relevant to them personally. Education. ( Mark any 3 . Environment .) Allows to impact the donation by tying it to a purchase. $1 will be donated to the cause. (Ques 13 & 14)If 2 companies that each benefit a cause & sell the same product similar in price and quality . upto $1 million ) 2. 2.



etc.Cause Marketing and Social Marketing Cause marketing can be very well linked with social marketing. Difference :  Cause marketing initiatives are basically undertaken by commercial enterprises with a business motive attached to them.  Social marketing is engaged in by non-profit organisations and government agencies. AIDS control. . as social marketing also involves marketing of socially desirable ideas like family planning. pulse-polio campaign. purely to further a social cause.