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Information Management The Way Forward

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Trends in IT Investment

Challenges and way the forward Perceived Solution Options Case Studies

About Wipro Perceived Solution Options

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Worldwide IT spending

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India Govt. spending % comparison 2010

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Where are we spending?

Source: CIO nsight

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Key Challenges As we know

Profitability How do I Increase revenue and reduce Operating costs ?? Operational Efficiency How do I ensure optimal use of existing capacity ?? How effectively am I using my resources ?? Customer Retention & Loyalty How can I identify, retain and develop my highhighyielding customers and win business from other modes of transport??? Regulatory Compliance . How to ensure my assets are managed in line with regulatory requirements ??

Modernization How do I modernize infrastructure without adversely affecting business??

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Technical Challenges As we know

Dependency on Legacy Systems
Critical business processes (reservations, operations, cargo operations) depend on legacy systems that are hard to modify, costly to maintain, and run on aging expensive hardware

Complex Application Environments

Years of custom development and decentralized solutions have led to complex application environments with multiple data sources, complex integrations, and several point solutions with poor documentation and support

Ageing Fragile Infrastructure

Strong focus on costs and low investments have left railways with aging server, PC, and network infrastructure making it difficult to support 24*7 operations across multiple continents

Shrinking IT Budgets
Shrinking IT budgets leave little room for new investments in platforms although need to replace and improve their aging applications and IT infrastructure
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Leverage Information Asset

More than Traditional BI Analysis Geared Towards A Purpose e.g. Forecasting, Performance Measurement, Optimization Etc.

Business Processes (Customer Management)

Statistics Forecasting Ad Hoc Query

Simulation Events & Alerts


Who, How, Why

Predictive Data Mining


Forward Looking

Moving Ahead

Information Asset

Descriptive Data Mining




Reporting and Dashboards

Process expertise

Business Process Expertise & Advanced Analytics Skills

Information Management
Master Data Management Enterprise Data Quality Enterprise Information Architecture

Get Answers For Specific questions How to reduce cost? How increase operational efficiency? How to manage increasing demands? How to retain high value customers? What-If a new route gets added?


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Business Processes (Operations, Finance)

Business Processes (Strategy, Planning)

Metadata Management

Data Governance

Case Studies

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Corporate Active Data Warehouse Leading Life Insurance Provider

Triggers Market Dynamics
Deregulation / New competitors Shrinking customer loyalty Higher expectations & better informed

Changing Customer Behavior

Relationship Management

Product Development

Service Delivery



Active Enterprise Data Warehouse

Enterprise Application Integration Framework

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Transformation Programs
      Develop an active decision support environment Integrate data from existing systems for the purpose of query, analysis and reporting Provide ready access to relevant information sources and tools for analysis, manipulation and presentation of data by users at all levels Allow for the rapid response to requests for information from many sources Integrate and cross-relate information from disparate sources for cross-selling and upselling To use the corporate data warehouse infrastructure for implementing corporations CRM vision and strategies S.No . 1 2 3 System Criterion Volume of Raw Data No. of Policies Estimated users for CADW MIS/DSS (Concurrent) (Phase I) 8 TB 220 million 500 600(200) 100-200(25) (Phase II) 15 TB 250 million 20002500(1000) 1000-1200 (100) (Phase III) 30+ TB 300 million 40005000(2000) 1800-2000 (200)

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Implementation milestones & Benefits


Enterprise Data Warehouse


Flat Files

M E T A D A T A Teradata Metadata Services

Phase 1      EDW setup to be the single repository for all enterprise data for reporting 70% of all customers integrated into SCV Single Platform for Customer Services Single premium payment reminder instead of multiple letters MIS / DSS Reporting      

Phase 2 All policy data in EDW Enhanced MIS / DSS Reports 92% customers integrated into SCV Integration with Campaign Mgmt system Customer segmentation and Data mining Lead generation, Data Mining     

Phase 3 100% of all customers in SCV Event Driven Reporting Predictive Modeling Customer profitability Campaign effectiveness

Program implemented by Wipro is projected to achieve five year ROI in the first year by enhancing customer responsiveness & satisfaction
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Legacy Migration Leading Life Insurance Provider

Design & Implement FEAP @ Branch
UI Layer Separation DB layer Migration to MySql Business Logic exposed as web service Separate Access Control in COBOL Procurement & General Services section Change DAL layer to access MySql Data Migration Modify Batch programs

Centralize FEAP @ Divisions & Testing

Change database to selected RDBMS Data model changes Centralize data at DO level Setup external access control & integrate Modify code for DO consolidation Modify FEAP interfaces for DO operation Modify print & reporting for local print Introduce multi-lingual support Enhance feedback system Testing UI, Functional, Performance, SOA

Phase I

FEAP Testing
UI Testing Functional Testing Performance Testing User Acceptance Testing

