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Adlabs Films

Presented by: Arpit sharma Roll no: 17

The Industry...
Current Market Size Project Size (2011) Key Drivers:

Entertainment Industry
: Rs. 437 Billion : Rs. 1 Trillion

Entertainment and Media Industry A Growth Story Unfolds

Country's economic growth and increase in disposable income. Liberalized attitude of Govt. Advancement in technology. Liberalized foreign investment regime. Privatization and growth of the radio industry.

The Industry...
Television :
Current Market Size Project Size (2011) Current Market Size Project Size (2011)

Entertainment Industry

Indian entertainment industry have four major segments :

: Rs. 191 Billion : Rs. 519 Billion : Rs. 85 Billion : Rs. 175 Billion : Rs. 128 Billion : Rs. 232 Billion : Rs. 5 Billion : Rs. 17 Billion

Filmed Entertainment :

Print Media :
Current Market Size Project Size (2011)

Radio :
Current Market Size Project Size (2011)

Film Industry..

Advancements on all fronts including technology, themes of the movies, finance, exhibition & marketing. Strong impetus from the growth of multiplex culture. Benefiting from corporatization & globalization. World's biggest movie industry and produces around 1000 movies each year. The major reason for this high growth rate is that the industry is increasingly getting more corporatised, highlighted by :

public issues of several film productions and distribution companies long term contracts between film producers and corporates, resulting into increased efficiency

The Company...

Founded by Vasanji Mamania and Manmohan Shetty in 1978. Entered into main stream cinema in 1989. Engaged in production, distribution and exhibition of films. ADAG holds 51% stake. Films Production Business : 100% subsidiary Entertainment One India Ltd. Post Production services Prime Focus.

The Company...

Adlabs : Facts and Figures

Sales in 2006 Rs. 298 cr Employees - 425 Film Processing contributes 60% of the business 70% Market Share in 35mm negative film processing 60% Market Share in 35mm colour processing Makes 75 prints per day Earns a gross margin of 40% and 2% on trading of raw films

The Company...
Working Areas

Movies Distribution Television Services Cinemas Radio: Big 92.7 FM

The Events...

Adlabs ,association with TASI conducts Anifest India 2007 Design Contest for Students. Contest aimed to student community, an attempt to provide a real world experience to students while helping the animation industry encourage new talent.

Adlabs Films...
Business Profile

Adlabs Films Limited operates in the entertainment and media

industry in India. Operates in three segments:

The Film Processing : laboratory services, processing raw exposed films; color correction; editing, copying, printing of positive exhibition prints; and trading in raw film rolls. The Exhibition : multiplex/Imax cinema exhibition, activities/services offered at multiplex cinema centers ,catering food and beverages. The Film Production and Overseas Distribution : In the acquisition of movie rights, eg.package, theatrical rights, video and television rights for overseas distribution for a fixed period. Produces films and television serials. The company also operates radio stations.

ADLABS Films...

And many more...


4 Ps


Commercially successful and critically acclaimed

eg.- Gangajal, Munna bhai MBBS,Sarkar eg.. Tamil & Telugu on apparel brand characters Gini & Jony youth oriented films eg. Deal with Hyde Park Entertainment eg. Sultan the Warrior

Regional film industry in south

Animated films

Tie up with MTV

Mainstream Hollywood

3D Animated films



4 Ps

Presence in bollywood, regional and international films Entered into international distribution market for hindi films with Krish in 2006 Intend to have presence in 70 cities by the end of March 2008 Has a 50-50 joint venture with Mukta Arts for digital distribution Operates 100 screens spreads across 29 properties in 22 cities Largest cinema chain in India having 31000 seats and 2cr customers. Located in Film City, Goregaon where most production in Mumbai takes place

Ansoffs Model
Growth Strategies
Current Product Current Market

New Product

IMAX 3D Dome Normal

Documentary movies New screen to stop piracy Advertisement

New Market

International Presence Regional distribution system 3D films Animation movies.

VOD HD Educational CD's Mobile Gaming

Yashraj Films

Film Production : Films from this company get highest values Film Studios : YRF recently opened a state-of-the-art, fully integrated Film Studio having three Sound Stages,only complete soundproof,airconditioned Studio in India. Audio Wing houses the most advanced audio and video recording and post-production facilities. Film Distribution : India : YRF has its own offices in territories covering almost all parts of India Overseas : YRF has its own offces in major countries Home Productions :

Yash Raj Films Home Entertainment has also launched DVD and VCD titles for the Indian market.

Yash Raj Music : Has its own DRM (digital rights management)


Capture overseas market:

Increase the number of prints launched from 200 to 400. Market new and old classical hits to international audience with proper subtitles and effective dubbing. Venture into Europe and Canada in film distribution.

Launch High definition DVD's for new Movies. Launch Music Wing for catering complete entertainment industry. Online DVD's rental subscription services at Rs.30 for old classical and Rs.40 for New films. Make Copy protected CD,DVD for Anti-piracy measures. Increase No. from 100 screen to 250 in coming two years.