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Quality Management


Section 1 : General Overview Section 2 : QM Integration Section 3 : QM Process overview

SAP 2008 / Page 2

Enterprise Resource planning

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning Enterprise Resource Planning systems integrate all data and processes of an organization into unified system. The key feature of an ERP system is it uses a single or unified database to store data for the various system modules.

Various Modules which comes under ERP are listed below:

Material Management Production Planning Quality Management Finance Costing Sales and Distribution
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Quality Management

QM Integration
Basic data
Materials Vendors

Purchasing Requisition Invoice verification

Production planning Reqt planning R-cut capacity planning Planned Orders Opening period Order: - Creation - Release - Confirmation Shop floor control Capacity leveling

Inventory mgmt
Goods receipt Stock transfer Goods issue

Documents Inspection plan Characteristics Insp. methods Insp. catalogs Test equipment

Warehouse management


Inspection lot
Inspection lot

Print insp. instruction

Results recording

Test equipment management Usage decision

Shipping Billing

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Comprehensive master data maintenance by system.

Stocks in Quality till inspection is completed. Inspection Results are available on line, hence retrieval will be easy and trends/SPC of characteristics can be viewed on line

Quality Score for vendor is based on Usage Decision (Passed/Rejected).

Standardized methodology for complaint reporting and analysis.

Calibration frequency scheduled by system for instruments.

Standard reports for analysis and review.

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Quality Management FACT Processes

List of QM Processes
Sl.No Process Trigger 1.0 2.0 3.0 4.0 5.0 6.0 7.0 8.0 9.0 QM Master Data Source Inspection Incoming Inspection In-Process Inspection Final Inspection Stock transfer Inspection Audit Management Calibration Inspection Notification Process NA Manual Inspection Automatic from GR posting. Automatic from Prod. Order Automatic from Prod. Confirmation Automatic for Stock transfer Manual Automatic by Scheduling NA NA Non Stock Stock Non Stock Stock Stock NA NA NA Stock Control

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Quality Management

SAP Terminologies

Result Recording

Recording of actual dimensions (Dimension, Visual check, ) Recording of defect codes (eg., Dimensional deviation, damage (visual check..) After result recording, to give final disposition viz., (Passed,Rejected)

Defect recording

Usage Decision

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Quality Management

Master Data What it contains

Contents in Master Data
Material Master

Contains material number, description, type of inspection (incoming/in process/final) Sampling plan

Sampling Procedure

Master Inspection characteristics

Eg, Dimension, Visual Observing, Performance test

Inspection method

Method of checking: Dimension, Visual observation

Catalogs / Selected Sets

Used in Qualitative characteristics,UD code, Defect code.

Inspection Plan / Routing / Maintenance Task List Equipment Master

List of specification to be checked

Equipment number, description

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Master Data What it contains

Catalogs - Maintained at Client level is a kind of library wherein all qualitative characteristics are defined and stored. Selected sets : These qualitative characteristics can be fetched from Catalog and used at plant level 1002,1003 and 1005

Visual OK

Common to ALL 1002 Visual OK

Selected sets
1003 Visual OK 1005 Visual OK

Visual Not OK Dimensional check OK

Visual Not OK Dimensional check OK

Visual Not OK -

Visual Not OK -

Dimensional check Not OK

Dimensional check Not OK

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Source Inspection

Raw Material (Benzene, Sulphur, .)

Bought outs (Cables,Generator Components from Sub-contractors (regular process)

SAP 2008 / Page 10

Source Inspection

Source Inspection

Source inspections are performed upon request and with the participation of the plant persons and /or customer A source inspection is performed by the receiver of the service, the vendor in the presence of the receiver or third party appointed by him After creation of Purchase order, information is made available to quality function at vendor site based on the readiness of the goods for inspection

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Goods Receipt Inspection

Goods Receipt Inspection

Raw Material (Benzene, Sulphur, .)

Components from Sub-contractors (regular process)

Bought outs (Cables,Generator & Equip...

SAP 2008 / Page 12

Goods Receipt Inspection

Goods Receipt Inspection - Features

Lot cannot be issued without quality inspection

Finance can make payment only after Quality Usage Decision (for limited vendor this facility would be waived)

Specification available on line material number wise actual values only to be entered Corrective action thro notification process Concession/Deviation record details through notification process Sampling Plan

SAP 2008 / Page 13

In process Inspection


Operation wise inspection

SAP 2008 / Page 14

In process Inspection In process Inspection -Features

Inspection characteristics trend can be made Corrective action thro notification process Concession/Deviation process through notification process Adherence to raising of first off /last off reports can be monitored Inspection details can be sent to manufacturing thro notification in case of nonconformance

SAP 2008 / Page 15

Final Inspection - Production


Final Inspection for Anon,Hyam etc.,

SAP 2008 / Page 16

Final Inspection

Final Inspection - Features

Stock control i.e. QC can hold stock here Specification available on line - material number wise actual values only to be entered

Corrective action thro notification process Concession/Deviation record details through notification process Assign the inspection characteristics against SPC requirement

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Internal Calibration

External Calibration

SAP 2008 / Page 18

Calibration Calibration - Features

Timely information of due calibration Advance intimation facility available for due date calibration Can de-activate the equipment which is out of calibration User locations can be seen Notification can be sent for out of calibration Other Plants can view their calibration results for the equipments calibrated here.

SAP 2008 / Page 19


Incoming Inspection


Stock transfer within Plant

In-process Inspection

Final Inspection


Plant to Plant/ Suspect Materials

Customer Complaints

SAP 2008 / Page 20


Notification - Features

Partners and coordinators can be assigned Common approach for initiating corrective actions thro specific report Status of notification Closed/Open can be listed out Notification can be sent to inter plants Linking of concession/deviation flow for closing notification as applicable

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