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By G.Sowmya


Agri Gold Profile

Agri Gold Group of Companies, since 1995 has been making impressive forays into different sectors with its visionary approach. Team drive and conceptualized business. The success of the group is based on its ability to built on Forward and Backward Integration. Having the focus on providing Aaharam (Food), Aarogyam (Health and Wellness), Aavasam (Housing) and Aanandam (Entertainment) to the consumers, customers at large. Now ,agrigold 15 companies with 82 sister companies having 7000 employees with 3,00,000 marketing strength having 5000 crs., turn over . Agri Gold Group in the last 15 years focused its industrious mission on generating opportunities and promoting prosperity in rural and semi urban areas.


FINANCE : Awas info tech ,vivah bandhan INFRA &POWER :Real estates HEALTH CARE: Herbal products,ayursuka,gym AGRIBUSINESS: Milk & dairy products ,organics and pesticides MEDIA &PUBLICATIONS :Nadhi ,swarna sad yam MINING : Granites and iron ore EXPORTS: exports food & health care products to Malaysia and Singapore CHEMICALS : R & D at Chennai TOURISM : Haailand ,paradise , ganapathivanam, dream land


HAAILAND the dream of our chairman MR Avvasrao .Which was started with the theme of Buddha for the first time in costal AP It was started by ARCHA LEISURE AND ENTERTAINMENT Pvt ltd which means raising sun with 43 acres of land The park was started with a total investment of 250 crores and last years total turn over is 13 crores Haailand's spectacular setting creates the ideal destination for nonstop excitement and adventure. It was started on May 9th 2010 It was constructed by the architecture of SANDAZANGROUPS of AUSTRALIA

zones, water park , events Mechanicalrides,banquet,shopping,vendors,

gym, spa, health village, meditation center, club house

The main reason for selecting the Buddha theme is that there are in and around 147 excavations of Buddha around the area where the park was constructed. They was also a saying that 2200 years back the place near by the park was visited by Buddha .the total area was 42 acres The place was the dream construction of MR AWAS RAO the CEO of the company .It was constructed with a total investment of 225 crores .the total turnover of the company during the first year was 13 crores .the ways of income are agrigold, loan and government funds

THE PLACE WAS DIVIDED INTO 9 ZONES: Sun plaza Burma China Indonesia
Cambodia Japan

Thailand Tibet


Every zone was construction based on their origin and their architecture specialty and the inherence of the theme of Buddha in them


It hasbeen constructed in 43 acres and was divided in two phases .The two phases were theme park and resort .The Park was constructed with all the comforts and the facilities needed in a park. It was divided into 9 zones. They are Japan, china, Indonesia, Tibet, Indian, Burma, Cambodia, Thai, butterfly zones Water parks, shopping, banquet halls, food courts Food courts are five types saanchi, Cleopatra, mamaya, temaya, monalisa Banquet halls are of six namely rahula, saakya, amrapalli, koolya, haasitha, ysodhara Water parks ladies pool, kidspool, lazyriver, raindance, wavepool, commonpool Shopping was by freaks its maintenance was by babutextiles Resorts The Resort is set amidst 12 acres of beautifully landscaped gardens, incomparably designed with the architecture dating back to Buddhist era, seamlessly blending contemporary and traditional style while offering modern facilities. The resort lends itself very well to the twin cities I.e. Vijayawada & Guntur by offering the requisites suitable to a wide array of travelers with over 52 well appointed cottages, 9 boat houses located around a private island of sand.



The promotional activities are carried out by dividing the entire park into 4 sectors


THE DIFFERENT STRATEGIES Direct marketing Meeting clients

Attending calls
Follow ups References


Meeting clients : Targeting different sectors and getting leads from them and meeting the concerned marketing heads

DIRECT MARKETING: Meeting the customers directly and explain them regarding the different packages and offers availing at that period depending upon the customers requirement or else analyzing the need and explain them about the present packages what the benefits they are going to get and discounts when compared with the outside competitors attending calls : Going along with the company guide to the people and taking their requirement and explaining them about our packages and taking their concern and giving them the break ups
Follow up: After attending the call when a deal is made have to follow up by sending an email of our proposal and receiving a feedback and calling them and have to close the call If the customer is interested with our packages and at present does not have any requirement we have give him our BUSINESS CARD and has to not the details of any of his future requirement and has to follow up them with time gap References: has taken references from friends and family members and also the clients we have meet


