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Philips was founded in Netherland in 1981 Philips was one of the largest electronic and electrical corporation in the

world Philips started the production of carbonfilament lamps and other electro-technical products in 1892. In 1914 philips established a laboratory to study about the physical and chemical phenomena

In the 1920s, the company started to manufacture other products, such as vacuum tubes In 1939 they introduced their electric razor, During 1960 Philips made a major contribution in reproduction of television pictures Later Philips joined with MCA to launch the first commercial laser disk standard and players.

Due to net profit slumped 85 percent in 2011, Philips has announced to cut 4,500 jobs to match part of an Euro800 million ($1.1 billion) cost-cutting scheme to boost profits and meet its financial target

CONSUMER LIFE STYLE Health care Lightning

They have there operation in 12 countries

Philips doesnt have Innovation Technology Consumers were not aware about the product made by Philips

SONY Sony corp is one of the leading global consumer electronics companies. Sony operates through 5 business segments:electronics,games,tv,films and so on Sony products are transister tv,trinitron colour tv,vaio personal computers and so on . Marketing strategy of sony are strong brand image, premium prices, innovation and technology.

Samsung Electronics Corporation Samsung is one of the fastest growing global consumer electronics brand. This company is widely successful in cellular phones. It concerntrated mainly on the product innovation ,design and aggressive marketing.

Apple Apple co. is one of the most renowned computer and consumer electronics companies in the world. It has its own brand identity,innovation and intuitive product integration.

Consumer Segmentation Market price is the most sensitive and major factor. Every product has its own plus point. Philips has divided their customers

Basics Classics Plungers Innovative

BASICS: Basics are those customers who are neither brand conscious nor technology adoptive. They want to have for example T.V and pictures just to satisfy their need CLASSICS: Classics are brand conscious and value for money. They want good picture quality and long life brand. Philips focuses on classics PLUNGERS AND INNOVATIVES: They are more brand conscious and early adopters. They only want to purchase any new thing first come in market

Philips is strongly influenced by several environments: economical ,social and technological.

More extensive range of products almost everyone can be a philips potential consumer. Most of the people care for reliable product .

Effective Advertising
Brand Equity Market Share Increment

Enter New Market segments

The new goal for philips is to make Gen-Y consumers[those who born between 1980 and 1990]. They had a very difficult challenges because of anti marketing bias,fickle relationship with brands ,strong emphasis on style and personal meaning.

Consumers are familiar with the brand name and products but they are not attach to value and significance of the product