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Financial Planning is an exercise aimed at identifying all the financial needs of an individual and translating these needs into monetarily measurable goals at different times in the future. Financial Planning ensures that right amount of money is available in the right hands at the right time in the future to achieve an individuals financial goals


current financial situation Develop financial goals Identify alternative courses of action Evaluate alternatives Create and implement financial plan Re-evaluate and revise the financial plan

Sophisticated financial advice to cope with changing life situation Non-biased opinion on ones insurance needs Help dealing with ones retirement planning Optimum asset allocation and investment strategy formulation Efficient tax strategy


To study the growing importance of financial planning. 2. To study the financial planning and various investment avenues Preferred for financial planning by K.L.University employees


collection : Primary Data Tools used in Data collection: A QUESTIONAIRE DESIGN is used in collecting data. Target Population: The employees of K L University. Sample Size: The sample size is 80. Method of Sampling: Random sampling method is used. Tools for Analysis: The percentage method and Graphs

Majority (95%) of respondents are liable for Tax

46% of respondents have Vehicle as an Asset Majority (25%) of respondents have Gold as a financial Asset because of rising prices and return in gold. The investment in gold is been considered as safest investment. Next is (19%) of respondents have investment in Fixed Deposit. The Fixed deposit is considered to be having no risk.

20.3% of respondent have whole-life and child policy. The Life insurance policy gives Tax-saving benefits. 36.8% of respondents have Health insurance. The respondents having health insurance realize the importance of health insurance policy. Still there is potential for health insurance market.

67.5% of

respondents said financial planning is very

important .The remaining 32.5% still did not realize the financial planning is very important in todays


In present day, financial planning is critical in smooth flow of life.

Especially for the employees as tax payers they should plan financial issues. Without which they could be in troubles. By realizing this fact employees should consider taking financial plan.

9.3% of respondents have taken pension plans. After retirement from

jobs employees pension plan benefits them. Hence employees should considering taking pension plans.

The health insurance is beneficiary in terms of money saving. Every individual should have health that benefits as individual as well as to the society.

Respondents need to diversify their investment in to various avenues so that the risk can be reduced.