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Marketing Research Click to edit Chapter title

Dr. Rohit H. Trivedi

Marketing research for what ?

Is it to confirm what you already know?

Is it to give some totally unexpected and

magical outcome of problem ?

Is it to validate universally accepted fact ?


More or less NO

Business Research is a TOOL for better decision making at the disposal of the manager

Should I launch this in India?

Problemo is not NO PROBLEMO

The formulation of the problem is often more essential than its solution.

Management Problem

Research Problem

Should the advertising ?? campaign be changed?

Should the price of the brand be increased? Should a new product be launched? ?? ??

Developing Marketing Information

Exploratory research
Descriptive research Causal research

Types of Business Research

Exploratory Research : It is used when area of investigation is very new and we want to have just familiarity. e.g. Test Marketing

Descriptive research

How much?




Causal Research
Experimental research is best for gathering causal informationcause-andeffect relationships IVs, DVs, treatment and measurement

Planning Primary Data Collection Research approaches Contact methods

Sampling plan
Research instruments FINAL AHA!!!

Research approaches

Observational research - Covert and overt observational research

Research approaches

Ethnographical research - Being WITH and Being LIKE - Participative way of life

Bronisaw Malinowski among Trobriand tribe

Research approaches

Survey research is best for descriptive informationknowledge, attitudes, preferences, and buying behavior

Research approaches

Experimental research

Contact methods

Mail Telephone Personal Individual and Group Online

Internet surveys Online experiments Online panels Online focus groups


Sample is a

Sampling Plan

Who is to be surveyed? How many people should be surveyed? How should the people be chosen?

Sampling plan
Probability Sample Simple random sample Every member of the population has a known and equal chance of selection

Stratified random sample

Cluster (area) sample

The population is divided into mutually exclusive groups and random samples are drawn from each group
The population is divided into mutually exclusive clusters (such as blocks) and the researcher draws a sample of groups to interview

Nonprobability Sample Convenience sample Judgment sample

Snowball sample

The researcher selects the easiest population members The researcher uses his/her educated guess (judgment) to select population members
Asking respondent for reference of another person who possess the similar trait or belongs to similar group


Collecting the information

Processing the information Analyzing the information Interpret findings Draw conclusions Report to management

What is MR
Marketing Research comprises defining and recording problems, formulating hypothesis, collecting, organising and evaluating data; making deductions and reaching conclusions. Clifford Woody

Lets chase GHOSTS

Consumer insights are Ghosts We are in the business of Chasing Ghosts Understanding Ghosts and Ghost diagnoses We are Ghost Chaser but didnt know it Marketing research is method for getting closer to studying the Ghosts directly Research is bit difficult but it will at least make us less fearful of Ghosts

Thank You!!