Phase II

Setup DRS @ Zonal Level & Rollout

Implement BSS @ ZO Replication of trans, from DO to ZO Rollout to a DO & ZO

Pilot Rollout @ Branches

Develop Rollout Scripts Setup Server @ Brach with req. TPS Migrate data at branch Carry out dry run at branch Health Professionals Licensing Department

Setup Central Office & Training

Implement CCC for administration Implemented CGS for internet users Implement CHD for Support Training for support & rollout

Training & Support for Rollout

Phase III

Train administrator at selected branches on rollout Provide rollout scripts in easy to use form Support queries from Rollout

Code Standardization & CoE Setup

Code modulation, refinement Setup of Testing CoE Documentation

Support & Help Desk

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Phase 2 DO-ZO Architecture

Open Source, Open Standards based Solution Single stack Open Source (Sun) Solution for core features Browser based local printing inspite of centralization @ DO Centralized Command Center to monitor all solution components Central Gateway Server with HTTPS for Internet users Automation of batch processes at Divisions Highly Available, Scalable DR solution with NR Time data replication DB based archival & retention based on policies Enhanced maintainability of new FEAP

2008 Wipro Ltd - Confidential

Largest e-Governance Project in India

Enabling healthcare - Impacting the lives of over 50 Million beneficiaries First complete open source grounds up ERP development Real-time healthcare and ERP solutions at over 2200 locations Creation of one of the largest medical records database in the world healthcare network of 150 hospitals, 1400 dispensaries catering to 50 Mn+ people Largest roll out of Unique Biometric photo identification with Largest roll out of identity cards in India 20 million Largest fingerprints Database in India 50 million 4500+ person months of software development Using multiple technologies --- Open Source, Microsoft, SAS !! Software to run for 7000 concurrent users 4440 WAN links on MPLS !! UPS and Backup power Inverters for 2008 locations !! Rollout of 40000 desktops & 15000 peripherals across 2220 locations !! Change Management & Training for 40000 employees
2008 Wipro Ltd - Confidential

Critical Success Factors

Recognizing the need for an effective BI/DW Environment based on the right architecture is vital.

Right BI Partner

The belief that "you build it, they will use it" is wrong. Business Motivation Make the BI environment an integral part of the decision making process.

Strong Analytical Culture

Set clear business objectives for the business intelligence solution.

Strong Management Sponsor

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About Wipro

February 23, 2012

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Overview IT Services and Products

$ 5.1*
US $ Billion in Revenues

Global Clients


Centers of excellence


Sustained growth

Partner to industry leaders

191 Fortune 1000/ global 500 clients 840 active clients as on Sep 30, 2009 with a repeat business ratio of over 95%

Attracts the best talent

97891 associates from 57 nationalities One of the top 3 recruiters in India

Industry expertise
Over 50 CoEs to develop technology & domain accelerators solutions Emerging Technology Themes for FY 09-10: Green, Cloud, Open Source , Mobility, Information Management, Collaboration, Social computing

Global presence

CAGR of 34% in the last 5 years for IT services Part of NYSE s Technology-MediaTelecom (TMT) Index, NSE Nifty Index & BSE Sensex

72 Global Development Centers

* Includes IT services business and Products (2008-09) (Products revenue - as per Indian GAAP converted to USD based on realized exchange rate of IT Services business)

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2008 Wipro Ltd - Confidential

**Includes IT business and BPO


Introducing Wipro
Enterprise Telecom BFSI

Services Diversity

Consult Architect Integrate Manage Sustain

Partner for the complete IT Lifecycle

Consulting Six Sigma and HR Process, Enterprise Architecture, IT Governance, e-Governance, Security Governance, Strategic Cost Reduction Business Solutions Business Applications, E-Enabling, Third Party Testing, DW/BI, Application Maintenance,

Infrastructure Products Networking, Personal, Enterprise, HPC, Storage, Call centre, Software, Enterprise Management and Security Professional Services System Integration, Manage IT- Data Centre, Enduser, Help Desk, Telecom Management, Application Support

Total Outsourcing IT, Process Strategy formulation and alignment to business

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Wipros BI & IM Practice - A Snapshot

Rated #1 in Ability to execute BI & PM among Indian IT Service Providers Facets & Figures Indias First Dedicated BI & IM Practice With Over 4500 Consultants & More Than 10 Years Existence Strong Vertical Alignment Proven Frameworks & Process Models Well established global delivery model Innovative Engagement Models Alliances With Leading BI & IM Vendors Large Investments In Dedicated Center of Excellence (CoE) More than 160 Clients Domains
Retail, CPG & Distribution Energy & Utilities Healthcare & Life Sciences Manufacturing Travel, Transport & Hospitality Hi tech, Media/Publishing Transportation & Logistics Banking, Finance, Securities & Insurance Telecom
New Tools & Technology

- As per Gartner MQ 2008

Knowledge Management Re-Useable Frameworks Deepening of Skills Technical Support Process Models

Best Practices

BI & IM Center of Excellence

Services Spectrum

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Thank You

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