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Presenting History: Using Weebly to Create Student and Teacher Websites March 2 & 19, 2012

Logistics Be Sure To:

 Log-in  Allow Programs to Load  START MENU

Internet Explorer

 Flash Drive: Drive E or E$  Death in the Haymarket Materials are in the

USHistory/M network drive

 Without a flash drive, save any docs to the

USHistory/M network drive

Session Agenda
8:00 8:15 8:15 8:25 8:25 9:00 9:00 11:30 with break 11:30 12:10 12:15 2:10 2:10 2:30 Arrival, Breakfast, Check-in, and Materials Introductions, Set Up, and Logging In Kara Gleason, Project Director Introducing Weebly and Its Possibilities for the Classroom Kara Gleason, Project Director Working with Todays Meet & Weebly: Classroom Applications, How-To, and Hands-on Work John Wren, University of Massachusetts Lowell Lunch: bring a bagged lunch, visit the RMHS cafeteria or get local take out Weebly: Classroom Applications, How-To, and Hands-on Work John Wren, University of Massachusetts Lowell Classroom Connections and Closing

Standards Connections
 Select Massachusetts History and Social Science

Curriculum Frameworks Addressed (as related to sample resources associated with Death in the Haymarket)

 Common Core Writing Anchor Standard 6:

Use technology, including the Internet, to produce and publish writing and to interact and collaborate with others.
 Select Standards in Historical Thinking Addressed

(from the National Center for History in the Schools): 2. Historical Comprehension: Draw upon the visual, literary, and musical sources to clarify, illustrate, or elaborate upon information presented in the historical narrative.

What is Weebly?
Weebly is an online and free website creator. It provides an easy and effective way to create personal and professional websites for the world wide web.

Weebly for Education

Why Use Weebly? The Tech Side:

 Free and Easy to Use  Set Protections/Limits  No Downloads  All Online  No Ads  Construct a Web-Based Project  Little Technical Know-How Required

Why Use Weebly?: The Education Side

 Content-Focused  Web 2.0:

Create Something New  High-Student Involvement  Project-Based Learning  Integrate Content, Research, Skills, and Technology  Present Work to Others: Published Site for a Broad Audience

How Are Teachers & Students Using Weebly?

Teachers:  Class Websites  PD Presentations  Graduate Work/ Digital Portfolio  WebQuests  Showcase for Student Work Students:  National History Day Websites  Present Research/ Project Website  Structure an Oral Presentation  Digital Portfolio

Checking Out Weebly Sites Online

View some of the linked Weebly sites. As you explore the site, consider the following questions: 1) What is the purpose of the site? What stands out regarding its design and content? 2) Is viewing, interacting with this site, or creating a similar site a useful educational endeavor for you/your students? Why/Why not? 3) What features of this weebly site might you want to remember to use in your own site?

Classroom Connections Discussion

A) What have you worked on/accomplished with Weebly today? B) What are your ideas for using Weebly in your classroom? How will your ideas blend content, skills, and historical thinking? C) What are the benefits to implementing Weebly into your teaching? What are your challenges/ concerns/questions?

Coming Up Next.
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