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Human Rights are very important for each of us.

Rights and freedoms are necessary for all humans. . The idea of human rights is not universal-it is essentially the product of 17th .

An example of documents which include human rights are Magna Charta. It is a constitution from England at 15th July 1215.

History of Organizations

Many organizations around the world give their efforts to protecting human rights and ending human rights abuses

The situation of human rights in Africa is generally reported to be poor, and it is seen as an area of grave concern according to the UN, governmental, and non-governmental observers.

In Egipt

The Egyptian Organisation for Human Rights is one of the longest and important human rights in Egypt.

Human Rights in Burma are a longstanding concern for the international community regime in Burma is one of the worlds most difficult and abusive regimes.

Human rights in South Africa are protected under the constitution.

Human rights in U.S are legally protected by the Constitution of the United States and enacted legislatives through Congress.

Another organization defending human rights is APADOR-CH which has as mission determination to increase awareness and respect for human rights and the principle of law.

ICAR Foundation is a non-governmental organization set up in 1991 and legally registered in 1992 , having as main purpose of activity the provision of medical psychological , social and legal assistance to those people who , for political reasons , experienced the communist detention regime after 1946