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Chemistry 121 General Chemistry

Dr. Jeffrey A. Hurlbut Fall 2011

Office, CB 388: Office Hours: 11-12 on T, W, Th, F

Office Number: (360) 650-2242 I may not be able to answer your

calls if you have an out-of-area number.


Course Requirements

Textbook: General Chemistry; 9th Edition; D. D. Ebbing and S. D. Gammon; Houghton Mifflin Company (2009). Internet Access: You will have to access several course related materials online graded homework, graded prelab questions, post lab questions, lab procedures, lab safety quiz, lecture notes in PowerPoint format, my web site, Blackboard, and email. There are several computer labs on campus, such as the one in the chemistry building CB 384. Paid Homework Account: You need to create and pay ($25) for an account at Before the end of the first week, you need to set up your account at Sapling you need to use your official WWU name and the CRN # for your lab section. Start on the three graded assignments for chapter 1. Miscellaneous: Lecture Attendance; Lab Goggles (360o eye protection available in our bookstore); Pass the Lab Safety Quiz before 12 noon on Thursday, 9/29; and Arm-Leg-Foot-Eye Coverage in Lab.

Course Material Locations: Lecture Notes, Quizzes, Labs, and Assignments

Blackboard: Lecture Notes: Online HW: Prelab & Labs: Lab Safety Quiz: Missed Lab Policy: General Chemistry Missed Lab Policy.pdf (all lower case)

If Blackboard is down, then you can also obtain the material two other ways: 1) my web site, 2) direct by using the address.

General Information
Lecture: - SL 120, 10:00 - 10:50
T W Th F - Attendance Required; Account with for homework; use your correct CRN#: 40295, 40296, 40297, 40298 (for labs rooms CB 210, 220, 210, 220)


- CB 220 & 210: 8 - 10:50 M or 11 - 1:50 M - Lab starts the second week of school (Monday, 10/26/2011). - Lab requirements: Attendance, Goggles, Safety Quiz, Coverage on Arms-Legs-Feet, Paid access to for pre, post questions & lab. - Make up labs are only given for pre-arranged absences: Chemistry Missed Lab Policy.pdf

- For prearranged and valid missed labs, you need to read the above and contact our lab coordinator:, 360-650-4071, CB 281. - You must drop this course if: you miss the first lab or two labs. Final Exam: Tuesday, December 6 from 8:00 to 10:00 AM in SL 120

Laboratory Safety Quiz (You must pass this before noon, Thursday, 9/29/2011 in order to stay in the class)
- A TUTORIAL, information, and the quiz are available on the Web at: - The login is your student ID without the W and without the dash or the numbers after the dash. Password = last two ID digits & first two letters of last name. ie. W00192204-11 for Jon Link Password = 04Li (Note: you will need this login in the lab as well). - You have 30 minutes to complete the lab quiz; time starts when you first enter the quiz. If you do not pass, then you can take it again; however, the passing grade is higher for the other tries. 1st try until 5pm 9/23 (80%); 2nd try 5pm 9/23 to 5pm 9/27 (84%); 3rd try 5pm 9/27 to 12 noon 9/29 (88%). - You must pass this lab safety exam before the deadline (12 noon, Thursday, 9/29) in order to remain in the class. Please finish early.

Lecture Material to Cover

Chapter 1 Chapter 2

Chemistry and Measurement; practice, math, HW 1 Atoms, Molecules, and Ions; HW 2 Exam #1 over chapters 1 & 2 Calc. with Chem Formulas & Equations; HW 3, practice Chemical Reactions; HW 4 Quantum Theory of the Atom; HW 7, practice Electron Configurations and Periodicity; HW 8 Exam #2 over chapters 3, 4, 7, 8 Ionic and Covalent Bonding; HW 9, practice Molecular Geometry & Bonding Theory; HW 10, practice on Tues, Dec 6, 8:00-10:00 am; Covers all material

Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 7 Chapter 8

Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Final Exam

Chemistry 121 Monday Laboratory Schedule

Date 9/26 10/3 10/10 10/17 10/24 10/31 11/7 11/14 11/21 11/28 Labs - Introduction to Measurements - Solutions & Dilutions - Copper Chemistry - Types of Chemical Reactions - Electrical Conductivity - Analysis of Vinegar - Nine Solution Problem - Iodometric Determination of Copper - No Lab; Thanksgiving Holiday - Molecular Geometry & Bonding; Clean-Up

Note: You must study the procedure & do the prelab before Sunday 11 pm.

Homework: Two types of homework:

Text (not graded) and Online (graded).
Text: In the lecture notes, I suggest a group of problems to work. Finish these by the end of that lecture series and be prepared to ask any questions on these during the lecture. These will not be turned in. Online: After setting up your account at then you have access to the graded HW problems. You have three tries per question (loose 20% per miss). Each assignment has a firm due date, and no exceptions will be allowed to this date. Start and complete each assignment well before the due date & time. You have access to a live Sapling chemist if you have questions: Frequently the questions have built in helps.

Notes & Recommendations

- Review the lecture notes before each lecture. Bring a copy to lecture for note taking. Review them again shortly after the lecture. - Read the chapter before I lecture on it; study your lecture notes; reread the chapter; do the end-of-chapter & the graded homework. - We will move along quickly in the class. It will be very difficult to obtain a good grade if you fall behind or if you do not attend lecture. - Exams cover mainly lecture material, but homework & lab questions are possible. - No shorts, open toe shoes, or food allowed in the lab; full enclosure goggles are required. - Master conversion factor & equation problem solving techniques; use significant figures (SF) and show units for all problems.

121 Grading

Exams - 44%

Final Exam - 30% Lab - 14 % HW - 12 % Quizzes ~89-80 B ~79-70 C ~69-60 D ~59-0 F

Lab questions may be included in the tests. If you 1) miss the first lab, or 2) miss two other labs or 3) do not pass the lab safety quiz, then you cannot pass the course. Please read over our missed lab policy Chemistry Missed Lab Policy.pdf

I will carefully review final grades that are near the cut-off ranges. Please feel free to interact with me any time about lecture questions, lab questions, and your grade.

Exam dates will be announced one to two weeks in advance they will usually be ~ one week after we finish corresponding chapters.

Course Objectives (prefix each with : Students will)

1. develop an understanding of the structure of atoms and the development of modern atomic theory. 2. use the concepts of bonding and the electronic structure of the atom to predict the three-dimensional shapes and electron distributions within molecules. 3. understand the chemical behavior of ionic and molecular substances in aqueous solution. 4. use information embedded in the periodic table to predict the chemical properties and electronic structure of elements. 5. correctly use nomenclature, symbolism and vocabulary to communicate chemical ideas. 6. correctly use mathematical models and methods to describe a chemical event quantitatively.

Problems If You Do Not Prepare for 121 Lecture & Lab

Chem 121 student who did poorly on the exam.

Chem 121 students who did well on the exam.