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Environment Scan The political, legal and other factors have been well embedded into the strategy

for launch and further sustainability. The financial structure apart from the priority laws like the FDI , acquisitions etc have been given their due importance. Market Segmentation and Sizing Depending on the need of the geography and the terrain and economy, the market has been segmented, however there seems to be no mention of psychological segmentation, only tangible issues have been considered. Product Market Strategy While F11-13 had a clear product market strategy for almost all the 15 locations, the f1315 mentions only 10, with more emphasis on Usa and China on a country basis. Rest of the strategy is pointed and relevant carrying forward the success of previous strategies. Customer Understanding Theres a heavy emphasis on understanding the customer and launching the products accordingly despite not having been segmented according to consumer values and beliefs. However, the value proposition and the pricing seems to be derived heavily from their understanding form the Customer Understanding part of the strategy. Despite that there are not further plans about how they are going to try and under stand or engage the market for higher penetration and greater market share.

Understanding Competition Mahindra has an extensive plan covering almost all the aspect in studying the competition and figuring out the strategy to compete fiercely in the global market. A good move has been moving away from a generalized startegy to a geography based strategy which is more relevant with the location.

Innovation Innovation continues to be the fore front of Mahindra, however the emphasis is on the technology adoptd by Mahindra within India and finding a suitable fit for it outside. It can also adopt foreign technology to strengthen its value proposition and continuously offer a better product esp for the countries not similar to the Indian Market.

Value Proposition An excellent improvement over the strategy in F11-F13 to F13-F15 by detailing out the geography in 5 main groups with relevant issues being addressed and local sentiments being taken care of.

Operations There are no carry over plans for India and other SNBs from F11-F13 to F13-F15. While a sustaining plan is put into place for USA and M-China Technology and IT Special emphasis in Turkey , Srilanka and Afrika which can be extended to other countries inclduing SNBs. Human Capital A much elaborate and specific appraoch for the F13F15 duration compared to the previous generalised approach. Synergy Needs to have more focus and country wise acclimitasion plans.

As per the analysis of the F11 strategy, customer centricity is essential and the current strategy involves a detailed Customer Centricity improvement plans. The increasing value space only deals with an extensive plan under new initiatives and very vague plans for improving and sustaining them. For Financial Performance and Cost Leadership the strategy doesnt mention any reductions nor eliminations of any existing practices, neither did they mention any optimisation.

While the reports has managed to identify possible risks, the solution is very vague in the case of the credit squeeze in Nepal and Sri Lanka exploring presence of Mahindras finance companies. While for the other three main risks of low price Chinese and Indian competition, new products with added offerings and lower price are already in the offing. The strategic priorities only talk about increasing market share, acquisition , financial and operational constraints and launch of existing products but R&D and innovation in products to suit the different geographies is not taken into consideration, nor is the understanding of the local consumers of the foreign markets!