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What is X-internet???? X-internet????

The X-internet contains two Xs:

An executable internet that supplants todays web.

An extended internet that connects to the real world.

Forrester writes:
Forrester reported that the next tidal wave of innovation will eclipse the Internet as we know it: It will involve an Extended Internet that connects physical objects to the Internet to provide an unprecedented view into the life of products, assets, or even people. But while some innovative companies like GM and Caterpillar have experienced early success with the Extended Internet, most companies have barely scratched the surface. Thats about to change, as a potent mix of business pressures and technology enablers will bring Extended Internet deployments into the mainstream during the next seven years.

How much is in my account? The web Account summary

What should I do with my account?

The X-internet

Financial services tool Two way conversation about my account!

The x-net connects digital to physical world !

Internet computers Internet users




Standards :
Open architectures based on global standards will be required for X-internet devices from different ventures- designed for different purposes-to interoperate seamlessly across multiple bands, devices and countries.

Self management and easy reconfiguration is must for it. This intelligence is required at all levels: in processor architecture, routing technologies, programming languages, management protocols and applications.

Advanced data interpretation

The x-internet will require new models for data, data filtering and fusion, intelligence gathering and knowledge creation. Applications will need ability to extract meaningful information from wealth of data in order to come to new conclusions.

Security and privacy

With so much information available on global network- including information about personal preferences , affiliations and locations and so on, security and privacy of users is quite essential.

IPV6 Addressing
the X-internet will eventually incorporate billions, perhaps trillions, of new network nodes. ipv is the current packet-switching protocol that provides a unique address for every attached device. It supports billion ip addresses, which is less than one address for every person on the planet. As it becomes the norm for people to own multiple ip-enabled devices, its clear that ipv will soon become inadequate to handle the existing internet, let alone the X-internet.

How can it be achieved?

Manufacturers can install sensors and chips in their products.
Manufacturers can monitor their products post sale can embed chips in their products. So these net-enabled devices will contact the repair service when something breaks or is about to break.

Product life cycle management:
In the X-internet world, smarter tracking capabilities will make products more useful and easier to maintain through out their lifecycle. For example, if your plasma tV develops a problem the X-internet could automatically notify the manufacturer about the problem, track an authorized person as he enters your house to pick up the tV and track the unit as it makes its way to the service center and back to your home.

Smart signals and sensors are already at work in many metropolitan areas, sending data and images back to a control center where people can supervise signal timing, message displays, and other devices to improve traffic flow. in the X-internet world, these systems will be able to provide real-time crew status, vehicle density information in work areas and possible obstacles in a crews path to both the control center and the dispatched crew automatically and in near-real time. and the network will be able to communicate directly with drivers wherever they are, warning of dangers, providing estimated travel times suggesting the fastest possible routes given current conditions.

Many farmers are already using remote sensing and control to manage irrigation. in the future, Xinternet sensors will form wide area networks across the entire farm, giving visibility and finetuned control over the entire operation. water rates will be determined by actual soil moisture in each plot, weeds will be monitored and controlled with precisely the right amount of pesticides, fertilizing and harvesting schedules will be determined by actual leaf color and temperature and so on

Police, firefighters, and other first responders are rapidly adopting mesh technology that allows them to instantly create peer-to-peer voice and data networks at the site of an incident. the X-internet will allow these networks to be extended to incorporate building sensors, traffic controls, security cameras, vehicles, personal location and panic devices, public safety databases, and more providing all the information public safety officials need, instantly and seamlessly. imagine the possibilities these are just a few examples of what the X-internet could bring in the foreseeable future.

Sounds too theoretical???

Not at all. This has been implemented in major companies. For example:
Hitachi makes SENSORS for auto makers including G.M CO, Ford Motor Co., Renault SA, Nissan Motor Co., Toyota, andVolkswagen AG.

Caterpillar is connecting heavy machines. Delta is connecting jet engines.

My idea
One of the disadvantages that I came across after going through this research was that the already manufactured devices are not up to those that are now being manufactured i.e. they lack the facility that connects them to the internet,

What can be done??

To remove this disadvantage we can install sensors and chips that do the same work as the latest ones.

X-internet is an executable and an extended internet. It connects the digital world to the real world. It provides a two way communication. Makes life convenient and provides a rich user experience.