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Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts

Group Members: Alisha Mittal PGP/15/002 Raghav Rohila PGP/15/039 Rashmi Khatri PGP/15/042 Vikas Rai Arora PGP/15/062 Lopa Mehta PGP/15/ Chetan Gayakwad PGP/15/

Case Abstract
The worlds leading operator of luxury hotels with a history spanning four decades A portfolio that extended worldwide, was managing 63 properties in 29 countries by 2004 In addition, 21 properties, to be operated under the Four Seasons brand name were under development in another seven countries around the world. Main decisions defining the business strategy:
Focus on small to medium sized luxury hotels Concentrate on managing rather than owning the hotels The company built on customer service coupled with employee satisfaction Property Location, Selection & Design

Employee Selection
Selecting the right employees in the first place was everything Several behavioral cues were used by managers during the interview process Value of Brand among people Well versed employee training- Hard & Soft skills of services High Emphasis on organizations culture absorption Language programs for all employees (ESL- English as Second Language) Equal Opportunities and outstanding incentive and recognition plans for all

Using Technology
Voice Mail: Enables non-native English speakers to leave message in their language Word Processing: A hand written welcome is better than mass produced gift Email: Maintaining the tradition of calling customer along with an email asking about their kids Front Line IT Systems: Quality of screen is essential for customer usage Intranet was used for budget information across properties Data Analysis for customer decision making & preferences All information about a property was provided on the website, unlike the competitors Easily accessible user tabs Reservations, Tours, Facts & packages details were given Images of each property was given along with package details Each property was having its own website which was accessible from intranet

Customization of Website
Well known IT company Hayward was handling the IT work for FSH Customized the website as per customer demand Help the customers in maximization the value of their time Navigation within the site was different for different customers Site was designed to track viewers interest in different types of hotel properties Viewers could sign up for email announcements of special offers of self-interest

Undisputed Global leader in luxury lodging Highest Employee Satisfaction Value of Brand & global presence Industry leading margins & smart investments Selection of good property sites & preferred partner Guest experience beyond comparison:
The Golden Rule Outperformed all competitors highest RevPAR

Emerging markets & Expansion abroad Product & service expansion

Competition- The Ritz Carlton hotels owned by Marriot, Starwoods St. Regis hotel chain Cheaper Technology Maturing categories, products & services

Main Issues
Struggling with the role of technology should play in FSH strategy Whether to spend too much time & money on technology usage Technology can do- Automation but is it good for traditional business Web email isnt secure still FSH is getting customers through technology- FSH wants customers to finalize reservations through safe ways like- Through Travel Agents, by telephone or through the web

Continue the Emphasis on Delivering High and Personal Customer Service Leverage the website for marketing purposes, focus on increasing revenues and not necessarily reducing costs Establish and manage a customer awareness database to be leveraged by all Four Seasons properties Solicit select feedback from customers regarding use of technology, e.g. concerning automated checkout Implement a 'Seasons Pass' - rewards program to enhance customer service and loyalty.

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