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Social Media Marketing

Lecture 1 Course Overview

Social Media Marketing: The Instructor

Welcome! Contact info:
Web: Email: Facebook: Dr.C.Coursaris Twitter: @DrCoursaris Skype: Ccoursaris

Social Media Marketing: The Instructor

Assistant Professor: Telecommunication, Information Studies, and Media Usability / Accessibility Research and Consulting Research: Twitter, Facebook, Mobile Advertising, Online Political Marketing, Aesthetics & Usability Teaching: MarComs, HCI & UXD, I.T. P.M. Study Abroad in Japan: 3 weeks, 3 Unis, 8 Cos, 10 cities, 4 cuisine styles, baseball, sumo, karaoke Service learning: courses have real clients ($225K/term)

Social Media Marketing: The Course

Welcome! Why are you in this class?!

Study concentration & level What experience you have with SMM What you would like to get out of this course

Complete the following 2 surveys Twitter study:

Mobile Advertising study:

Social Media Marketing: The Course

Welcome! Why are you in this class?!
Hopefully because:
The Why is more important than the How In 2010 82% of all companies are planning to incorporate social media into their marketing and PR plans 90% of agencies will use Facebook in future campaigns TV is the top medium (?), followed by digital
60% of agencies less focused on print than last year ~60% of agencies feel print cannot be saved PR in 20092010: +3% PR in 20102014: +30% (or 7.5% per annum)

Social Media Marketing: The Course

Course Format
Social Media Marketing Strategy Practical training of various SM & Marketing vehicles
Blogging Twitter Facebook Pages & Facebook Ads LinkedIn & LinkedIn Ads

Campaign Management tactics Klout

Software: Tweetdeck & Hootsuite, Jing, Dropbox

Social Media Marketing: The Course

Course Grading
20% Attendance (4% per full day) 20% Homework 50 % Project
10% for Blog & 10% for Microblog (Twitter) 5% for each: FB Page, LinkedIn Profile&Groups 5% for each: Facebook ads (x2), LinkedIn ads (x2) 5% for each: Analytics & Klout Influence Report

10% Presentation
5 Jing video of campaign: all SM, all ads, analytics, impact

Social Media Marketing: The Course

Lets get started! Create a business youre going to promote: Product/Service Category, Target audience, Brand Benefits, Brand Name, Location/Operations Blog Twitter Facebook (Profile/Page) LinkedIn & Well be linking & using these accounts for class

Needed Tools

Photoshop (or any photo-editing software)

Splashup: Free, polished interface, tools & palettes modeled after Photoshop (e.g. layers) Picnik: Most popular web-based photo editor; integrated with Flickr

Your Grade & the Final Project

Needed items
Create Gmail address to use in course Download Jing Create Dropbox account Create Facebook ads Create LinkedIn ads

Project Requirements
5 minute Jing video showing your blog, Twitter, LinkedIn Profile & Ads, Facebook Page & Ads, and & Klout analytics. Detailed requirements for each medium provided on the next 12 slides

Project Requirements
2 posts (150 words each) 2 comments (50 words each) Links (with images) to Facebook Page & LinkedIn Allow for sharing of comments Required widgets: Twitter, Tags, Blogroll/Links, Pages Optional widgets (at least 2 from): Calendar, Search, Polls, Blog Stats,, Akismet, Top Rated, or others) Report analytics of your blog (e.g. comments)

Project Requirements
Topics relevant to class discussion, syllabus, readings Each post should link to relevant resources online Evaluated on quality of engagement, fit with themes of course, clarity of expression, cultivation of community through regular activity Each blog post must include IESEGSMM tag

Example Blog

Project Requirements
Create a Twitter account
Complete Profile Follow your classmates (by finding them on my IESEGSMM list) Create 2 public & 1 private lists Add at least 3 tweeps in each list (e.g. IESEG, MKTG, Competition) Tweet about your new Twitter account with #IESEGsmm and your own registered hashtag included

Project Requirements
24 tweets (all with #IESEGsmm): 8 Original content 8 RTs 8 Mentions (@) 3 shortened URLs ( to Facebook Page, LinkedIn Profile Blog

Example Twitter

Project Requirements
100% Complete Profile Joined Group IESEG Social Media Marketing Tweet 1x after above steps with #in in tweet (to post on LinkedIn status) Discussion: Total of 2 answers/questions 2 Ads

Example LinkedIn Profile

Example LinkedIn Discussions

Example LinkedIn Ads

Project Requirements
Create a Profile Create a Page Invite friends, Post on wall, Create Event & Promote, Track & Update) Create 2 Ads (Create photo(s) and text)

Example Facebook Page

Example Facebook Ads

Project Requirements
Report your Klout score
Speak to your recommendation to increase Klout

Report your Analytics

Shorten at least 5 URLs (e.g. FB, TWI, In, Blog, article) Analyze effective reach Speak to your recommendations to increase clicks

Example analytics

Example Klout analytics

Tonights Homework Create all

An e-mail account for your business A Wordpress blog for your business (link it to above email) A Twitter account for your business (link it to above email) A Facebook Profile and a Page for your business (link it to above email) A LinkedIn account, join the course group (IESEG Social Media Marketing) (and link it to above email) A account and connect it to your Twitter (in Tweetdeck) (link it to above email) A Klout account and link it to your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn Download TweetDeck & register with HootSuite

Tuesday night homework

Twitter Add your Twitter & Facebook Page to TweetDeck & HootSuite Photos Retrieve and create 3 photos to use in your ads; dimensions:
110 px wide x 80 px tall; aspect ratio of 4:3 or 16:9. < 5MB

Prepare text to accompany each ad (rem: 1-2 benefits)

Download Jing:

Create account and share folder with