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Interviewing an Entrepreneur

Topic: QDS

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QDS is an entrepreneurial venture started in the year 2008 with an aim to serve quality food and provide amazing ambience to its customers. Till now the brand has been youth centric and has been famous for its TANDOORI MOMOS along with certain exotic beverages.
This is a place where 'friends' of all shapes and sizes meet and eat. The eatery is small, you could even call it cramped, because it cannot accommodate the deluge of people who walk in. More often than not, you need to wait.

Business Organization
QDS was started by 2 people who jointly decided to start a venture that would provide youngsters a place wherein they can enjoy great food with uber cool ambience and at moderate prices. Hence the organization was a partnership one. All investments in the business are jointly handled.

Customer Profile
The initial Target Market was formed by the following kinds of people: People in the age group of 17-25 years Have an average spending of Rupees 150- 200 per meal Foodies Experimental

Growth & Expansion

QDS was started in November 2008. The first outlet was opened at Kamla Nagar market and by the end of year 2009 another outlet was opened at Satya Niketan market. November 2011, the owners of QDS came out with their high-end fine dining restaurant in Rajouri Garden market by the name The Royal Turban. The target market is entirely different from that of QDS. As a part of their expansion policy, the entrepreneurs even wish to explore J.N.U. campus in New Delhi.

The Royal Turban

Innovative Dishes: QDS has been an innovator in terms of the food and beverages that they serve and till now their most famous innovation has been TANDOORI MOMOS.

U.S.P. (contd)
Youthful ambience: The interiors of the place completely suits the liking of youth of present generation. Location of outlets: Kamla Nagar and Satya Niketan markets are famous student hubs as both are located at North and South campus respectively which further increases the footfall of their targeted customers. Monopoly: Outlet at Satya Niketan is one of its type in that locality because of which the outlet enjoys monopoly.

Staffing: Staffing is the biggest problem faced by them till now, its difficult to retain good staff. Lack of good human resource along with increased standard of living has further added to the problem of staffing. At one instance the whole staff of tandoor section walked out without any prior notice. Lack of seating space: Outlet in Kamla Nagar lacks ample amount of seating space because of which customers have to wait outside the restaurant for almost 20-30 minutes during the peak hours. Poor marketing: Entrepreneurs have not paid much attention to important marketing techniques such as : advertising, online marketing, resulting in slow visibility of the brand.


To be the most preferred eating joint amongst the youngsters.

To provide such a place to the youngsters where they can find good food along with youthful ambience and at moderate prices.

Personal Background
QDS is jointly owned by 2 people namely: Mr. Mandeep Singh and Mr. Akhil. Mandeep was initially working with Fidelity as a web designer, he left his job and in 2008 he decided to open a restaurant with his school time friend Akhil who was working in Dubai in hotel management sector. Mandeep was the 1st person in his family to start a business of his own and his family was supportive of it, despite of the fact that he left his secured job at Fidelity.


Marketing & Communication

Strong word-of-mouth: The brand enjoys a strong word-of-mouth across the Delhi University circuit for its great food and beverages. With the mention of Tandoori Momos the only place that comes to everyone's mind is QDS as they were the sole originators of this unique dish. Publicity via articles in national dailies: The popularity of tandoori momos have attracted the attention of many national dailies and youth centric magazines resulting in publishing of many articles on QDS thereby increasing the popularity of the restaurant. Facebook page: With the advent of social media, the organization tried exploring this medium of marketing through the creation of a Facebook page


Location Criteria
Kamla Nagar and Satya Niketan, both attract college students in huge number hence these two places prove to be the best options in terms of capturing the target market. Satya Niketan was the next best option after Kamla Nagar, as it was more economical than any other market place near south campus colleges. Further, they had competitive advantage there because during that phase the market was not very popular and hardly had any food joints.
Despite of high rents, stiff competition, lack of space the 1st outlet was opened in Kamla Nagar because a huge percentage of the target market is found in that locality.


Financial Resources
Till now the owners have funded their venture themselves and have not taken up loan for the same, they mostly re-invest the money that they earn.

Human Resources
Hiring of the staff usually happens on the basis of referrals. Training of the employees is an essential part of the recruitment process. Training is needed to ensure that the quality of food and the services remain standardized at both the outlets