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This project deals with the revolution of bringing Cloud Computing

with more security and reliability using our cloud browser and our interface file . For Connecting the User and Cloud application we are creating the interface file which is created from xml file. At first, Cloud computing is the delivery of computing as a service rather than a product.(i. e)no need of installation is required for the product or an application. The pool of application is stored in data center at cloud service provider location.

Hardware & Software Software:

Client side: JDK1.5+ Operating System: Windows xp,7 Server side: Apache(PHP) Hardware: client side: 1GB ram Hard disk: 100GB

Existing System:
Cloud in Sun Micro System:[JNLP]:

Disadvantages : The user can be able to identify the jar files very easily. No secure for the application. Saas Cant be implemented.
Cloud in Amazon:

Disadvantages : After developing the apps we should upload our apps in their datacenter. (Ref: )A Virtual Private Cloud (VPC): an isolated portion of the AWS cloud. You define a VPCs IP address space from a range you select.

Cloud in Fortify:

For developing the application we need their development kit. We should need browser for running the google cloud application. For this they are using xml files which can be visible by the user. So it is

easy to hack by the hacker.

Continue.. Cloud in Google:

Disadvantages: For developing the application we need their development kit. We should need browser for running the google cloud application. Google Apps such as: Gmail, Google Calendar.

Proposed System:
Our Plan is to provide a application with open source and also closed

source, for that we are using JDK for developing and running the application. For connecting the application with the data center by using interface file. The Cloud Browser contain the list of Cloud application in the data center. It will launches the Cloud Application from the data center and it is temporarily download on the client machine and they can utilize the service with cost or free of cost depends on the application . Advantages: Any one can develop their application with JDK and load it in the data center.

CONTINUEkit both private and public cloud can be Using this Java Development

Continue.. Interface file:

When the user authenticated by the data center. The interface file will

be downloaded in the client. The interface file contains about server name, utilization time, security methods(accessing from the database),application name etc., The interface file can be secured by Password Based Encryption algorithm. During the application development the developer should encrypt the xml interface file by using our cloud encryption software.

When the user accessing the application the encrypted interface file

will be accessed by browser from the datacenter. During this accessing time the encrypted interface file is decrypted by the browser.

Module :
User Developer

Cloud Browser
Data Center

Module 1: Users:
This module is having the user name and passwords. The user can interact to the cloud browser by this module. They can authenticated by the server. This module is having what are the applications are installed by the


Module 2: Developer:
This module is having the user name and password. This module is having encryption cloud software which is used to

encrypt the interface file. The developer can develop the application and upload the application and encrypted interface in the datacenter.

Module 3: Cloud Browser:

The pool of application is display in the cloud browser and also user

can search the specified application. The cloud browser used to launch the interface file from the datacenter . From the interface file only, the browser decrypt the data from this the browser should identified the all details of application.

Language used: Front end:

JAVA Server: Apache(php) Server Data Base: Mysql Interface File: XML