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TCS Building a Talent Pool

Pratik Mohapatra Sweta Rani Priyanka Yadu IIPM Delhi

Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.

The Lineage : TATA Group

Indias Largest Conglomerate - 91 operating companies across 8 industry sectors Represents Excellence & Integrity Trusteeship Concept Pioneering Spirit Leaders in multiple businesses Total Market Cap - Rs. 446420 Crs. ($ 99.8 bn.) as of 1st July 2011

About TCS

Total Market Cap Rs 222044.34 Crs Over 2,02,039 employees Global presence - Operations in 47 countries, 169 offices 1st Company in the world to be assessed at Level 5 for integrated enterprise-wide CMMI and PCMM BPO Service Provider of 2011 First and Largest
Software R&D Centre in India Software Exporter in India

Awarded triple certification for

Quality (ISO 9001:2000) Security (BS 7799-2:2002) Services (BS 15000-1:2002)

Truly Global Presence

169 Offices in 35 countries 41 Delivery Centres in 11 countries

Europe 19 N. America 51 4 UK & Ireland 8 2 India ME & Africa 4 Iberoamerica 7 6 2 67 22 APAC 13 3 2

Revenue By Geography *

India, 10.60%

Others, 8.50%

Sales Office Delivery Centres

Europe, 27.70%

America, 53.20%

As on 30 June 2006

TCS HR Practices

Training Retention and Attrition

Learning and Development

Recruitment at TCS
In-house recruitment Follows the waterfall recruitment model Process includes Job Analysis Sourcing(Advertising and recruiting research) Screening and Selection Onboarding

Recruitment, contd.
Written test Interview Qualifications Age-limit Selection process Application for the job Post interview Postings Growth prospects Remunerations Add ons Global exposure

Fast Track Recruitment

Training in TCS
Allignment and Attunement
4 voices- voice of wealth, voice of customer, voice of employee, voice of technology.

Training in TCS, contd.

Scenario building workshops
Wealth creation Enhance productivity and feeling of being valued Resource allocation and team work Membership criteria and norms of the group Learning opportunities for individuals and groups

Workplace Diversity
One of the chief reasons for the diversity drive was the 9/11 disaster The far sightedness of the company in this regard is further revealed by the strategy they plan to recruit the diverse workforce.


Retention & Attrition at TCS

TCS Persists With Strict Service Contracts As A Retention Tool!

TCS values its employees, its variable pay is less than that of Infy or Wipro.
Work pressure is quite less in TCS.

Attrition rate at TCS during the third quarter was at 11.5 per cent, with IT services witnessing an attrition of 10.8 per cent and BPO 18.3 per cent.


Learning and Development

Initial Learning Program Continuous Learning Program Leadership Development Program Foreign Language Initiative Workplace Learning


Compensation Plan
EVA Model
Three basic drivers - revenue, cost, and capital charge.



Culture building intervention

Confluences Camps

Future Plans: Threats

Attrition rate is increasing Issues in diversified Workforce Gap between TCS and others is becoming topsy-turvy Low on Global Exposure than other IT cos like Infy Training Procedure of Infy in increasing in importance Unemployment in US- Outsourcing Problems