STRENGTHS: Brand image Efficient sales strategies No competition One and only theme and resort in costal AP Buddhas theme AP tourism support for development and maintenance Transport facilities Legal and political support WEAKNESS: High price for food and shopping Maintenance of low hygienic conditions at some sections due to outsourcing The transportation facility was not so flexible No proper guidance No proper drinking water facility

OPPORTUNITIES: Area for future expansion Can be an leading theme park in future as this was unique Expansion of huge area for marketing Health village Can modify the existing park Tie up with Mahesh bupathi for long tennis in clubhouse THREATS: A new competitor may arise It the hygienic conditions are not maintained properly it may lead bad publicity in future Mouth publicity problems Monotone


The main task assigned to us is to achieve a target of rupees 5 lakhs during the first two months of our sip program .we are assigned to do the job of banquet , group and bulk booking In the month of July our task was rescheduled due to the mega event FRIENDSHIP DAY FUNGAMA which was going to take place in the month of august i.e. on 7th .as we are from students background we can perform the task better We were assigned now with the new task on getting sponsor ships for the event and also selling of tickets. With our new target of 1, 50,000 to be achieved by the end of July

The task that has to be fulfilled by us was to get sponsorship for different types and also to do a sale of 300 tickets by each one of us individual targets


Achievement is the word which describes the way how we have performed our task in the way of statics . I have referred to some people and bought a group booking for 30,000 Rs in different groups MBS jeweler's had visited the park it was a group A coke tile party was done A banquet party was done with a group of 260 members I sold FRIENDSHIP FUNGAMA TICKETS worth 10,000 /- Rs My total target achieved was 2,20,000 /-Rs


The total number of employees in HAAILAND are 445 Every department has its own importance but marketing and facilities department plays the major role Its total turn over in the last year was 13 crores Some of the activities are given to outsource sing Service providing and customer satisfaction are the main thing that are taken care by HAAILAND

o o o


The name and all the activities and schemes were well know in the market The marketing team of HAAILAND was been in the market very well from past one year .So it has been an repeated visit to most of the places by us So we had a feedback that we have already has done some programs in HAAILAND earlier Some of the customers were satisfied by the hospitality and service provided by HAAILAND at the same time some of them also had a bad impact They were references of the employees working in the HAAILAND. It was a great problem we faced The prices were felt so high by the general public The foot falls has decreased because some of the people has repeated visits Maintenance of low hygienic conditions at some sections due to outsourcing The transportation facility was not so flexible


The entire SIP program has helped us to know what we are lacking from and helped us and gave us a chance of make our self well prepared and accumulate the skills and techniques we are lacking from We are able to built confidence that every failure is a stepping stone For the success How to work in an team .So that how easily we can achieve our tasks, and also what is the specific work to be done

What are ways, techniques and strategies to be implemented to convince number of persons with different behaviors and mind sets
How an organization runs what are the core needs for an industry and how it should be maintained. The policies and ideas to be utilized for the profit and the wealth maximization of a company. I would like to highlight this, that my experience with haailand was very memorable and full of learnings, where I found a lot of positive changes in my attitude, learning and behavior.


HAAILAND it was a happening of one of the best entertainment theme park in AP it has all the best facilities which are needed to make the visitors most entertain as well as excited for visiting the park repeatedly We have to arrange some entertainment programs for the women who are coming to the park and sitting ideal As well as infant pools Some programs for senior citizens The prices should be reduced as all class of people cannot with stand with the prices Feedback collection should be done in a more better way More inervative contests should be conducted to attract the customers Hygienic should be maintained in some of the places Guidance should be provided to the customer regarding the park with the help of guides


We had a great practical knowledge of what is the market actually. How are things different in the real world

We faced some problems in our initial days because the market of HAAILAND was already wide spreader in the market
So it helped us to think innovative way of how to introduce the offers and products so the we can make the customer get convinced and make them visit the place and make our task simple

We got an opportunity of meeting customers of different kinds and


HAAILAND was the one and only one theme park in costal AP with tag line of ONE DESTINATION. MANY SENSATIONS and with an unique theme of Buddha for the first time a theme park in AP that to with the LED lighting is a great sensation. The training provided to us by MR .KALYAN GARU has given us a great knowledge not only regarding the way of doing sales He has also provide us motivation about personal evaluation as well as for the development We had a good practical and market exposure We came to know the importance of such a humble Buddha and his Monuments importance at a single destination. I would like to conclude by saying that every unique experience we had in the market and in the training will help us to have an edge in marketing our selves.

HAAILAND was playing the best role in providing the entertainment and the knowledge at the same destination at same time