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My Student Teaching Experience (Off-Campus)

First Shifting Assignment

Grade 5- Sampaguita Mrs. Lotis Parocco

Cooperating Teachers Observed on: - how my Cooperating teachers conducted their classroom - discipline plan - daily routines - used several methods of teaching but it is mainly on Learning through groups.
Pupils Observed:

- how they get along well with each other. - active in participating in the lessons - a heterogeneous group of learners

Random and Straight Teaching

Gradually, I took over each subjects like English, EPP, Science, Art, Mathematics, Filipino and Makabayan wherein I incorporated what Ive learned into actual classroom setting and keeping the class under control. I taught them how to properly pass their papers also. I was then teaching full-time for 2 days. I was responsible of the class from morning up to afternoon wherein I taught as best as I could. At the end of each week, I prepared summative tests for each subject.

Discovery Approach Cooperative Learning Popcorn Reading Strategy Think-Pair-Share Outdoor Activity Actual Activity Problem Solving Reporting Board Works Games

Instructional Materials Used

Flash cards Pictures Word strips Charts Actual objects

Second Shifting Assignment

Grade 3- Carnation Mrs. Josephine Pajares

- observed my Cooperating Teacher on how she conducted her class, manage the class and all the routines done in the classroom. - begun to get to familiarize with the pupils - familiarize with the daily classroom activities and routines - established rapport with my Cooperating teacher - observed on the pupils behavior in class, towards the teacher and to fellow pupil. - begun planning how to conduct my lessons, classroom management strategies, and teaching strategies.

Random and Straight Teaching

I begun with the basic activities in the classroom such as the opening, morning routines and various specials throughout the day. I then begun teaching a couple of subjects a day. On the last few days of my teaching experience, I took over all responsibility of the class. I taught all subjects each day focusing on Character Education, English, Mathemeatics, Filipino, Science and Makabayan.

Discovery Approach Cooperative Learning Popcorn Reading Strategy Think-Pair-Share Actual Activity Problem Solving Reporting Board Works

Instructional Materials Used

Pictures Flash cards Charts Actual objects and shapes

Classroom Management
Importance of trial and error with behavior plans Listing of names in the board Standing in front and holding my right hand up with 5 fingers outstretched, then countdown from 5 without using my voice. Used a rhythm of clapping the last person to stand up.. when I need participation at random Importance of setting up routines/ activities on the classroom

Ive learned not to be afraid of making decisions Be firm with the pupils to teach them to respect me and other people Ive learned the importance of planning and flexibility Ive learned the importance of review before presenting a new lesson or conducting an assessment. Realized that I need to observe the pupils as I am delivering the lesson. Ive realized to call on pupils to respond as a form of participation I've realized that If I knew the content and have a brief outline of the objectives, I can teach more spontaneously and the pupils will be more interested. Ive learned that pupils learn more if they are interested in the subject I realized the importance of using attention getters, connecting to prior knowledge I realized the power of positive reinforcement and praise I realized the importance of having many strategies in delivering the lesson Ive learned to extend more patience, be versatile, and be a wide reader


Using Cooperative Learning in English 5

Used Problem Solving Startegy in Mathematics 5

Used Think-Pair-Share Strategy in Filipino5

Used Reporting in Makabayan 5

Used Think-Pair-Share in Filipino 3

Used Cooperative Learning Strategy in Makabayan 3

Used Board Work strategy in English 3

Used Role playing in their Science 3 on the USES OF WATER

Additional Activities
taught a festival dance in their presentation in Filipino5 about some festivals in the Philippines Helped in the schools SBO Election

The Cooperating School

Prepared by:

Windel Beth Quimat Zafra