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Search Engine Optimization

Prepared by Sachin Jaiswal Sakshi Mishra


What is Search Engine? What Is Search Engine Optimization ? Why Search Engine Optimization? How Do Search Engine Works ? Search Engine Ranking Factor : Phases of Search Engine Optimization Search Engine Optimization Techniques SEO Key Benefits Organic Search Engine Optimization How Diff. Parameter Affect SEO? SEO Spam :

What is Search Engine?

On the back end,Search engine is a piece of software that uses applications to collect information about web pages. On the front end, the software has a user interface where users enter a search term a word or phrase in an attempt to find specific information. When the user clicks a search button, an algorithm then examines the information stored in the back-end database and retrieves links to web pages that appear to match the search term the user entered.

Anatomy of Search Engine

Query Interface

Crawler, Spider And Robots Indexing Retrieval And Ranking Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) Organic and Paid Placement (PPC):

What Is Search Engine

Optimization ?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a web site from search engines via "natural" ("organic" or "algorithmic") search results. The major search engines that youre probably familiar with today were created:

Excite Yahoo! Web Crawler Lycos Infoseek AltaVista Inktomi Ask Jeeves Google MSN Search

Why Optimize?

72% of searchers stop with the top ten search results, and 90% stop with the top 30 85% of all traffic on the internet is referred to by search engines Cost-effective advertising. Operates under this assumption: More (relevant) traffic + Good Conversions Rate = More Sales/Leads

How do you implement SEO?

Types of SEO
On-Page Optimization Off-Page Optimization Site-wide Optimization


"On Page" SEO simply refers to the text and content on your web site pages. Basically editing your page and content so the Search Engine can find your webpage when a surfer is searching for your web sites particular topic.


"Off Page" SEO refers to the text and "inbound" linking from OTHER web site pages to your web site pages. This is a much more difficult if not impossible factor to completely control. Off Page Factors are factors outside of your normal control of the content of your site.


Site Wide Optimization

Site wide search engine optimization focuses on discovering and addressing technical problems that hinder search engines from indexing the content on your site. Search engines are unable to index Flash, Java Script and AJAX, and special steps must be taken to insure that web elements using these technologies do not prevent search engines from indexing other content on your pages.



is Organic Search Engine Optimization?

Organic is referred to as "natural" meaning that the search engine listings that appear in the nonpaid areas of the search results are completely dependent on the algorithms of the various search engine websites and not impacted by paid search services.


PPC vs. Organic SEO

results in 1-2 days easier for a novice or one little knowledge of SEO ability to turn on and off at any moment generally more costly per visitor and per conversion fewer impressions and exposure easier to compete in highly competitive market space (but it will cost you) Ability to generate exposure on related sites (AdSense) ability to target local markets better for short-term and high-margin campaigns

Organic SEO
results take 2 weeks to 4 months requires ongoing learning and experience to achieve results very difficult to control flow of traffic generally more cost-effective, does not penalize for more traffic SERPs are more popular than sponsored ads very difficult to compete in highly competitive market space ability to generate exposure on related websites and directories more difficult to target local markets better for long-term and lower margin campaigns



Make the site easier to navigate. Prepare two sitemaps: one for users, one for search engines. Have a useful user page i.e a page that does not exist should guide back to a working page. Optimize the use of images. Use of Heading tags properly. Use of Robot.txt file Writing content that includes frequently searched keyword phrase. Updating content frequently. URL normalization of web pages. Ensure that your text is HTML-text and not image text. Use text links when ever possible. Obtain inbound links from related websites.

Black Hat SEO

The hat terminology, as just alluded to, has been borrowed from the lexicon of hackers. Black hats do not follow the rules of a search engine, and may also exploit the work or property of others.


White hat versus black hat:

An SEO technique is considered white hat if it conforms to the search engines' guidelines and involves no deception. White hat SEO is not just about following guidelines, but is about ensuring that the content a search engine indexes and subsequently ranks is the same content a user will see. Black hat SEO attempts to improve rankings in ways that are disapproved of by the search engines, or involve deception.


How Diff. Parameter Affect SEO?

Links Pay-Per-Click (PPC ) Web-Site Content


How Links Affect SEO ?

A web page without links is like a desert island. Links provide a method by which traffic to your site is increased. the more inbound links the higher the SE ranking if the site linking to you is already indexed, spiders will also receive your site quality of inbound links is critical how to increase links: a) good content b) good outbound links c) target a list of sites from which you can request inbound links links for the sake of links can damage your search rankings


How Pay-Per-Click Affect SEO ? PPC programs damage organic rankings because the act of paying for a listing automatically reduces the rank of your organic keyword efforts. PPC is a search marketing strategy.


How Web-Site Content Affect SEO ?

Unique Content Frequency of Content Change Keywords Font Size Age of Document Invisible Text Cloaking Doorway Pages Duplicate Content


SEO Spam :
In the search engine world, spam is defined as the manipulation of a web page to give it an artificial boost in the search engine rankings. Several methods are universally deemed search spam, including hidden text, doorway pages, and mirror pages.


Avoiding SEO Spam : Three things Keep in Mind To Avoid Spam :

Provide users with unique relevant content Use links appropriately Keep your site user-friendly


SEO Key Benefits

Its cost-effective. You don't have to pay the search engine to be "advertised". Increasing the traffic to your web site High ROI (Return on Investment) Long term positioning Flexibility Perspective (Global / Regional) Targeted Traffic


Disadvantages of SEO
SEO is very a boring skill that wants time for the website to urge established. The biggest disadvantage with the SEO skill is that solely technical geeks can have the mastery over this. The owner has to submit his/her directories on time and in a very correct method. Any glitches in this can end in termination of the website. You can not earn fast cash with SEO unless youre a longtime website owner.



Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is specialized research-driven process of analyzing and editing your web site in order to increase the rankings of your site pages for specific search terms in search engines.