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Lecture 2: Work with Files and Directories

Working with Files and Directories • Many commands refers to files and directories. • mkdir – creating a directory $ mkdir docs • ls – listing files and directories $ ls docs • pwd – show your current directory .

$ pwd /home/romeo • cd – change directory $ cd docs $ pwd /home/remeo/docs • echo – write its arguments to standard output $ echo This is the first message > note1 $ echo This is the second message > note2 Working with Files and Directories .

words and characters $ wc note1 1 5 26 notel $ wc –l note1 1 note1 . • wc: couting lines.Working with Files and Directories $ ls note1 note2 • cat – concatenate and display files $ cat note1 This is the first message.

Working with Files and Directories • ls –l – checking the file attributes $ ls –l total 2 -rw-r--r-.1 romeo staff 26 Aug 22 02:05 note1 -rw-r--r-.1 romeo staff 27 Aug 22 02:06 note2 • man – find and display reference manual pages $ man ls .

• Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie designed and built a small system having an elegant file system. a command interpreter (the shell) and a set of utilities. they rewrote the entire system in C. Programs designed for one system simply wouldn’t run on another. .How It All Clicked • Till UNIX came on scene. operating systems were designed with a particular machine in mind. • In 1973.

BSDi. HPUX. IRIX. FreeBSD. • AT&T unify their own System V 3. Solaris.How It All Clicked • UC Berkeley created BSD UNIX. SCO UnixWare. SunOS and XENIX into System V Release 4 (SVR4). Digital UNIX. BSD.2. AIX. SCO Open Server. Ultrix. SunOS. . BSD/OS. • The other brands of UNIX: Xenix.

. • The incorporation of TCP/IP into UNIX and its use as the basis of development were two key factors in the rapid growth of the Internet (and UNIX). • TCP/IP is a set of protocols used by the Internet for communication.The Internet • DARPA commissioned UCB to implement TCP/IP on BSD UNIX.

1/95/98/Me) and then made significant inroads into the server market (with Windows NT/2000). • Windows first swept the desktop market (with Windows 3. . • The MIT introduced X Window – the first windowing system for UNIX.The Windows Threat • Windows – a graphical user interface (GUI) that uses the mouse rather than arcane and complex command options to execute a job.

Novell then turned over the UNIX to X/OPEN. • Most UNIX vendors cooperate with The Open Group and also build products based on the UNIX standard. AT&T’s UNIX business was sold to Novell. • The Portable Operating System Interface (POSIX) is a set of standard operating interfaces based on UNIX.Standards and POSIX • In 1992. . The Open Group published the single UNIX Specification.