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What is Cloud Computing?

Massive computing resources, deployed among virtual datacenters, dynamically allocated to specific users and tasks and accessed as a service via an user interface (UI), such as a web browser.
The physical cloud resources may reside in a number of locations, the details of which are not typically known to the service’s users. Cloud resources are offered as a service on an as needed basis. The cloud itself typically consists of large numbers of commodity-grade servers, harnessed to deliver highly scalable and reliable on-demand services.

To an Aleric cloud computing presentation at CES 2010

Aleric Cloud Platform
Combing the Advantages of Cloud and Enterprise Security Private/Public/Hybrid Clouds Secure End-to-end (storage, network, meta-data) internet/intranet/storage Customizable for verticals By application or SOA – financial, media, healthcare By customer – strategic/tactical By case – e.g. SLA customized to ROI Turn-Key & Automated Management

To an Aleric cloud computing presentation at CES 2010

Why Cloud Computing? .

Cloud Features & Benefits  Highly virtualized and standardized infrastructures  Massive scalability  Fault tolerant & highly reliable  Intra.& Inter-cloud load balance  Instant application deployment for Enterprises  Simplified. more efficient IT and application management  Deliver more applications to large number of users  Excellent service quality  Higher utilization at reduced cost  Time-to-market .

access from any browser  Access from anywhere  Many services to choose from .& Inter-cloud load balance  Instant application deployment  Unlimited use  Always on for Users  No need to install or update SW or HW.Cloud Features & Benefits  Highly virtualized and standardized infrastructures  Massive scalability  Fault tolerant & highly reliable  Intra.

SaaS is an application on the cloud.Cloud Technologies Technology Grid Computing Key Feature Job scheduling across many machines What’s Missing Difficult to administer. application. not a technology or architecture Virtualization IaaS Infrastructure-as-a-Service SaaS Software-as-a-Service Utility Computing Virtual machines decouple OS from hardware Computational infrastructure available for rent Application availability through the cloud Packaged computing. vertical solutions. not a cloud by itself Describes a business model. and storage sold as a service . Lacks broad applicability of cloud computing Fail to fundamentally solve scale and reliability Lacks security .

Aleric Secure Cloud Platform .

.Cloud Computing Alliance  Collaborative Partnership  Leaders from Key Verticals  Showcase to the World  Secure Cloud Platform  Instant Application Deployment Aleric CCA Alliance Program accelerates your Time to Market.

CCA Cloud Applications .

Aleric accelerates your Time to Market. .

A Tour of Aleric Cloud Computing Services .

Aleric Cloud Computing Services .


Enterprise Cloud Management MyIVO delivers enterprise-grade data-center management • On-demand • Scale to millions • From any web browser Anywhere Monitoring Remote System Mgmt Global IT Support Secure Remote Access .


Cloud Computing and Challenges The evolution of applications Rapidly migrating to the Internet Cost + Complexity of data centers & SW = Massive growth in number and size Major challenges • Costly infrastructure & IT support • Security & Compliance • Platform & Compatibility Compliance Security Management .

Aleric’s Differentiating Solution • Technology – The Global Cloud • Utility computing • Enterprise security • Carrier-grade reliability • Geo & Application targeted Utility Computing Enterprise-Grade QOS & content network • Business Model • Free personal access • Enterprise-grade for SMB • Community-driven • Built for the community • Benefits all participants Cloud Benefits Viral Marketing .

The Aleric Global Cloud v Current Installations 120000 Servers 120 Countries All Major Continents .

How do we accomplish Virtualization? • Technology – The Global Cloud • Next generation Cloud • Patent-Pending Security • Open Cloud App Platform Next Generation Cloud Focus on Core • Business Model • Focus on Core Competence • Partnership with leaders • Community Marketing • Built by the community • Benefits all participants Elite Partners Viral Marketing & Dist .

Instant Application Plug-in Share Revenue Among All Green . Create Global Enterprise at doubledigit growth through maximized core competence and leverage. Empower Aleric Partners Empowers the applications providers to market & distribute quality SaaS at minimum cost.Strategy Empowers the partners to mass ROI.



Scalability Fault Tolerance Aleric delivers: • Transparent Scalability • Application-level fault tolerance • Build-in enterprise-grade end-to-end security • Automated management to new and existing applications Security Management .Aleric Cloud Application Platform Aleric simplifies cloud computing. deploying and managing a wide variety of applications and services for both public and private clouds. Aleric cloud application platform addresses the complex challenges of building.



.Aleric accelerates your Time to Market.