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Great Sayings

Realize God

O man,
because you
cannot find
God in the
days of your
ignorance, say
not that there
is no GOD
Sarada Ma teaches

 Sri
Left me
behind to
manifest the
of God to the
Who is a Man
 Man is like an
infinite spring,
coiled in a
small box, and
spring is trying
to unfold
itself, and all
the social
that we see
Be sincere
Be sincere, act
according to
your thoughts;
and you shall
succeed. Pray
with a sincere
and simple
heart, and
your prayers
Practice Meditation

and by your
mind will be so
calm and fixed
that you will
find it hard to
keep away
Encourage everyone
 Our duty is to
everyone in his
struggle to live
up to his own
highest ideal,
and strive at the
same time to
make the ideal
as near as
Spend time wisely
 A man who spends
his time in
discussion the
good and bad
qualities of others
simply wastes his
own time. For it
time spend neither
in thinking about
one’s own self nor
about the supreme
self, but in fruitless
Purity can be created in
 It is in the mind
alone that one
feels pure or
impure. A man
first makes his
own mind guilty
and then sees
another’s fault.
Can you injure
anybody by
enumerating his
faults You only
Realize the Divine
 Man is to
become divine
by realizing the
divine. Idols or
temples or
churches or
books are only
the supports, the
helps of his
childhood but on
and on he must
Realize Divinity in Man
Seek thou God
? Then see him
in man; His
Divinity is
manifest more
in man than in
any other
object. Man is
the greatest
Lord’s name clears your
impure thoughts

Just as clouds
are blown
away by the
wind, so the
thirst for
pleasure will
be driven away
by utterance
Look forward to Progress
 Life is nothing,
death is nothing,
hunger nothing,
cold nothing.
 Glory unto the Lord
– march on, the lord
is our general. Do
not look back to see
who falls – forward
– onward.
 Thus and thus we
shall go on,
brethren. One falls
and another takes
up the work.
Surrender everything to
 Give up
everything to
Him, resign
yourself to
him, and there
will be no
more trouble
for you. Then
you will come
Making the mind strong

If you practice
discipline for
some time in a
solitary place
you will find that
your mind has
become strong,
and then you can
live in any place
or society
without being in
Be yourself to progress
 Every man
should take up
his own ideal and
Endeavour to
accomplish it.
That is surer way
of progress than
taking up other
men’s ideals
which he can
never hope to
Gaining the true
The more is a
attachment to
the world, the
less is he likely
to attain
knowledge. The
less his
attachment to
the world, the
more is more is
the probability of
What is eternity

 Today, the
human body is,
tomorrow it is
not, even the
shortest span of
life is beset with
pain and misery.
 He who is able to
renounce all for
God’s sake is a
living God
Self help the Best help
 Have a tremendous
faith in yourselves
--- Have that faith,
each one of you, in
yourself, that
eternal power is
lodged in every
 It is tremendous
error to feel
helpless. Do not
seek help from
anyone. We are our
own help. If we
Who is a true Teacher

He alone is the
true teacher
who is
illumined by
the light of
Attaining the God
As you smell the
fragrance of a
small flower
while handling it
or the smell of
while rubbing it
against a stone,
so you obtain
awakening by
What is true Education
 Education is not
the amount of
information that
is put into your
brain and runs
riot there,
undigested, all
your life. We
must have life-
building, man
Avoid fault finding
Don’t find fault
with anyone, not
even with an
insect. As you
pray to God for
devotion, so also
pray that you
may not find
fault with
Work is Worship
 Only through
work can one
remove the
bondage of work.
comes later. One
should not be
without work
even for a
 Work helps one
Have faith in Youth
My faith is in
the younger
generation the
out of them
will come my
workers. They
will work out
the whole
Truth is God Realization
It is said that
constitutes the
practice of kali
Yuga. If a man
tenaciously to
Be Desirless

 One should only

desire of God and
desire less to the
worldly objects,
desire is the
obstacle to
 In the fullness of
spiritual realization,
a person finds that
God who resides in
his heart resides in
the hearts of all
 This realization
Activity leads to
 Inactivity should
be avoided by all
means. Activity
always means
Resist all evils,
mental and
physical ; and
when you have
succeeded in
resisting, then
will calmness
Money be your servant
He is truly a
man to whom
money is only
a servant, but
on the other
hand, those
who do not
know how to
make a proper
use of it,
Pray to God – Be fortune

If you do not pray

to him, what is
that to him ?
It is only your
I can’t contain
myself when one
draws near me
and call me
How to succeed
 Take up one
idea, Make that
one idea your life
– think of it,
dream of it, live
on that idea. Let
the brain,
muscles, nerves,
every part of
your body, be
full of that idea,
and just leave
Fix your Mind on God
that is
in the
proper time
and let your
mind be
God alone is real – Rest an
 Whenever the mind
goes after anything
other than God,
consider that as
transient and
surrender the mind at
the sacred feet of the
 The aim of life is to
realize God and
remain immersed in
the contemplation of

What is highest Ideal

 The highest
ideal is eternal
and entire self
where there is
no I, but all is
“ Thou”
The Spirit of India Lives
The great teachings
can change the
attitude of man to
other, which alone
can bring change in
this World