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heart rate is 65bpm , breathing 12bpm, body temperature was 370C and his weight was 80 kilogram.

body condition is normal which is, his heart rate is between normal adult ranges, 60-100bpm and his respiratory rate was fixed at 12bpm.

body temperature was definitely same with the commonly accepted average core body temperature which is 370C.

he is well hydrated, it is a good condition that helps body to nourish cells and release toxins as his body contain the suffiecient amount of fluid.

His heart rate was now 85bpm and he was breathing 18bpm. His heart rate is slightly higher, from 65bpm to 85bpm but still in the ranges of the normal heart rate, between 60-100bpm. His breathing is higher and increased about 6bpm at the start of the race.

Nervous system is responsible to this changes by:

Sensory receptors receive the emotional stress signal Send the informatio n through nerves to his brain The brain digests the information and decides on the appropriate action It executes the action by sending additional information out to the target cells through other nerves

For results, all of Jimmys cells were exposed to the same stress-related neurotransmitters and hormones.

Due to the emotionally stressed feeling by Jimmy, the autonomic nervous system will receive the information and send it through sympathetic division. Thus, it increased Jimmys heart rate and the force of heart contractions and widens the airways to make breathing easier. It causes his body to release stored energy. His muscular strength is increased. This division also caused sweating eventhough the air was cool, pupils to dilate, and hair to stand on end. In results it slows body processes that are less important in emergencies, such as digestion and urination.

His body works overtime to help his body system cope with the emotionally stressed condition. Releasing hormones epinephrine and adrenaline, both which give Jimmy added energy and concentration. His body also released glucose from liver, muscles and stored fat reserves. The hormone and glucose enhanced his ability to strokes at maximum power as the addition energy is provided. Blood glucose level is rise!!!!

The parasympathetic stimulation leads to increased secretion of saliva from these glands. The sympathetic division of the autonomic nervous system has the opposite effect. It reduces the amount of secretion of saliva from the various salivary glands. Stressful situations that had experienced by Jimmy lead to dry mouth due to the effect of sympathetic nerves on the salivary glands. There are probabilities where the salivary gland secrete a small amount of saliva in one time or did not secrete at all.