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Ahmad Mujtaba Ayyubi(008) Apoorva Awasthi(033) Anita Kumari Negi(FS-009) Aditi Singh(RM-001) Dipannita Bannerjee(RM-004)

hence communicating to potential consumers in rural India is a challenging risk. . the rural market was sellers market but due to economic liberalization & increase in rural prosperity.Understanding Rural Audience • Prior to liberalization. the marketers are interested in informing rural population about the benefits of buying & consuming their products & services. • Since rural environment is different from urban. • Rural communication is considered as the heart of Rural Marketing.

video and the Hindi film industry. which are being manifested in rural India in the form of increasing consumerism. . • The influence of the electronic media. in particular television. is contributing to the growth of rural aspirations.Communication Strategy • The rural environment is different from the urban and therefore communication to potential customers in a proper and effective manner is a major challenge for corporate marketers.

.Effective Communication Process • Identifying the target audience • Decide the communications objectives • Designing the message & ensuring the effectiveness of message • Selecting the communications channels • Designing the promotional strategies & integrating the communications process All these steps should entirely be focused on Rural consumers keeping in mind the effectiveness of the process.

Rural Media • Rural media can be broadly classified into three categories: CONVENTIONAL MASS MEDIA Television Radio Press Cinema NON CONVENTIONAL MEDIA Haat and Mela Folk Media Video Van Mandi PERSONALIZED MEDIA Direct Mailer Point of Sale Word of Mouth Interpersonal Communication Outdoor: Wall painting. Hoarding Animator .

as they can view it at their leisure.Conventional Mass Media • • • • • Television Radio Press Cinema Outdoor. Wall paintings are important because they constantly remind rural people about name and logos in addition to highlighting the key brand promise. They also reflect the vibrant economic and social life of the area. .This medium is the most widespread form of advertising and is the favourite of the Indian rural masses.

Non Conventional Media • Mandi • Haat and Mela • Video Van . topics and concerns . Soft drinks like Pepsi.a medium that reaches the target segment and has been able to catch public attention.It consists of: • Folk Theatre • Magic Shows • Puppet Shows • Interactive Games • Folk Theatre These are an intrinsic part of the culture and heritage of the land. Communicate message about contemporary issues. Cococola and Car manufacturers are using demo cars for publicity. . • Folk Media . Reliance. They are a face-to-face and personal form of communication.

Personalized Media • Direct mailer.Display of hangings and product packs.agricultural machineries.Demonstration. • Word of Mouth. It brings a personal touch the customer.LIC and banks are using this method. Ariel soap powder. leaflet • Interpersonal Communication . • Point of Sale . Parachute coconut oil are using this method. • Eg: Sunsilk shampoo. small pouches in the shops to catch the public attention. animal health products .a way of passing an information relating to goods or services for sale directly to potential customers through post. • Animation .

Major Challenges • • • • • • • • Heterogeneity and spread Limited Media Reach Understanding the Rural Audience Occupation Low Literacy level Creativity Cost Effectiveness Low standard of living .


• Hence. the Utsav campaign not only won the attention of rural consumers but also built reliability as the ad was displayed on the Mukhiya’s house wall. . • Rural consumers place more emphasis on the experience of others who have used the brands to make their purchase decision.ASIAN PAINTS • Asian Paints promoted its Utsav range of paints by painting Mukhiya’s house or Post office 6 months prior to the launch of the paint to demonstrate that paint does not peel off.

• The bus stands have an announcement system and broadcasts brand advertisements exclusively in Marathi.MSRTC • The Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation bus network is the key mode of transport for most of the villagers dwelling in Maharashtra. these are based on real life instances created in Marathi which has a powerful impact on the people as they can easily connect to the ad and also understand it. . • Moreover.

Dabur. susheelta (well mannered) and yogyata (competency) amongst young girls. and offered the rural women a platform to showcase their beauty and talent. • The contest was held simultaneously across 52 districts in three states including Uttar Pradesh. which recognises and rewards facets such as sundarta (beauty).Banke Dikhao Rani • A rural beauty pageant was initiated by Dabur Amla ‘Banke Dikhao Rani'.000 villages. • With this initiative they generated beauty awareness among rural women and benefits of Dabur Amla hair oil vis-à-vis loose mustard oil. Madhya Pradesh and Bihar. covering 2. .

NIRMA • Nirma is simply referred to as the Pila powder and surf as the Nila powder. . • Because of illiteracy the packaging of products plays an important role. • It is also easy for spurious products to find a foothold in rural markets.

Hero Honda Har Gaon Har Aangan • A rural vertical was set up in 2007. Hero Honda has mounted three twomonth long "waves" through these men each resulting in additional sale of 15. . every courtyard. • Five hundred sales representatives were taken on board for the mission Har Gaon. Har Aangan(every village.they had to meet potential customers and opinion leaders in villages.000-16.000 motorcycles.) • These representatives had been given work tasks and not sale targets . • So far.

.CADBURY • To appeal to the rural consumers an ad under the Kuch meetha ho jaye campaign itself was launched under the “Radha Miss Palampur ban gayi”. • Through this campaign a rural audience was targeted by showcasing this ad in a rural setup and people celebrate the occasion of Radha (a Cow) winning the title of Miss Palampur and the a small package was introduced with the price tag of Rs. 5 which was considered affordable for rural consumers.

• 'Rural Melas' are being organised by Godrej in order to access potential rural consumers. • Folk media like Ragini in Haryana for communicating qualities of Virat cement. . Baul songs in West Bengal for advertising insecticides are some of the examples.Some more examples: • RC Cola was packaged as Pepsi and Hello Chips a copy of Lays are widely sold. Pala and Daskathia in Orissa for promoting safe electricity consumption and tooth pastes of Colgate Palmolive.