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Green House Effect vs.

Global Warming

By; Shane Jones

Green house effect

The green house effect is the rise in temperature that the earth experiences because certain gases in the atmosphere trap energy from the sun.

Global Warming

An increase in the earth's average atmospheric temperature that causes corresponding changes in climate and that may result from the greenhouse effect.

Green House
One of the causes of the greenhouse effect is deforestation. Another source of the greenhouse effect are the emissions of gases like nitrous oxide, carbon-dioxide, methane, ozone and water vapor.

Global warming

One cause is the release of carbon dioxide from everything such as air planes, buildings, power plants Another cause like the Greenhouse effect is water vapor increasing in the air and deforestation

Greenhouse Consequences
Due to greenhouse gases, the atmosphere absorbs more infrared energy than it reradiates to space, resulting in a net warming of the Earth-atmosphere system and of surface temperature Without the Greenhouse effect our temperature would drop and we would freeze

Global Warming Consequences

Global Warming has a lot of consequences, It can cause the following: Extreme Weather Increase Evaporation Sea Level Rise Temperature to Rise Economy such as, Agriculture, Insurance, Transportation Ecosystems such as, Forests, Mountains, and Ecological productivity Health by increasing the risk of spreading disease

Effort to stop Global Warming

Prevent global warming by minimizing drafts in your home. Prevent global warming by reducing your waste electricity use. Prevent global warming with more efficient light bulbs! Prevent global warming by turning down your hot water heater. One good way to prevent global warming is choosing to use power produced by alternative means rather than by the burning of fossil fuels, which give off large amounts of carbon dioxide. Solar energy can be a good alternative to use.

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